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Google has been sending numerous updates to the Play Store app from the past few weeks, the App is also getting 2-3 updates every week, and we have even seen two incremental updates in a single day.

While the majority of these involve around Bug fixes and performance improvements, several updates have been targeted to fix the loopholes in security and with the introduction of the Play Protect feature in the Play Store, downloading and installing a new app or game is safer than ever.

There have also been some UI updates recently; Google has updated the Play Store with a new tab-based UI which looks cleaner and blends right into the Play Store experience. The latest Play Store update also came with a little UI change, the version 8.2.56 brought in a dedicated Game button which has received mixed reviews from the users. In some regions now you see the App size instead of the rating of the app in the Play Store, so there’s that.

Google Play Store
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With all these updates coming in one after another it is hard to track whether you are on the latest version or not. Google slowly rolls out every update to its users, but if you are the kind of guy who likes to be on�the latest version of any app, then the waiting game might not be the ideal thing for you. Installing the latest APK version of an app is the only solution�if you want to always be on the latest version of any particular�app or game.

Even though it is always recommended to stay on the latest version of any app, still a particular version can be a little problematic sometimes, so rolling back is the only option you can do to get a stable and smooth experience. All the APK files linked are safe to install and have been checked for malware and adware.

Download the Play Store version which works the best for you, and do let us know if you encounter any bumps in the whole procedure.

Play Store Download 9.1.30

Play Store Download 9.1.24

Play Store Download 9.0.15

Play Store Download 8.8.12

Play Store Download 8.7.50

Play Store Download 8.7.10

Play Store Download 8.6.22

Play Store Download 8.5.39

Play Store Download 8.5.37

Play Store Download 8.4.40

Play Store Download 8.4.19

Play Store Download 8.4.18

Play Store Download 8.3.73

Play Store Download 8.3.72

Play Store Download 8.3.41

Play Store Download 8.2.56

Play Store Download 8.2.55

Play Store Download 8.2.40

Play Store Download 8.2.39

Play Store Download 8.2.38

Play Store Download 8.2.36

Play Store Download 8.2.32

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