Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ How it works? And what are the benefits?

Qualcomm around 3 to 4 year back introduced an excellent feature which they named as Quick Charge, and since then it was implemented on as many devices as possible because this was then one of the most important features for many, as it was essential for anyone who has a high usage than usual.

Qualcomm now introduces a new version of its old Quick Charge technology as Quick Charge 4 Plus, which many after learning about must dream about it in their future device. Mostly Qualcomm tries to design their Snapdragon platform of chips as efficient as possible that it can churn out at least a day of usage on a single charge.

With each upgrade in the chip, Qualcomm always plans to reduce the power consumption, taking the example of the flagships the Snapdragon has more than % of power reduction compared to Snapdragon 821.

The QuickCharge 4 was capable of charging a device from empty to 50% in just 15 Mins which is good for anyone as with 50% charge at least 3/8 of the day can be taken care of. Now the QucikCharge 4 Plus has some more new technologies which are designed to extend battery cycle life further, and enhance the safety. These features will be automatically done in the QuickCharge 4 capable devices.Quick Charge 4+

Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+ has following benefits

  • Dual Charge: Although this option was available in earlier versions too but was not as powerful as it is in the Quick Charge 4 Plus. This includes an additional power management IC in the device which divides the change in charge current that help[ in lower thermal dissipation.
  • Intelligent Thermal Balancing: this feature is used with Dual Charge technology and this feature allows the current to flow through the coolest part available in the battery so that the charge doesn’t eliminate due to thermal dissipation.
  • There are moreover many other security measures to check the temperature levels of the connector and case, and even have an extra layer of protection against overheating and short-circuit.

With all these enhancements the QuickCharge 4 Plus is capable of charging a phone 15% more faster. Qualcomm always keeps a check for their previous technologies hence if a charger or adapter is capable of charging a device with QuickCharge 4+ then it will be backward compatible with Quick Charge 4, Quick Charge 3, Quick Charge 2.0, etc.

Earlier this week the first device to sports Quick Charge 4+ was announced by ZTE as the Nubia Z17. The Z17 uses the latest Snapdragon 835 SoC and comes with humongous 8GB of RAM, and even a dual rear camera setup with 23MP +12 MP sensors. The phone does have a 5.5″ of FHD Frameless display which is a disappointing thing that the phone might have a QHD Display instead of FHD which would have been a better thing.

We will have to wait for manufacturers to come out with devices with the Quick Charge 4+ technology, we might expect Galaxy Note 8 Qualcomm variant to have Quick Charge 4+ in it, and other upcoming smartphones which will be coming later this year in late-Q3 & Q4.

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