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If you download a huge number of files or even have tried to download a large file such as a 4K movie from the Internet via Chrome or any other browser, you would have encountered a prevalent and irritating issue. Whereafter downloading some part of the file, the download fails or shows any different similar kind of error. These kinds of problems irritate us as we spend our time and the internet downloading these files. When they get canceled after getting downloaded for about (50-90)%, While there are many solutions to this problem, which include downloading files via torrent or using a download manager such as IDM, we have a simple solution for such kinds of issues whereby just installing this software in your PC you can solve all your issues. So without any more delay, let us talk in detail about the Best IDM Extension for Chrome Browser – IDMGCEXT.CRX.


  • Convenient: IDM for Browsers makes it easy for users to download large/small-sized files and minimize the number of download failures by increasing the success rate.
  • Safe and Secure:�IDMGCEXT.CRX is managed by Internet Download Manager, which has collected a good name, and the files have been verified by Norton Security and are safe to use and install.
  • Free to use:�IDMGCEXT.CRX is completely free to use and doesn’t even cost a penny; this is the most important thing: the deciding factor for most people like me who install software available for free. This comes in bundles for free with Internet Download Manager.
  • Multi-Browser Support:�IDMGCEXT.CRX can be installed on multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and many more. Hence this is a multi-browser-supported extension.

Download IDMGCEXT.CRX on (Windows/Mac/Linux):

IDMGCEXT.CRX [IDM Chrome Extension] can be downloaded for free and downloaded from Mediafire or direct download links below. The links attached below are updated regularly with the latest version, which is available to download. Hence we request you to be regular to our site and bookmark this page for further information.


Latest Version: IDMGCEXT.CRX

How to Install IDMGCEXT.CRX on Chrome/Opera/Firefox Browser:

Method 1

Step 1: Download the latest version of the IDMGCEXT.CRX from the above download links and make sure you have downloaded an unzipper tool such as 7Zip or WinRAR

Step 2: Unzip the downloaded IDMGCEXT.CRX Chrome Extension file using Winrar or 7Zip and place it in a new folder on your PC’s desktop.


Step 3: Open up Chrome/Opera/Firefox Browser and enable the developer options by moving into more tools. You can do so on Google Chrome by clicking the three-dot icon on the top right corner and selecting More Tools> Enable Developer Options.


Step 4: After enabling the developer options, click on the Load Unpacked Extension icon and select the unzipped file from Step 2.


Step 5: Soon, there will be a pop-up window stating Add Extension or cancel. Click on Add Extension, and now your IDMGCEXT.CRX will be installed on your Chrome/Firefox/Opera Browser


Method 2 [Recommended]

Our extension is hidden on Google Store, and it cannot be searched as well. This is made by design because there is no sense in installing an extension without IDM. Also, the extension should be installed automatically during the IDM installation.

Note: All the IDM extensions for Chrome found on the Chrome web store are fake.

If the extension is not installed automatically, install the IDM Integration Module extension from the�Chrome Web Store using the direct link below: See below IDM Chrome extension download link below.

Wrapping Up:

Imagine downloads finishing in the blink of an eye � sounds like a dream, right? Well, with IDMGCEXT.CRX, dreams become reality. So, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into the steps of getting that IDMGCEXT.CRX download. Say farewell to download dread and hello to a faster, smoother online experience. Get set to supercharge your downloads � it’s time to make your digital life a whole lot zippier!

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