Cloud TV App – Download Cloud TV APK For Android Latest [2024]

Know about Cloud TV APK: Nowadays, all people are on the run, and one has time to get entertainment. But thanks to the fast internet connectivity and online streaming services that have conceived all the entertainment material into one place and provided it on all platforms like mobile, PC, Smart TV, or any internet-connected devices. But before heading towards a subscription to any online streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO, or any other such services, you should keep in mind that these services charge a lot of money, which cannot be affordable to all of us, and they did not provide the live TV streaming service. So that�s why we shall give the tutorial on an app called Cloud TV, which is entirely free and lets you watch live TV channels for free on Android devices. You can also try Showbox APK and many more similar IPTV apps from�Best ThopTV Alternatives: For Free Live TV Streaming on Android.

Note: Before downloading the Cloud TV APK kindly read the guide as it contains a lot of information about the App and how you can get the best experience possible.

Cloud TV APK is an excellent Android app that provides you with a platform where you can stream and watch over 100 TV channels. You could watch your favorite TV channels or TV shows without paying a dime. Cloud TV is the best live TV streaming app for Android OS. It offers TV channels in more than eight languages such as English, French, Hindi, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, etc. Cloud TV App provides all the channels in HD quality to watch popular TV series in high definition.

Our research found that there are many fake and misguided links and blogs that will give you the fake or not working APK of the Cloud APK. So in this tutorial, we will tell you how to watch free live TV Channels on Android phones and install and Download the Cloud TV app APK. Also, read our in-depth guide on Area 51 IPTV.

Pre-requisites to Download & install Could TV App APK:

  • License � Free Availability
  • Operating System � Android OS
  • OS version Support � Android 4.1�and later releases
  • Developer � Cloud TV
  • Latest version � N/A
  • Supported Devices � Android devices, Android TV, Kodi, and FireTV Stick
  • Size � 14�MB
  • RAM � Minimum 1 GB RAM


Know about All the Features of Cloud TV APK:

Cloud TV app homepage showing available channels

  • Languages support � Cloud TV APK provides TV channels in more than eight languages worldwide.
  • Categorization � All the TV shows and TV Channels are arranged in proper categories, making it easy to find any movies or TV series.
  • User interface � This app has a super easy interface. You don�t need a piece of technical knowledge to navigate this app.
  • Make Playlists � You can make playlists of TV Shows or movies to save and watch later.
  • HD quality � All the contents and TV channels are available in high-definition quality to get a great watching experience.
  • Multiple servers � Cloud TV APK works on multiple online servers in case; any of the servers go down, you will be shifted to the next best servers so you can watch Live TV hassle-free.
  • No registration � Users don�t need to sign up or register to access the app.
  • It�s free � Cloud TV is free and available for Android OS.

*Important*: The Cloud TV APK app is not available on the Google Play Store of Google�s policies. You shall have to download it from the other sites (The download link is given in the below tutorial).

How to Download and Install Cloud TV APK App on Android phones

Many sites online claim that they provide the best ways to install and download Cloud TV APK on Android phones, but many of them are a hoax and don�t work correctly. Some of the links are expired. So here, we will provide you with the best sources of the link to the Cloud TV APK. And since the Cloud TV app is not available on the Google Play Store, we need to download it as a third-party app from other sites. So we have provided the best tutorial and step-by-step guide to download the Cloud TV App on any device, and you can watch free live TV online.

Step #1 � Enable or toggle on the �Unknown Sources� in Settings. Learn how to enable installation from unknown sources.

  • Open Settings on your Android device and select the Security option in it.
  • You will find their option showing �Unknown Sources,� if not, tap on the Privacy option to open the �Unknown Sources� setting.
  • Please turn on the setting by tapping on the toggle shown next to it.

Step #2 � Download the APK of the Cloud TV App from the link given below.

