After Shattershield, Now Motorola is Working on Self-Healing Screens

Motorola’s Shattershield technology promises to protect your smart phone’s screen from getting cracked, and surely it delivered that, but it came at the cost of few scratches. But now Motorola has got new magic up its selves to make your phone’s screen to self-repaired itself. The American tech-giant has filed a new patent which was spotted by SlashGear; it reveals a ground breaking new technology that Motorola is apparently working on, to make your phone’s screen repair itself just like the memory cloth gadget from Nolan’s Batman, as pointed by SlashGear.

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Moreover, the technology seems to be quite complicated, and Motorola’s patents do a fair job in explaining it. As per the pictures, you can see, the diagram shows the handset’s screen is cracked and shattered. Motorola’s complex black magic self-healing technology kicks in and detects the damage and starts the self-healing processes with the help of Heat.

Notably, while the�self-healing process begins by the phone, the users got a notification about it and advised not to touch the screen. After the process gets completed the users is again notified about the same.

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Furthermore, in this illustration we can see the user demonstrates the phone manually about the blemished�area, to start healing. So, looks like this a manual way of performing the process of detection. In addition to that, if you look on the home-screen, there’s a repair icon shown on the left of the camera icon.

This could mean if the phone is unable to detect some damage in minor areas on the screen, then you can help it to do the same. Besides, the diagram there’s a flow chart on what elements are involved in the process, and there’s a thermal element seen in one block, which is interesting.

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Furthermore, the image above demonstrates that to commence with the self-healing process; the user needs to mount their phone in a docking station, which has two ports. This won’t be the same like�the docking stations like the Droid Bionic, and Atrix had. We, think this where the device will get its heat from for the thermal element to act and start resetting the screen back to normal. Motorola patents also point out that every, small micro-chipped glass piece of the screen can’t be healed back to its original form. Well at least better than spider webs going around.

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We hope this tech from Motorola sees the light some day in a Moto X, Z or even their best selling Moto G. We have earlier seen a healing concept from LG but it just healed the scratching back of the LG G flex and not the cracked glass.

This innovative project from Motorola also hints us that Motorola is continuing with its Advance Technology Projects Labs, even under Lenovo, as Google kept its Project Ara. Let’s see what more comes from these Labs.

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