Tivimate IPTV Player Premium MOD APK v4.8.0 [Unlocked / Premium / Tested]

Step into the future of streaming with Tivimate Premium, an absolute game-changer in the world of digital entertainment. While the standard version is good, unlocking Tivimate’s full potential with the Premium edition takes your viewing experience to a whole new level. Wondering how to get your hands on it? This article has got you covered. We’ll walk you through the process of downloading Tivimate Premium, highlighting the incredible features and perks it brings to your screen. And yes, we’ll spill the beans on the coveted Tivimate Premium APK. Ready to elevate your streaming game? Let’s dive in and revolutionize how you enjoy your favorite content!

Tivimate IPTV Player

Before enjoying your Tivimate premium apk mod let’s talk about one of the best IPTV players in the market. Immersive online techniques have now developed an entirely convenient world. Just sitting on your chair with your Smartphone and having a good internet connection is all you need to get entertained these days. There is no need for a big TV, a Computer, or even money to buy those expensive Live TV subscription plans. You are revealing the science behind this free service, named Tivimate Premium IPTV Player by Armobsoft FZE.

Tivimate Premium is a cutting-edge app that revolutionizes the TV streaming experience. With its unmatched features and flawless performance, it takes your entertainment to a whole new level. Unlock a vast array of content and channels, effortlessly navigate through your favorite shows, and indulge in a seamless viewing experience. Tivimate Premium puts the power of choice in your hands, providing an unrivaled platform for limitless entertainment at your fingertips.

tivimate logo

If you have used an IPTV protocol before, you would know about all the important stuff, like the M3U URLs and Xtream Codes, and even if you’re new to this zone, it’s not rocket science. IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television, which means having a Television experience delivered on your Smartphone via the Internet. There are so many copyrighted IPTV owners you may have heard of, like Netflix.

Tivimate Premium MOD APK sample program

However, not everyone can afford the subscription plans of Netflix, and consequently, we need something more affordable and faster protocol to stream all our favorite TV series with zero interruptions. Here, we can apply the Tivimate IPTV Player APK, as it’s a 100% free Android app and offers the M3U server streaming to stream over 10,000 TV Channels without a single penny.

Got astounded, right? It’s just the first feature of Tivimate IPTV Player APK that makes you feel awestruck, then think of more than 50 additional features, which are on the way to blast your mind -�

Features of Tivimate IPTV Player

We all know the worth of IPTV apps these days as we scarce the level of entertainment. Fortunately, Tivimate IPTV Player is the one offering you more than 50 streaming features on the single app interface; let’s get inside the most prominent features of the app –

Small in size

The most overwhelming benefit of the Tivimate IPTV Player is its smaller size. There are so many IPTV apps on the Google Play Store list, but most of them offer their service while holding most of our Smartphone’s local storage. Except for them all, the Tivimate IPTV Player works on the cloud playlist and consequently affords us more than 50 additional streaming features. Sounds magical, right?

Android Robot

Inscribe the URL and GO

Have you ever tried inscribing an M3U URL on any IPTV and streaming the newest TV shows LIVE? If not, it must sound rigid to you, but the Tivimate IPTV Player APK provides you with the free M3U server-sided online streaming service here. You can get hundreds of free M3U links and server downloads to enjoy the tremendous hours of daily content.��

Playlist URL

Moreover, this app enhances the convenience with the Paste from the clipboard button. You won’t need to struggle and write the codes or URLs from a browser to the Tivimate APK because you can copy that URL and press this simple button to resist typing. It’s the moment to stop using the other paid IPTV services and start enjoying the IPTV Player APK.�

Watch thousands of TV Channels

We mean thousands of online M3U IPTV servers by the term thousands of TV channels; as described above, you can find unlimited free servers using the above method. All these servers contain different streaming content, including Entertainment TV Channels, News TV Channels, Movie TV Channels, and more than millions of hours of free content. I don’t know if any paid Android app offers this amount of binge content; do you know any?

