Download Google Play Store latest update v8.8.12 APK

Google is rolling out yet another Play Store update, and this latest build comes with version 8.8.12. Which if you compare to the last Play Store update which arrived a couple of days ago, had its version number as 8.7.50, so it is a pretty significant update, to say the least, and should pack yet an undiscovered set of nits bits here and there.

The update weighs in at around 14.1 MB, and we haven’t found anything on the surface yet, but feel free to join the investigation. And if you see anything worth noting do comment down about your discovery below and spread the word with the community, till any change log emerges online, which for the time isn’t seen anywhere.

Play Store Logo with google play logo
The image shows Google Play Store app logo bag in the hand of Android Robot (Mascot)

Google has been now continually improving the Play Store, but sometimes these updates could be too much unless it’s a significant security threat. So, if you want to try something different than the Google Play Store then check out this compilation of favorite Google Play Store alternatives.

Moreover, this 8.8.12 update could include a feature that might need a server-side toggle, which we have seen many times that after such updates within few days we get to see a new feature or something that wasn’t there, so keep an eye on this update. Lastly, if you haven’t received this update yet, you can simply sideload it by downloading the APK file from the download link given mentioned below.

Download Google Play Store version 8.8.12 APK file

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