Motorola Moto G6 Specifications, Price, And Release Date

Motorola Moto G series was the inventor of the premium budget smartphones, as well as the online selling model that almost everyone uses today, was also brought my the Moto G. Because in those days, Motorola didn’t have the infra in India after its 2 years of hiatus in the country. And had bequeathed the brand with a little trust after the Moto G3. Moreover as soon as the Moto G first gen went on sale exclusively on Flipkart, it was a major hit in the country and was the strong signal to everyone that Motorola is back again.

However, after changing parents twice once under Google and now under Lenovo Motorola’s has been somewhat unpredictable, because now the company is aggressively pricing its products under Lenovo, as well as doesn’t mind blessing its budget phones with premium features and hardware.

Image shows all Motorola Moto G phones
Image shows all Motorola Moto G phones Image Courtesy: laptop media. com

The moto g went from plastic to semi-metal to all metal this year, and the regular Moto G5S was also all metal. So, the next Moto G6 will also sport an all-metal design when it arrives. Motorola also does a lot with Amazon now so we could also see something from the duo’s partnership with it. A Moto G6 with Amazon Alexa could happen because the Moto G5 had ties with Amazon when it was launched.

The regular Moto G6 will be an entry into Motorola’s successful premium budget segment for most customers. Even though it won’t sell as much as the Plus variant, still many buyers would like the taste of the Premium Moto G’s and are on a tight budget but still want to get into the G family.

Motorola Moto G5
Motorola Moto G5 Series phone in grey color.

Interestingly, on the pioneering and innovation side, the company is consistent and continues on new fresh concepts (Motorola’s self-healing Display Patent) and bringing them to the masses.

Apart from that after the Moto G5 Plus and the Moto G5S Plus, next will be the Moto G6 family of smartphones, and we discuss what to expect from it.

Moto G6 Specifications

Moto G6 Specs
Motorola Moto G6 expected specifications Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

Starting with the specs, let’s get that out of the way because nowadays the processing power is more than enough on budget phones these days and applications are getting more optimized every year. However, we’ll still talk about what to expect, under the hood of the Moto G6.

This time both the regular Moto G5’s did have a little lower end SoC when compared to its Plus variant. So, we highly suspect a Snapdragon 435 or a Snapdragon 450 will end-up under the hood of the Moto G6. There’s no way Motorola will make a jump from 400 series to a higher end with this. But then again, with the Moto G4, it had the same SoC like the G4 Plus variant, so there’s your little hope for a similar spec-ed CPU for the regular Moto G6.

Moreover, memory configurations will remain the same for the next 2 years or so, which means a 3GB/16GB variant, as well as a 4GB/32GB combo for the top option, will be present. Also, with SD-card support up to 128GB, will be available.

Camera: Megapixel vs. Sensor?

Moto G5S
Motorola Moto G5S Front and Back Image courtesy: Motorola .com

On the camera front the Moto G6 was always a little step down from the G6 Plus, but still, it covers the gap regarding megapixels. The G5S+ has dual cameras with 12MP, while the Moto G5S had a 16 MP cam. Yes, the pixel count doesn’t matter much, but at the end of the day, you get a little more resolution to play.

So, the Moto G6 is expected to feature the same 16 Megapixel camera with phase detection auto-focus. And a 5-megapixel wide-angle selfie snapper.

Display and design

Moto G 6th gen (Moto G 2018) renders
Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

The screen wouldn’t be so compact as that’s the job of the Moto G6 Play, the Moto G6 will feature a 5.5-inch panel with a 1080p resolution, it will be an IPS panel. With Motorola’s nano coating

Other things we could expect are stereo speakers like the Moto G2 which will move the fingerprint reader on the rear, or a water-resistant rating like the Moto G3 if Motorola wants to get away with the tradition front design.

This time like the Moto G5, the Moto G6 will also get the fingerprint scanner, which was something missing from the previous Moto G4. But now be rest assured, the Moto G6 (Moto G 2018) will inevitably come with one.

Perhaps we might get the same, design with more refinement or Motorola might hop back to the original ergonomic Moto X like designs. Because they brought back the moto dimple this time with the special editions.


Motorola Turbo Charge on Moto G 6th generation
Image Courtesy: theleaker. com

After getting stuck at under 3000mAh, which is 2800mAh, this time the Moto G6 might have a little better capacity at 3100mAH OR more with Turbo Charging, which is now standard on the G Plus line up.

However, there’s no chance of the Moto G series employing the Moto-mods eco-system, but it will just boost the mods sales if Motorola decides to bring the Moto G6 with mods, but remember you and Motorola will have to agree upon to use the same design for the next 2 or 3 more years.

Moto G6 Pricing & Release date

As always the pricing will remain under 20K to 17K when it comes to Moto G 2018 family.

  • Moto G6 (12k to 13K for the 3GB 16GB/32GB variant)
  • Moto G6 Plus ( 15K to 17k for the 4GB/64GB option)
  • Moto G6 Play (8K to 9K for 16GB 2GB RAM variant)

Let’s see how Motorola prices it this time with the Moto G6. The device will be launched in the late March of 2018. Stay tuned for more as we learn more about this device.

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