Youtube Premium Mod APK Download For Android 18.43.36 (2023)

YouTube Mod APK is a top-rated App nowadays. But, do you know anyone who does not know about YouTube Premium Mod APK, YouTube Vanced APK, and OGYoutube Apk? According to a Reddit survey, very few people are unaware of Youtube Hack APK.

YouTube has been one of the most popular video-sharing platforms for the last two decades. It was one of the first services of its kind back in the day and has billions of users worldwide. You can find content of any genre from thousands of content creators and channels. It is a great entertainment source and is different and better than other newly emerging video-sharing platforms such as TikTok and Bigo since it has no restrictions on the length of the content.

Due to its broad reach and strong community, it serves everyone’s needs, be it viewers watching for fun, creators making videos for livelihood and fame, and marketers and advertisers looking to reach out to newer audiences and sell their products.

The app is constantly developing, and many new features and changes have been implemented over the past few years. In 2019, the app came up with its premium version to provide users with a better experience and amazing features. It is certainly a level above the regular YouTube app, but it comes at high subscription rates. Let�s find out more about them.

YouTube Premium Subscription Plans

YouTube Premium has prepaid subscription options for its users. Currently, we have two options available for subscriptions. The first is the Rs. 139 Plan which is valid for one month. This plan was earlier available for Rs. 199. However, YouTube has recently revised the charges, and this is now available for much cheaper.

On the other hand, the second plan is a quarterly plan available for Rs. 399 and valid for three months. The difference between both plans is only the validity period and the number of screens on which you can watch videos simultaneously. While the 199 Plan allows viewing only one screen, with the 399 plan, you can watch videos on up to 3 screens. There is no annual plan available at this point.

Plan NameSubscription PriceNumber Of Screens

YouTube also provides a complimentary trial period for new users. If you have a YouTube account and haven’t subscribed to the premium services before, you can get a free trial for one month, completely free. Post 1 month, you will have to subscribe to a plan of your choice to continue the service.

What Is YouTube Premium Mod APK?

YouTube Premium Mod is a modified version of the regular YouTube Premium App. It comes with additional features within the app that are not available even in the original app. It provides the users with full control over the app and enjoy all the features without paying anything.

Youtube Premium APK

The YouTube Premium Mod app is developed by RaddixCore and is one of the most trustworthy and reliable APKs. It has been installed and is currently used by millions of users worldwide, who all consider it very safe to use. Even some of the top anti-virus software has also marked this APK file as safe. Let us now know what the features that you can get with YouTube Premium Mod are.

YouTube Mod APK Features

The YouTube Premium Mod APK has some fantastic features that all YouTube users and fans will love. Here is a list of some of the top features of YouTube Premium Vanced –

1- Similar Look and Feel – Using the YouTube Premium Mod APK will be a breeze for anyone as it looks similar to the original YouTube app, which we all use regularly. Not many changes have been made to the user interface keeping in mind user convenience. The dashboard, background, and even the buttons are precisely similar to the original app, ensuring ease of use and a nostalgic feel with the classic look.

2- Download Videos – The YouTube Premium APK Mod allows download your favorite videos to your device. We all watch many incredible videos daily, which we want to share with our friends and families. Still, the original YouTube app does not allow you to download the videos to your device, and you can only share a link to the video. However, with YouTube Premium Mod, you can even download your favorite videos to your device and watch them anytime you want later or share ahead with anyone on any other app. You can also download the Oreo TV app if you’re going to stream free content from thousands of sources like Hotstar, Prime Videos, and Netflix.

YouTube Premium MOD APK 4K video playing

3- Use without Root – Most modded apps require root access to be installed on your device. This means that if you have not rooted your device, you will not install these modded apps. Yet, the YouTube Premium Mod APK can be downloaded and installed on your Android smartphone even if your device is not rooted. This makes it easier for everyone to install and use this app since most of us do not prefer to root our devices or do not have the technical know-how.

4- Play in the Background – One of the significant issues that we all face with the regular YouTube App is that once you switch the window to any other app or shut your screen, the video will stop playing. You cannot exit the app and only watch the video when the app is open and the phone screen is on.

But with YouTube Premium Mod APK, you get the ability to watch any video in the background as well. This means that even if you switch to any other app in the middle of a video or shut your phone screen off, the video will continue to play in the background, and you can hear the audio. This is an excellent feature for those who listen to music on YouTube as now you can listen without keeping your screen on and saving your battery. You can also download our Spotify Mod APK premium and YouTube Music MOD APK for this feature.

5- Get Rid of Ads – The Original YouTube App is filled with Ads. Since it’s a big online platform and many companies want to market their products here for better reach, the users are forced to watch ads before the videos. This is very irritating and frustrating at times as it ruins the entertainment. But with YouTube Premium Mod APK, just like YouTube Vanced, you can watch all your favorite videos without worrying about ads. This provides users with a smooth viewing experience.

