50+1 Amazing Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

You might be searching on the internet for some great facts, right? Well, you might feel some of them are already heard or you might have known them before. Well, let us bring you some of the incredible 50 (+1) facts (mostly technology) that will stun your mind.

So Let’s Dive Right into the Facts

Bonus Read:´┐ŻThe Billion Dollar Tweet

Travis was looking for a co-founder after coming up with the idea of Uber. He tweeted the above tweet and Ryan replied within a minute. Both of these guys were billionaires just 16 months after this tweet.

Uber at this time is the world´┐Żs most valuable private startup, with a possible valuation of more than 70 Billion USD. Who knows what is coming next for Uber?

According to some officials, Uber will also lead the revolution of self-driving cars. I can´┐Żt imagine where Uber will be in the next 5´┐Ż10 years.

  1. A red panda is an animal native to the Himalayas and southwestern China. The English word for red panda is ´┐ŻFirefox´┐Ż which is where the browser gets its name from. So the Firefox logo is actually a red panda, not a fox.

  2. Google rents out goats from a company called California Grazing to help cut down a number of weeds and brush at Google HQ.
  3. Bill Gates house was designed using a Macintosh Computer.
  4. The Name ´┐ŻMacintosh´┐Ż Was Inspired by an Apple with the name ´┐Żmcintosh´┐Ż.
  5. 86% of people try to plug their USB devices upside down.
  6. Taking a nap for just 6 minutes can help you improve your memory.
  7. Malbolge is world´┐Żs toughest programming language. Invented by Ben Olmstead, the language is named after the eighth circle of hell in Dante´┐Żs Inferno. The aim was to create a language that is almost impossible to use.
  8. It has become possible to store around 455 exabytes of data into a single gram of DNA.
  9. The word robot comes from the Czech ´┐Żrobota´┐Ż. This translates into forced labor or work.
  10. Domain name registrations were free till 1995.
  11. EBAY started out as a website providing information about EBOLA!! Yes, before the company ventured into online auction business, it registered the domain Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More in 1995 and had different sections like the one for a biotech startup, travel and personal shopping, etc. (but not for online auction).
  12. What do the companies LinkedIn, SpaceX, Youtube, and Yelp have in common? They were all founded by former employees of Paypal, who are collectively called as Paypal Mafia. Some members of this mafia include Peter Thiel, Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman.
  13. If you have an idea to dispose of your used electronic device and get cash in return, try the EcoATM. It is the world’s first automated kiosk for the exchange of electronic devices in return for money.
  14. A guy named Michael Kovatch owned the domain name of iPhone. Apple paid him more than 1 million dollars to buy the domain name.
  15. Skype was named as Sky-Peer-to-Peer. Then it was minimized and named as Skyper. Again, they skipped the alphabet ´┐Żr´┐Ż and changed it to Skype when they realized that ´┐Żskyper.com´┐Ż domain was already taken.

