iOSEmus – Download and install iOSEmus app on iPhone and iPad

With the help of the iOSEmus iOS app, you can download some great tweaks and modified iOS apps on your beloved iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for free.

We all iOS users are fed up with paid apps on the Apple App Store since one has to spend a lot of money to purchase paid apps from the app store. Once in a period of owning an iOS device (iPhone/iPad), we all have been through the thought that what if we can download all paid apps of the Apple App Store for free. Well, Jailbreak is the best solution for all these situations. But all iOS users do not tend to jailbreak their iOS devices as it voids the warranty of the device, and there are some risks in the process of jailbreaking your iOS devices.

If you are wondering how to download paid apps for free on iPhone or Cydia tweaks without Jailbreak, so, we have come with an app that is a one-stop solution- iOSEmus. With this app, you can download some phenomenal modified and tweaked apps on iPhone and iPad for free. iOSEmus offers a platform where you can free download paid apps of the Apple App Store for free. It also provides some pro versions of games and apps like Pokemon Go, Instagram, Facebook, and many more with some advanced features which are not available on the official app. So learn below how to download and install iOSEmus on any iOS device.

What is iOSEmus?

�iOSEmus is one of the best app installer and emulators, which let you download paid apps and games for free on your iDevices. iOSEmus is the best Cydia alternative for free. Its best part is that it doesn�t require jailbroken devices, which means you can download apps and tweaks without Jailbreak, and no Apple ID is required for downloading apps. It is compatible with all the iOS devices.� iOSEmus app is available for all iOS versions like iOS 10, 10.1, 10.2.1, iOS 11, and iOS 12 and later versions. It is developed by �AiiR.�

iOSEmus App Features:

  • Free download of paid games and apps for free.
  • No Apple ID is required.
  • No need for a jailbroken device. Available for all iDevices.
  • Download Cydia tweaks without jailbreaking iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Better user interface and built-in memory with cache cleaner.
  • Easy installation and works worldwide.
  • Apps are organized in alphabetical order, so they are easy to find and download.

How to install the iOSEmus on iPhone and iPad

Here we are going to show you a step-by-step guide to download and install the iOSEmus app on any iOS device.

Step #1 � Click and open the given official link here in a web browser (Use Safari browser for easier installation)

Step #2 � Click on either of the icon shown above the iPhone image (on the webpage)

Click on either of the icon shown above the iPhone image

Note � You can choose an alternative option to download the app by IPA Download, but it will require PC to install the app on your iOS device, so we recommend the process given below to install the iOSEmus app.

Step #3 � Now, you will be shown on the setting page. Click on Install shown at the top right corner.

click on Install shown at top right corner

Step #4 � Enter your device passcode, if prompted.

Enter your device Passcode, if prompted

Step #5 � Click on �Install� again and then tap on �Done� at the top right to complete the process.

Click on �Install� again and then tap on �Done�

Step #6 � With these above 5 steps, iOSEmus would be installed on your iOS device. You can find the app installed on your home screen.


How to Use iOSEmus to install paid apps for free

The only installation of the iOSEmus app on your iPhone and iPad would not be sufficient and won�t let you download Cydia tweaks without Jailbreak or download and install paid apps for free on iPhone and iPad without requiring jailbreak iOS and PC. So in the next part of the article, we will show you the proper use and provide you guidance on how to use the iOSEmus app installer to download tweaked and modified apps for free on devices.

To download any app from iOSEmus, click on the green checkmark shown next to the app. After downloading the particular app, when you will open the app, you will be shown the popup message, as shown in the image below.

To download any app from iOSEmus

So to use the downloaded apps from the iOSEmus app, we have to �trust� the developer of the app in Profile and Device management settings. Follow the given instructions to amend the settings in your device.

Firstly � Open �Settings� and then tap and open �General� on your iOS device

Secondly � Select and open �Profiles & Device Management� shown down there.

open �Profiles & Device Management�

Thirdly � Click on the developer name shown under the Enterprise App section.

Click on the developer name shown under Enterprise App section

Fourthly � Tap on Trust �China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company�� or any other Developer names are shown in blue color.

Tap on Trust �China Mobile Group Heilongjiang Company

Fifthly � Tap on Trust again in the prompted window.

� Tap on Trust again in prompted window.

Sixthly � Enjoy the app!!!

Important � Don�t forget to check whether you have enough space on your iOS device to download and install the apps from iOSEmus for free.

Some of the most popular apps available on the iOSEmus app are �MediaBox� which lets you free streaming of movies and TV shows on iPhone and iPad, �Spotify++� which let you explore premium features of the Spotify app. �Kodi,� �Pokemon Go++� and several other tweaked versions of Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitch which offer some advanced features than their official apps. iOSEmus also lets you download several other modified apps for free, which are paid on Apple App Store. It is the best Cydia alternative without Jailbreak. So we can say iOSEmus is a blessing for users like us who want to download paid apps for free without jailbreaking iPhone and iPad.

Best Alternatives to iOSEmus

Without a doubt, iOSEmus is the best emulator and app installing service app for free available for iOS devices but still, if�you seek the top best alternative of the iOSEmus app, find them below.

  1. miOS Haiwaman
  2. vShare
  3. Emus4U
  4. AppValley
  5. IndigoHub
  6. Hackstore
  7. AppRecs
  8. Zestia
  9. iMods
  10. iSpirit
  11. Tutuapp
  12. Panda Helper

Signing Out:

So now you no need to pay any penny to get the premium features of any paid app on Apple App Store. You can download tweaked and modified versions of other free apps also. iOSEmus is one of the best alternatives to the Cydia Store without jailbreaking your iOS devices. So follow and use the above instruction to download iOSEmus and install premium apps for free on iPhone and iPad. Share this article with your family and friends and tell them about this awesome app. If you have any trouble while installing the app or if you got any other alternative to this app, then say to our users in the comment section, our technical team is always ready to help you. All the feedback and suggestions are welcome, and you can approach us through the comment box.

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