Tivimate TV Channels list

Employ Xtream Codes login

Xtream Codes are the Content Management system that takes access to tremendous copyright company data and provides them in the form of these Xtream codes. If you’ve got any Xtream code with a password, username, and the host website, you can use it as an M3U URL and enjoy the free streaming of all the content available in that content manager’s library. Tivimate IPTV Player APK offers you Xtream code compatibility without extra charge.��

Xtream Codes Login

Stream Global TV Channels

There are tremendous Internet websites that sell thousands of TV Channel content and IPTV content freely based on these accessible URLs. No matter, which area, country, or state you belong to, you can Google your area name with the word IPTV M3U URL, and you’ll find hundreds of free links offering the same data as cable providers without any charges. Additionally, you can also filter the data available with these M3U URLs to overeat the content of your favorite genre.

Stream Global TV Channels

FeatureTivimate FreeTivimate Premium
Ad-Free ExperienceNoYes
Catch-Up ServiceNoYes
Advanced Channel GroupingNoYes
Extended Recording CapabilitiesNoYes
Multiple PlaylistsLimitedYes
Customization OptionsBasicExtensive
Smoother NavigationStandardEnhanced
TV Guide AccessBasicComprehensive

Tivimate Premium APK (MOD Premium Unlocked)

Now, after reading about the Tivimate IPTV Player APK, you must feel slightly overwhelmed. It’s generic, as the IPTVs with the free server compatibility are the best deals at all. But sadly, the Tivimate IPTV Player APK won’t offer you the extra features without charging you. A premium plan on the app interface will cost you 690.00 INR every year or a one-time payment of 1999.00 INR.

But fellow, we’re living in the 20th century, which makes us technologically capable of getting these privileges entirely free! Let me tell you about the masterpiece we’ve named Tivimate Premium MOD APK, aka the modified version of Tivimate IPTV Player APK. This modification is the only protocol that ensures you free access to your favorite features with binge streaming of 1000+ M3U servers.

Tivimate Premium APK MOD Features

I’ve felt this every time that our energy level gets pumped at the same time while hearing about the modified version of the app, right? It’s most probably the truth. Now, let’s not get off-topic and ride toward all the premium features delivered by the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK 4.8.0 -�

Free Premium Unlocked

The first privilege with Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK is access to an entire premium subscription. Yeah, you’ll get free access to the whole premium plan without a single feature restriction on our modified version.�

Tivimate premium APK

Now, you can simply understand the difference between downloading the official version and the Tivimate Premium MOD APK. Just apply this difference and download the Tivimate Player Premium APK ASAP from the link in the below section.

Backup and Restore data

Getting to the following rare feature you won’t get on almost any other IPTV app that works on the M3U interface – Backup and Restore. Suppose you’ve struggled to find some of the best M3U links and Xtream codes and landed them on your IPTV app. In that case, a single smartphone format or IPTV uninstallation can erase your hard-earned codes.

Elsewhere, you can employ the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK, embedded with a free Backup and Restore option. In simple words, you can create the backup of your entire Tivimate IPTV M3U URLs, Xtream codes, playlists, and customized settings in both cloud and local storage. After that, you can return it anytime while retaining a fresh installation.

Customize the interior appearance

Apart from the server and streaming-sided features, the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK also delivers customization accessibility to every Android user. If you’re using an Android phone and installing this modified version, you can customize the app interface with the below-listed options-�

  • App logo
  • Playlist Groups
  • TV Guide
  • Video Player
  • Language
  • Font Size
  • User Interface Transparency

Use premium gestures

No matter how simple is the interface of the app, you’ll still love adding the gestures to the interface, as the motions make everything damn simple. Keeping that in mind, we have also added access to premium gestures inside the Tivimate IPTV Player MOD APK. You can use distinct gestures to change the channels, adjust volume, adjust brightness, rewind live stream, play, pause, and many more free alterations.�

Support for multiple playlists

One of my most hated flaws of mine, while using the Tivimate IPTV Player APK, was constantly having no significant number of playlists or M3U URLs, in other words. If you’re using the official Tivimate IPTV Player APK, you can only seed a single playlist at a time, no matter how many M3U URLs you have.�

If you want to get rid of this drawback and wish to access tremendous playlists, content, and M3U URLs at the very same instant, you can download Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK from the below section;�the single app with multiple benefits!

Make Favorites list

One more important feature lacking within the free plan of the Tivimate app is the Favorite section. We all love to store all our favorite channels and content in the exact place to have no trouble finding them later. Binge streamer, please don’t worry about anything till the date we’re holding your hand!

