Xiaomi to launch a Flagship Smartphone with Dual-Cameras in India

Xiaomi is a very well established brand in India but when it comes to their latest products they are a bit conscious about Indian market as the population is more inclined towards budget gadgets. Still, there is a majority of consumers and due to their interest phones like OnePlus 5 exists in India, but from a while, Xiaomi hasn�t launched its Flagship device in India. The latest and exclusive news we have is that Xiaomi has shared on the Mi Community India that on 5th�of September they are launching their Flagship device in India.

Xiaomi Mi Daul camera phone teaser image
Image courtesy: c.mi.com

Earlier Manu Kumar Jain(Global Vice President of India) has also shared an image in which that background was blurred, and the caption says that �Soon we will be coming with a Dual-Camera phone for the Indian market.� Now they have officially mentioned on Mi Community that they are launching their Dual-Camera Flagship device. When it comes to Flagship, Xiaomi has the latest Mi6 device in their house which was earlier launched in the Chinese market.

But there is a possibility that Xiaomi might launch its Mi5x instead of the Mi6 because Xiaomi is not good in pricing their Flagship devices at all which we have earlier seen in the case of their Mi5. Let us recall the specs of the Mi6 Flagship, it comes powered by a top of the line processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835(64 bit) Octa-Core processor and believe us it is a serious performer. It comes coupled with 6GB of RAM along with an Adreno 540 GPU for Gaming.

Xiaomi Mi6 back image showing its black color

One of the biggest highlights of the Mi6 is its 4-dimensional Curved design which was not seen in any of devices previously, and the phone comes with a Dual-Camera setup in the rear which offers 2X-loss less Zoom, Portrait mode, and much more. For more official information we have to wait for 5th�of September, and the launch will be held in Delhi, though the final location is not yet confirmed.

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