LeakedThe one thing which has been highlighted the most in the leaks is that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature dual cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was expected to feature the dual cameras but it looks like the Note 8 will be the first flagship phone from Samsung to feature dual cameras.

The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is also expected to feature dual cameras as well.

Update: We got some new information from our source. Apple is working on iPhone 8 and has plans to use OLED displays in it but the only possible supplier can be Samsung. This just spiced things up. Samsung has developed advanced pressure-sensitive technology for its OLED displays.

These displays will not be used just for Apple’s iPhone 8 but will also be used for Samsung S8 and Note 8. It was showcased to a very limited no. of partners in MWC two weeks ago. According to the source, the applications of this pressure-sensitive technology will be limited. And limited here means only navigation strip on the bottom of the screen and the new virtual home button.

Users will be able to open various menus and other things by hard and soft pressing the home button. All this seems really good in my opinion. We’ll keep you updated about it so keep visiting this site for all the latest info.

Samsung Note 7 was a complete failure. It started exploding all around the world and because of that Samsung had to announce a Global recall of Note 7. Samsung probably had never faced a problem that big.

Now that Samsung has faced a big financial loss because of Note 7, Its reputation depends completely on Galaxy S8 and Note 8 and that makes S8 and Note 8 the most important devices for Samsung in 2017.

From the reports we’ve seen so far, The codename of Samsung Note 8 will be simply “Great”. Personally speaking, I’ll avoid any and every Samsung smartphone because I have a habit of sleeping while listening to music and my smartphone is always close to me. Even though only 10% of the total Note 7 units exploded, Samsung made a global recall which does tell us that if people would have continued to use Note 7, the number of exploding Note 7 smartphones would have been much higher.

Galaxy Note 8

As “Great” as it can be, Samsung Note smartphones are like a taboo. Even those people who didn’t buy Note 7 are afraid by the thought of buying a Samsung smartphone. Only those who still remember how good Note 7 was and those who are Samsung’s hardcore fans will be buying a Galaxy Note 8. It’ll take at least a couple of years for Samsung to remove the fear of exploding smartphones from the mind of people.

There are many different rumors about specs of Galaxy Note 8 but all of them have many things in common. Therefore I’ll be telling you the most expected specs of Note 8 which we have till now.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specifications

Display6.2″ 4K Display
Resolution3840 x 2160 pixels with a pixel density of 773ppi
ProtectionCorning Gorilla Glass 5, IP68 Certification
Screen On-TimeNot Available
Dimension & WeightNot Available
ProcessorExynos 9 Series Processor
GPUNot Available
Operating SystemAndroid 7.1
Internal Storage64GB/128GB
SD CardUp to 256GB
Primary Camera12MP, f/1.6
Secondary camera8MP, f/1.6
ConnectivityWi-Fi, BT 5.0, GPS, NFC, USB v3.1 Type-C
SIMNano-SIM + micro-SIM or Micro-SIM + micro SD card
4G supportSingle – SIM or Dual – SIM 4G, VoLTE supported
BatteryNot Available
Avg. Battery LifeNot Available
Charging TimeNot Available
  • Iris scanner
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Compass
  • Barometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Hall sensor
  • Heart Rate sensor
  • SpO2



Unlike the 5.7″ 2K display of Note 7, Note 8 is rumored to have a 6.2″ 4K display. Everybody likes 4K display whether it’s on a TV, Monitor or a smartphone. A display that big and clear will be perfect for watching movies and playing games. We are able to enjoy games and watch movies even on an FHD AMOLED display and this is a 4K Super AMOLED display we are talking about. The whole viewing experience will be heavenly good.


The rumored Samsung Note 8 will be having Exynos 9 Series Processor. It is rumored to be much faster than any previous Exynos processor and Snapdragon processor. It’ll be fun to test how fast it’ll be in real life scenarios. Energy efficiency is also important and Samsung understands that very well. Let’s wait and see how fast and efficient the new Exynos 9 Series Processor will be.

RAM and Storage

Samsung Note 8 is expected to have two different variants. One variant will have 6GB RAM along with 64GB of Internal memory. Another variant will probably have 8GB RAM with 128GB Internal storage. Both variants will have a dedicated SD Card slot with which you can expand the storage up to 256GB.

That’s a lot of storage considering that it’s just a smartphone. With this much storage, You can store a lot of songs and movies. You can download and install many heavy games. You probably will never get in a situation where you are out of storage.


Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to have a 12MP rear camera which will have a new and better camera sensor. You’ll probably be able to capture much better images on it as compared to Galaxy S7. The whole video recording experience will also be great.

The primary camera of a smartphone is always better than the secondary camera and this statement is valid for almost every smartphone out in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be having an 8MP front camera which will help you get the best selfies you have ever taken. Samsung has always been known for having great cameras in their smartphones.


The price of the rumored Note 8 is the easiest thing to guess. If I have to guess it, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost you $830 – $880. Yes I know, this was the price of Galaxy Note 7. The whole Note 7 situation was a global problem. Now Samsung needs Its customers again and for that Samsung keep the price of Note 8 higher than that of Note 7.

On the other side, If Samsung decreases the cost of Note 8 to attract new customers, Samsung will not be able to recover very fast. Therefore the most optimal solution for Samsung is to sell Note 8 at the same price that Note 7 had.

Release Date

Since Samsung didn’t introduce Galaxy S8 at MWC, Maybe it may have a plan. If I have to guess, Samsung will launch both Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 together which is a great idea because Samsung S8 fans will be able to decide whether they should buy S8 or note 8 and that might increase Note 8 customers which Samsung wants.

If not with S8, Samsung most probably will launch Galaxy Note 8 a few months before the End of 2017. The Note 7 was launched in September. Samsung will probably want to avoid the same mistake again so let’s give them some time to make everything perfect. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to release in September 2017.

I’ll be waiting to see how it goes. Maybe this time Samsung can finally make a flawless device that exceeds our expectations.



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