Tivimate IPTV Player MOD APK is ready to provide free access to the Favorites list. It means that you’re ready to mark as many channels and video content as your favorite without paying a single penny to the Tivimate servers; the best offer of the day.

Tivimate Premium MOD APK Download

After going through the above article, how simplistic do you think online streaming is? My answer would be a DAMN, and possibly yours would be the exact one! However, it’s only possible after accessing our free premium application, the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK. Except that, if you want to go for the official app, you literally won’t get the number of privileges we’re dragging here.�

Tivimate MOD APK latest version (Premium Unlocked) – Download Here, Download (2nd link). Always try to download from the first link, as usual, it contains the latest version.

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Take the best choice, hit the below link, and download Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK’s MOD latest version (Unlocked). The most recent modification developed for the Tivimate Android APK offers premium advantages and delivers most of the additional features that you won’t get anywhere else. Moreover, You’ll get the entirely same app interface as the official app with the modification.�

�NameTiviMate Premium
�UpdatedJune 29, 2023
�Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
�Last version4.8.0 Stable
�Size10 MB
�CategoryVideo Players & Editors
�DeveloperAR Mobile Dev
�Google Play Linkar.tvplayer.tv

Install Tivimate Premium APK MOD on Android Smartphone

After downloading the latest version of the Tivimate Premium MOD APK, you must consider installing this app as soon as possible. Consequently, you would also be in deep thinking about the struggle if you had to employ any in installing the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK on your Smartphone. So finally, it’s time to cover one more good news, i.e., the simple process of installing the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium MOD APK -�

Step 1�– First, Download the APK version of Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK from the above section.

Step 2�– Afterward, open the Settings app on your Android Smartphone and tap the Security tab.

Step 3�– Search the Unknown Sources or Third Party Installation toggle under the Security tab.

Step 4�– Tap that toggle and hit the Enable button on the following prompt.�

Step 5�– Get back to the Homepage and open the File Manager.

Step 6�– Locate the recently downloaded Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK in the File Manager.

Step 7�– Tap that APK file and press the Install button on the following prompt.�

Wait for a few minutes, and soon you’ll get the success message for the installation process, and afterward, you can stream all your favorite IPTV servers using the Tivimate IPTV Player MOD APK.��

Install Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK on Amazon FireTVStick (FireOS)

Like the Android installation, the FireStick and Smart TV installation process of the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK is convenient. Moreover, we have also listed the steps below required to be followed for installing this app on FireStick or Smart TV -�

Step 1 ��First of all, Turn On your FireStick TV and open the�Settings�Icon!

Step 2 ��Now, Tap the My FireTV Icon and navigate to the Developer Options.

Step 3 ��Open the Developer Options and Enable the prompt saying Unknown Sources to enable third-party installation inside your FireTV�

Step 4 ��Finally, you’ve enabled the installation! Get to the Homepage and Navigate to the Amazon App Store from there.

Step 5 ��Now, Search Downloader term, which will list a Downloader app like the below picture!

Firetv downloader

Step 6 ��Open the Downloader app page, Click the Get Button, and Install the Downloader app on your FireStick.

Step 7 ��Open the Downloader app, and allow all the permissions like Storage and Internet for downloading the Hunk TV APK.

Step 8 ��Now inscribe the below link on the ‘Enter an URL’ section and Click on Get!


Step 9 ��It’ll take a few minutes, and you will download the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK soon!

Step 10 ��Click the Install button on the recently arisen tab for installing the app on your FireStick.

Step 11 ��Wait for 2-5 minutes and Click on the Delete button to delete the app source file after the installation!

Finally, you’ve installed the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK on your Android Smartphone, and you’re ready to stream all your favorite M3U servers. Just get to the Homepage of your FireStick and open My Apps. Afterward, open the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK from there to stream on a giant screen.�


Finally, it’s time to take a cheerio from all of you guys, as we’ve finally completed our most important task, i.e., fascinating your streaming with the Tivimate IPTV Player Premium APK. You can simply download it from the above link, and we’ve also listed all the installation steps above so that you won’t be required to struggle for a single second. Enjoy it!!!

Tivimate Premium MOD FAQs


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