Honor Play Android 9 Pie Update: New OTA with ViLTE is available

Honor Play a smartphone from Huawei’s subbrand Honor is quite popular among the youngsters. The smartphone is not only feature-packed & capable but also provides a good value for money. This has made the entire Honor series much appreciated by the users and Youtubers.

The Chinese Tech Giant is very good with providing the latest updates to the Honor Play device. Be it minor bug fixes or providing the latest software update, Huawei never fails. Android 9 Pie update (EMUI 9 update) is also being rolled out to Honor Play soon, so, let’s check what’s it all about.

Honor Play Pie Update (Android 9.0 EMUI 9 Update):

23 July 2019: The Honor Play has started to receive a new update, which is based on EMUI 9.1 which brings some major changes to the UI, brings the new June 2019 Security Patch, Game (GPU) Turbo 3.0,� a new AI Assitant, a new and improved AI Video Editor, Huawei Share to share files, Wireless Projection and much more.

27 February 2019: Honor Play in India is getting a new software update based on EMUI version (C675E7R1P9). The OTA update has the February 2019 Android security patch and support for ViLTE feature (VoLTE). The update also fixes camera issues related to electronic image stabilization (EIS) and AI mode, fixes system ringtone bug, and improves call quality on the smartphone.

12 January 2019: Honor Play in India is now getting stable Android 9 Pie based EMUI 9.0 update. The update contains so many new features such as HiVision and bug fixes. If you have not received the OTA update notification yet, then check for the new update manually.

21 December:�Android 9 Pie stable update (EMUI 9.0) rolling out globally for Honor Play.

18 December:�Honor Play in China is getting another OTA update as build number The update is based on Android Pie 9.0 and contains�December 2018 security patch.

November 28: Honor Play in India is getting stable EMUI update based on Android 8.1 oreo. The update contains�the November security patch.


Honor Play EMUI 9 beta based on Android Pie is�now available�in India, The update has build number� (C675E3R1P9log). The OTA update is 3.09GB in size so we advise you to download the latest OTA via a high-speed WiFi connection.

Last week Honor Play received an update which is the Beta version of Android 9 Pie in Europe. It was earlier thought to be the stable version which was not the case.�Not only this, the Chinese Manufacturer has already been rolling out the second iteration of the Beta update of Android 9 Pie (EMUI 9) to its devices in China with the EMUI

Well, Honor is quick to provide updates to the devices which is very impressive for a budget segment brand. We can see that, as we got to know about Honor Play getting the Android 9 Pie update so quickly.

Honor released the Android 9 Pie Beta update to Honor Play on the 14th of September 2018. The version of this update is known as EMUI or B302 & bulks about 4.05 GB in size.

The update is available for the custom version of the smartphone which is C432.�It is good to test the latest version Android 9 Pie before the stable version releases to make it as bug-free as possible. However, the stable version of Honor Play’s EMUI 9 update will be rolled out soon, so if you can wait then we suggest you only update with the stable EMUI 9 update.

EMUI update:

Honor released an update to Honor Play yesterday with the EMUI version which is based on Android 8.1 Oreo.�Well, this update brings a�couple of tweaks here & there.

Full-screen gestures are now included for the navigation. Basically, navigation gestures are the way to replace the traditional way of navigation via the on-screen navigation buttons making the precious extra space on the screen.

To access the full-screen gesture control feature just tap onto Settings > System > System navigation & turn it on.

The update also comes with the support for the WeChat fingerprint payments. The update also addresses some problems with WLAN & some tweaks here & there to ensure the stability of the OS. That makes up for the smooth user experience.

The OTA update is confirmed for the model COR-AL00 which is the Chinese variant of the Honor Play. After this, the update should be arriving for the Global variant COR-AL10.

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  1. I received the update on the UK a few days ago,. All seems good except that now there is no video stabilization in the video recording. I’ve logged this as an issue with Honor. There’s also no way of rolling back to 8.2. anyone else have this issue?


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