Cloud TV APK Android Link [Cloud TV App – Download Cloud TV APK For Android Latest [2024]]

Step #3 � Tap and open the downloaded APK file directly from the Notification bar or access it by finding it in the Files app’s downloaded folder.

open downloaded Cloud TV APK file directly from the Notification bar

Step #4 � Now, you will be shown an option to install the app. Click on the INSTALL, and installation will be started automatically.

open downloaded Cloud TV APK file directly from the Notification bar


Step #5 � Once all is done correctly, as told in the previous steps, the app will be shown on the phone’s home display, and you can watch and stream Live TV channels in HD for free on your Android phone.

stream Live TV channels in HD for free with Cloud TV APK

Catch: You must have an Android 4.0 or later OS version. If you are running below Android 4.0 OS, then you must install MX Player from the Google Play Store on your Android device.

How to install Cloud TV on FireStick, FireTV, and Cube

If you want to install the Cloud TV APK on the FireTVStick, you�ll have to do most of the same processes as the smartphone installation. It�s an easy process, which contains a few uncomplicated steps listed below �

Step 1 � First, you�ll have to enable the third-party installation on your Firestick. To do that, you need to open the settings menu in Fire Stick.

Step 2 � Hereafter, you have to search for My Fire TV and tap on it.

Step 3 � Explore for Developer options and click on them.

Step 4 � Afterwards, you�ll have to enable both the listed tweaks, ADB Debugging, and Apps From Unknown Sources.

Now you�ve enabled the Third-party installation and need to download the Cloud TV app on your FireTVStick. But to do the same, you�ll have to install the Downloader�app on your FireStick app store.

Step 5 � Open the Amazon app store on your TV, and search for Downloader.

Step 6 � Click on the Downloader app listed on the top.

Step 7 � Tap the download button.

Step 8 � It�ll take nearly 2-5 minutes to get installed, and thereafter, click the Open button.

Step 9 � Allow permission for granting Downloader access to photos, videos, and all the media files.

Step 10 � Afterwards, You�ll perceive a URL editor on the Downloader app’s topmost position.

Step 11 � Click on it and inscribe the below link in it.

Step 12 � Click on the Go button and wait for the downloading process.

Step 13 � After the download process’s windup, click on the installation process’s Install button.

Step 14 � Wait for 2-3 minutes till the installation process is completed.

Step 15 � After the completion, you�ll receive an option to delete the downloaded APK file.

Step 16 � So click on Delete, since FireStick consists of low storage, filled with unwanted files.

Step 17 � Now, you need to open the Apps folder in the FireStick menu and locate the Cloud TV app.

Tada!! You�ve installed the Cloud TV app on your Fire Stick, and now, you can click on the app and use it merely. Enjoy it!!

How to install Cloud TV APK on Android TV

Android Smart TV is the best gadget for watching live movies and TV shows. So if you want to install Cloud TV directly on your Android TV, follow the simple steps below �

Step 1 � Open the TV settings, and search for Developer options there.

Step 2 � Click on the Developer option and Enable the ADB Debugging with the Unknown Sources Installation prompt.

Step 3 � Now, install a browser app on your Android Smart TV or skip it if you�ve got one.

Step 4 � Search for the same article and open the link.

Step 5 � Download the Cloud TV app by the above link.

Step 6 � Afterwards, locate the downloaded Cloud TV APK in the Download folder. (Before taking this step, you�ll need a File Manager app)

Step 7 � Click on the app and tap on Install on the next pop-up notification.

Wait for 1-2 minutes for the completion of the installation process. Afterward, allow all the permissions and start streaming all the Live TV and other exceptional content available on it.



  • It�s free � No need to pay any price to watch live movies or TV shows in HD and access all Cloud TV App�s premium features.
  • It is super easy to install.
  • Multiple servers provide a hassle-free streaming experience.


  • It is available for Android OS only. Not for iOS users.
  • Sometimes an app is stuck at the start when open. In such a case, reinstall it.

Final Words:

Follow the above procedure and install Cloud TV APK on any Android phone for free and you can freely watch Live TV and Live TV Channels for free on Android devices. Now you don�t have to worry about where to watch live TV channels and Live TV shows for free. You try this and tell us whether you also find Cloud TV APK is the best app to watch TV shows live online. If you know any other apps we work with like this app; then, you can tell our users about them in the comment section. If you find any trouble installing APK, you can always get to us for help through the comment box.

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