  16. Symbolics.com is the World’s first and oldest registered domain name on the Internet.
  17. The world’s first camera took eight hours to snap a photo.
  18. Someone on Twitter who has a million or more followers is known as a ´┐ŻTwillionaire´┐Ż.
  19. For 20 years, the passwords for U.S. nuclear missiles was 00000000.
  20. Email has been around longer than the world wide web (www.).
  21. Originally, the design for the first iPhone was literally the shape of an apple.
  22. “Sleeping Beauty” is based on a true story where a king finds a girl asleep and can’t wake her, so he rapes her instead.
  23. Changing fonts can save printer ink. The theory is, if you use a ´┐Żlighter´┐Ż font (with a lighter stroke), you´┐Żll use slightly less ink per page. Based on the assumption that you´┐Żre only printing with inkjet printers that use the old style cartridges (not ink tanks, and not toner based laser printers), you´┐Żll likely save about 10 percent ink by switching to one of the lighter fonts.
  24. Yes, Garfield, the cartoon character was offering an email service named GMail.com. The service was later acquired by Google and they renamed it to Google Mail (GMail.com) as we all know today. We don´┐Żt know if that service would/would not have been so popular if it wasn´┐Żt acquired by Google.
  25. There are 7 people assigned by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who holds 7 different keys. In the case of Catastrophe, these 7 people can meet again and restore the state of Internet. There are 7 more copies of the original key in case if any one of them gets misplaced or if something goes wrong.
  26. John Lasseter, who is now the Chief Creative Officer of Pixar was fired from Disney for promoting computer animation.
  27. ILOVEYOU is considered to be the most dangerous virus ever created in the form of a worm. It has the ability to replicate itself and crash the system. It arrived through e-mail messages as a love letter from a secret admirer. When a user opens the email and clicks on the attachment available, the virus starts its magic. ILOVEYOU, being potentially the most dangerous virus, did not do much damage as compared to the one which was the fastest spread virus program.
  28. Did you know that with the help of USB flash drive you can brick a computer in seconds? All you need is the ´┐ŻUSB Killer 2.0´┐Ż.
  29. Your height is actually determined by your father while intelligence, emotional strength, and body shape are determined by your mother.
  30. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the scissors but he never built the inventions he designed.
  31. Apple makes their employees work on fake projects until they can be trusted.

  32. The co-creator of Tetris murdered his own family brutally because he never received any money from his success of the game.
  33. The surface of hot water freezes faster than cold water but the rest of the water will remain liquid longer than in a cold sample.
  34. Earth is not completely round; it is slightly pear-shaped. The North Pole radius is 44mm longer than the South Pole radius.
  35. The earth is .02 degrees hotter during a full moon and also a full moon always rises at sunset.
  36. Your fingernails grow at 1 nanometre per second (0.000 000 001 m/s). Your hair grows at 4 nanometres per second (0.000 000 004 m/s).
  37. About 1 out of 8 married couples actually met each other on the Internet.
  38. Carrier pigeons beat internet upload speed as late as in 2010. They actually sent pigeons over with USB sticks the same time they started uploading a video over broadband. The pigeons won.
  39. Phantom Vibration Syndrome is the name given when someone thinks their phone is vibrating but isn´┐Żt.
  40. Your data can be corrupted by high-energy particles from outer space.
  41. Around 40-55% Wikipedia vandalism is caught by a single computer program. It has a remarkable efficiency of 90% accuracy.

  42. P´┐Żl Spiller saved the Norwegian Internet by pulling the plug when in 1988 American Internet was paralyzed by a computer virus.
  43. Yahoo refused to buy Google in 1997 for about 1 million dollars.
  44. Google earns most of the money from Advertising (around 99%). Google can track any person´┐Żs online behavior such as what search terms have been used, which ads have been clicked, what sites a browser has visited and inform this information to advertisers.
  45. Google employees are given free 3 times meal, free laundry, free gym, free haircuts and many more perks are given to them.
  46. The first actual computer ´┐Żbug´┐Ż was identified in 1947 as a dead moth. It was stuck in a Harvard Mark II computer.
  47. The first ´┐ŻiPhone´┐Ż was actually released in 1998 by a company called Infogear, a good nine years before Steve Jobs introduced Apple´┐Żs iPhone. Infogear was subsequently acquired by Cisco which then got into a trademark battle with Apple in 2007 over the name. The two companies eventually settled.
  48. George Hotz, then 17 years old, was the first to unlock a first generation iPhone and sold the iPhone for a Nissan 350z and 3 locked iPhones.
  49. There are approximately 1.06 billion instant messaging accounts worldwide.
  50. Doug Engelbart had made the first computer mouse in 1964, and it was made out of wood.
  51. Spiderman grew up at 20 Ingram Street in the Queens, New York. Well, that address is actually real and the family that lives there is the Parkers family.

Well, all of these facts are well-researched and true. Of course, facts are meant to be true only. My bad! I hope you liked these facts if yes, make sure to keep an eye on our blog for more things like these.

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