vShare: Download and Install vShare App on iOS, Android, and PC

VShare�is the main gist of today. Well, before we start on the main article. It is good we make it known to you all that technology is taking the world to a high level in less than no time. The world we are living in today is said to be in jet-age considering the wonderful things, and opportunities technology has made us enjoy currently.

You can agree with me that we all make proper use of technology equipment to enhance our ways of living in our dispensation today. Well, we will be sharing with you all you really need to know about Vshare and how you can equally make proper use of it.

Going straight to the main topic of the day and without wasting much time, we will be highlighting a fully comprehensive article on the vShare app on iOS devices.

We will also be letting you know how you can download and install the iOS app on your own Androids smartphones, iOS devices, macOS, and personal Windows computers without any form of stress.

Just as they usually say, Knowledge is power, as I believe that we learn from everything we come across each day. Having said this, all I want from you is for you to just read through this article to understand what we will be writing or sharing with you.

Now, talking about VShare, It is pleasured we make it known to you that the iOS app is just the official Apps stores specifically for iOS Applications. And this Apple App Store is said to be just like the Google Play Store.

Have it back to your mind that Apple�s App Store has thousands of applications that you can and free download without any form of trouble.

Having used the Apple store app, we realized that some other applications are not present in the stores. In as much as users cannot find or locate their desired App from the store.

They have no other choice but to turn their attention to an alternative App Store store called the vShare App Store, where they can now download and install their desired applications on their various devices.

With the vShare App Store, you can now download any application of your choice because they are packed in the vShare App Store. Enjoy for all you can while it still lasts.

It is a pleasure to bring to your notice that the vShare app store has some exciting offers and benefits that are said to be attractive to its users. If you happen to be an iPhone User, bear in mind that you will surely have to jailbreak your device to make use of any other app found in vShare freely.

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Now coming down to share App, you need to jailbreak your device to work and receive files. Those who don�t know how it works know that it will not make your iOS device vulnerable to security threats when you Jailbreak your service. Instead, it will void the iOS device’s warranty no matter how hard you try not to.

For those interested in using the vShare App, good news to you all because you will be allowed to download and install any application of your choice without paying a dime.

Also, know that you can also have full access to some of the paid applications as well. In the vShare App, you will see amazing games and powerful apps you will live to make use of.

Because of the amazing things vShare App offers to its respective users, that is the main reason millions of people across the globe found trust and faith in them.

Having gone through the vShare App, we realized that you could straightforwardly install any app of your choice.� We will be sharing with you in a comprehensive article how you can download this Vshare On your Android, iOS, and PC (Personal Computer).

Best vShare Alternatives

  1. iOSEmus
  2. Emus4U
  3. TutuApp
  4. TweakBox
  5. Appvalley
  6. Panda Helper

How to download and install vShare Apk on Android

Vshare in question is said not to be fully available on Google Play Store. Well, that is not a problem. Let it not be an issue that will change your mind from the app on your respective Android device.

This goes to all those who are interested in obtaining this vShare App on their Android device. All you need to do is kindly follow the detailed Guidelines below to fully understand how you can go about it.

  1. First of all, permit your device to download and install applications from an unknown source. To get this done, follow the steps in your settings menu and select security. There you will see the Unknown Source option.
  2. Secondly, you will have to download the latest vShare APK for your Android smartphone from here.
  3. After downloading it, carefully look for the file on your device. You will see it from your files, which are all downloaded from the internet.
  4. Once you have seen the file you downloaded, click on it to start the App�s installation. Please Note that a Pop Up will appear. You will have to confirm your action on the pop-up that appears by tapping on it.

That is just how it. With the above steps being followed accordingly, you now have the App on your Android device. Thank me later.

How to download and Install vShare on iOS (iPhones)

If you want to install the vShare app on your iOS device, It is pleasuring we let you know that the App can be downloaded straight into your iOS device without you having to jailbreak your iOS device. I will be sharing some amazing steps below that will help you download the vShare app on your iOs device. Kindly follow the steps.

vShare download option

  1. First of all, Kindly launch the Safari browser on your iOS device.
  2. Now kindly visit this here�and download the vShare IPA file.
  3. Open the downloaded vShare_ios.ipa file.
  4. The installation will automatically prompt on your screen, tap on �Install.�
  5. When you see the download dialogue box, tap on �Install� again.
  6. Now open the vShare iOS app on your device and download free apps.

4: You will see a pop up on your device which indicates that �ssl-api.appvv.com would like to install vShare� Now, you will have to click on the install option.

5: After that, in a short while, you will see the�vShare iOS�icon on your Device screen

Note: Now, have it at the back of your mind that you might not be able to launch the application. You will have first to Trust the app. below is how you can trust the app.

  1. You will have to go to your settings to see the icon on the iOS device home screen.
  2. Now kindly go to �Profiles & Device Management�
  3. Make sure you find the vShare profile and click on it.
  4. You will also need to tap on the Trust option.
  5. Now make sure you tap it again on the pop-up Trust.

After the above exercise, you are now good to go. Enjoy the vShare app on your iOS device. You now have it all to yourself.

How to download vShare For PC (Windows/macOS)

Some persons will as well wish and want to make use of this vShare in Personal computers. Well, to get this App into your PC, you will have to visit the Official website vshare.com. Once you have entered the site, you will see a button that indicates download for PC.

vShare for PC

It is no doubt that this method will be somehow confusing because most people might not understand it too well. When you click on that download, it will only end up downloading the vShare Helper into your Personal computer.

Have it at the back of your mind that the vShare App Helper is mainly used to install the original vShare app into your iOS device and then try connecting it to the personal computer.

We will be listing detailed steps and guidelines for downloading the vShare App on your Personal Computer in a comprehensive list.

  1. First of all, you will have to download and install an Android emulator on your Personal Computer, which BlueStacks happened to be one of the Android emulators. Kindly visit bluestacks.com to download.
  2. Now you will have to double click the setup file on the hard disk to begin the installation process simple.
  3. After downloading the Android emulator blue stacks, simply installed launch it to get started already.
  4. Please make sure that you will have to make use of a Google ID and its password in other to log in to the Android emulator BlueStacks app.
  5. After you have installed the Bluestacks, you will now be able to run on Android applications with your PC
  6. Now download the latest vShare APK for Android phones from here.
  7. After downloading the file, you will now have to locate the downloaded file on your computer.
  8. Once seen, right-click on the file and choose �Open With.�
  9. Now kindly select BlueStacks in other to open the App file with the android emulator.
  10. After that, search for �vShare� in the Bluestacks.
  11. Once the BlueStacks is opened, the installation process of vShare will still begin.
  12. Now, at that process, the BlueStacks happens to show �Untrusted application� or error fear not. Kindly go to your Settings menu and select Security. Once you have seen the Security, make sure you enable �Untrusted applications,� which will allow you to continue installing the apps that are said not to be available on Playstore.
  13. Then you will have to and carefully follow the stipulated steps in 7, 8, and 9 all over again.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those interested to know more about vShare. Know that the vShare App has similar functions with other cracked applications resources, which includes Installous, AppCake, and iFunBox.

Having said these, an of you who in one way or the other experienced any form of troubles, know that you can use other cracked app resources by simply using the amazing app vShare, which will help you download and install these respective cracked apps in Cydia.


With the above information, you can now download vShare on your Android, iOS, and Pc, respectively, without paying a dime. All you need to do is to follow the whole steps above to achieve your goal. Do you have any questions regarding this article? Make it known to us via the comment box below.

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