Fan Engagement and Community Building: How LEC Fosters a Thriving Esports Community

The live streaming of esports events such as the LEC has enabled a thriving community to develop. The diverse array of champions in League of Legends already presents an all-inclusive impression. They encourage people of any age or gender to participate in esports at some level. From amateur players to devoted fans, everyone in the LoL community feels they are part of the esports scene. 


Benefits of Live Streaming 

Riot Games has broadened the appeal of League of Legends by establishing competitive leagues such as the LEC. Live streaming on channels like Twitch and YouTube has made competitive matches freely accessible to all. Fans can watch their esports heroes in action without the hassle and expense of taking out a subscription. LoL matches can even be viewed on mobile devices, ensuring fans won’t miss out on any of the dramatic events. For the current LEC schedule click here and learn when it’s convenient to watch amazing esports games. 


Fan Engagement 

The most effective method of increasing the fan base of LoL is encouraging everyone to feel they belong to the game. When some fans attend live events at sophisticated stadiums such as the brand-new Riot Games Arena they love to indulge in cosplay. Dressing up as the champions of the game allows fans to take part in the tournament without actually playing the game. They feel an emotional connection to the characters of LoL that helps build a sense of community. Online forums give every fan the opportunity to give their opinions on any aspect of the game including the performances of individual players. Being able to discuss the merits of some of the strategies used in a competition helps fans to become part of LoL and the participating teams. 


Brand Expansion 

LoL is so dynamic that Riot Games must have found that marketing was a relatively easy task! However, expanding the brand is an essential part of surviving against rival games. Introducing exclusive leagues and tournaments has been immensely successful. Regional zones have further encouraged fan bases to grow. In addition, celebrity players have inadvertently helped influence more people to discover esports. for instance, the singer, Justin Bieber, has often played the game with his favorite champion, Teemo. Many of Bieber’s own fans 

may have begun playing LoL in the hope of meeting him in virtual combat. 


Games with Unbeatable Suspense 

The main reason why people have become fans of LoL is the excitement the game’s matches generate. Following the intricate strategies of the diverse characters has an allure that cannot easily be manufactured. Professional players generally present viewers with spontaneous, dramatic action that is exciting and entertaining. The format of the game and tournaments such as the LEC have provided a solid base for LoL. It has allowed a community to evolve that is diverse and highly engaged.


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