Youtube No Ads

6- Dark Mode – Dark Mode is very popular these days, and almost all apps have adopted it. It turns the app’s background dark to put less strain on your eyes, and you can watch videos for hours without any stress. The YouTube Premium APK Mode comes ready with the Dark Mode feature, and you can enable it anytime you want. You can also keep it in sync with the system settings. Using the dark theme on your device, YouTube Premium Mod APK will automatically use it. Similarly, if your device is on a light theme, then YouTube Premium Mod APK, too, will use the light theme.

Youtube Mod APK homepage

7- Picture in Picture aka PIP Mode – The Picture in Picture mode, also popularly known as the PIP Mode, allows you to watch the video on a small screen on your device even if you switch to another app. It can be pinned anywhere on the screen, and you can control play and pause within the smaller cutout. It is an amazing feature as it allows you to multitask even without disrupting your video. For example, you can use the PIP Mode to chat with your friends on WhatsApp while watching a video on a small window within the chat screen.

PIP Mode in Youtube

YouTube Mod APK FAQs

If you have more questions about the YouTube MOD APK, you can read the FAQs below and find answers to your questions.


How to Download YouTube Mod APK Premium

YouTube Premium MOD APK Download

To Download the YouTube Premium APK on your Android device, all you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned below –

1- To begin with, you need to click the below link to download the APK file.

Download YouTube MOD APK Premium [MOD Unlocked YouTube Premium 18.43.36]

2- Once the link is opened.

3- Now, you need to click on the blue button that says, “Download.”

4- The YouTube Premium Mod APK latest version file will begin downloading.

5- The file is just 59 MB and should be downloaded within a few seconds. It will get saved in your device�s internal storage under the “Downloads ” folder.

Also, read Best ThopTV Alternatives.

�NameYouTube Premium
�Compatible withAndroid 4.3+
�Last version18.43.36
�Size109 MB
�MODYouTube MOD Premium Unlocked
�CategoryVideo Players & Editors
�DeveloperGoogle LLC
�Google Play


FeatureYouTubeYouTube Premium MOD APK
Content LibraryExtensive collection of user-generated videos, music, and more, with ads for free users.Access to the entire YouTube library, including premium content, without ads.
Ad-Free ExperienceAd-supported experience with pre-roll, mid-roll, and banner ads.Completely ad-free viewing with no interruptions.
Offline DownloadsOfficially available for offline viewing on mobile devices with YouTube Premium.Offers the ability to download videos and save them for offline viewing.
Background PlaybackBackground playback of videos while using the app, exclusive to YouTube Premium.Allows background playback and continues playing audio even when the screen is off or the app is in the background.
Original ContentAccess to YouTube Originals with a YouTube Premium subscription.Access to YouTube Originals and premium content without the need for a subscription.
Video QualityStandard quality videos for free users, limited resolution options.Offers the option to stream videos in high resolution for an enhanced viewing experience.
Casting to DevicesSupports casting videos to other devices (e.g., smart TVs and Chromecast).Allows casting with premium features, such as ad-free casting.
CostFree with ads or $11.99/month for YouTube Premium.Often available for free but may pose security and legal concerns, with potential risks.
Security and LegalityOfficial, legal service with robust security measures and adherence to copyright laws.Not always legal; using third-party MOD APKs may pose security risks and potentially infringe on YouTube’s terms of service.

How to Install YouTube Mod APK Premium on Android

Once you have downloaded the YouTube Premium Mod APK file, installing it is a breeze. You can install it on your Android device just by following the simple steps mentioned below �

1- To start, go to Settings -> Security -> Install from Unknown Sources and click the toggle next to it to enable the option. If you wonder why we are enabling this toggle, it is done to install an app from outside the Google Play Store.

Android security setting for unknown sources of APK files

2- Now, go to your file manager and locate the downloaded APK file in your �downloads� folder in the device�s internal storage. You can use any file manager to access the file.

3- Once you locate the file, double-click on it. The installation process will begin shortly thereafter.

4- The installation will be completed within a few seconds. When you see the Installation Successful message on your screen, you can open the app.

5- You can log in using your regular Google account. Once you are logged in, you can enjoy your favorite content on the YouTube Mod APK.

Installing APK on Android

Final Words

We all use it every day and enjoy unlimited content on the platform. Whether you want to watch your favorite celebrity, catch the latest show, listen to trending music, watch live streams, or learn something, YouTube is the place to go for everyone and has been the same for years now. Although the app has seen many changes over the years, some issues have been persistent, while many other things have been annoying.

The developers did come out with some great features for the benefit of the users. However, most impressive turns are restricted to premium users, who pay subscription fees regularly. This can be tough for many as people do not like to spend on all apps’ premium services. It is also difficult to manage for many people living on a low budget. But with the YouTube Mod, you can get all the unique premium features without spending any money.

Now there is no need to be annoyed by ads or a lighter theme. With the YouTube APK Mod, you can enjoy some of the latest features and enjoy your favorite apps and videos in a much more convenient way. So follow the steps mentioned above and download the YouTube Premium APK Mod now.

Note – If you face any challenges or issues downloading or using the YouTube Premium APK Mod, leave your queries in the comments below, and we will solve all your problems as soon as possible. Also, check out YouTube Music Premium APK MOD Download if you want to use the YouTube Music App for free as well.

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