GSM Aladdin V2 1.42 Full Version Download (Direct Link)

GSM Aladdin is a simple application for Windows-based PCs and laptops that allows you to access several useful features on smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets. The application of the GSM Aladdin tool differs based on the type of chipset used in the device. Devices with a MediaTek chip can read pattern codes, reset user codes, back up contacts and repair Wi-Fi issues. On the other hand, devices equipped with a Spreadtrum chipset can flash firmware files, repair IMEI issues, read user pattern and format the device.

Users can now download the latest version of GSM Aladdin which is V2 1.42 for their Windows PC. This version improves MTK IMEI repair in Meta mode, adds support for HelioX20 IMEI, includes support for MT6797 Read Write Format, and adds MT6797 reset code as well as MT6797 read phonebook support.

Apart from the refinements as mentioned earlier, the primary features of the GSM Aladdin tool remain intact. Some of these are – unlocking, removing the root access, flashing the dead phone, resetting the face lock feature, improving read/write speed, bypassing FRP security and many more. Users interested in rooting the Android OS should know that GSM Aladdin can restore root permissions as well.

There are certain prerequisites which need to be followed before you can download and install the tool successfully. To begin with, the tool works only on Windows-based computers which include Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Disable the antivirus for uninterrupted installation and make sure the current data is backed up for future restoration in case of a mishap.

Once you’ve downloaded the GSM Aladdin V2 1.42 tool, extract the zip file and install the .exe file contained inside. Set the download and install directory to C: drive and follow the on-screen steps. After successful installation, you can use the vast array of features that the GSM Aladdin has to offer!

Download GSM Aladdin Latest Version

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