All Motorola Devices Android 6.0 marshmallow update

Motorola has made a good name for itself in the Android community, because of its fast software updates and smooth fluid performance. The Marshmallow update rollout may disturb some Moto fans because of some Motorola’s devices, including Moto E, Moto X 2013 and some carrier models.

The reason behind this is definitely either low memory or out of the update support cycle. But most of the Moto devices will get the taste of Android 6.0 Marshmallow within some months. According to the sources, theseMotorola devices will get Marshmallow update.



As on March 2016, almost all Motorola devices have received their Android Marshmallow update. If you haven’t received it yet, then please post your model name, number, and country. We will assist you further for upgrading process. If you are planning to buy any Motorola device, then you must check out these Motorola offers on Amazon.

Moto G 2nd Gen (Moto G 2014) has received its Android Marshmallow update in India and some other Asian countries. The mass rollout will begin after some weeks. Moto G 3rd Gen will also receive a firmware fix soon to resolve most of the Marshmallow bugs.

As we reported earlier Moto G Turbo has received its Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in India. If you haven’t received it yet, then reboot your phone and try again.

Update: – Moto X Play and Moto X Style marshmallow update almost complete, Check yours if you haven’t received it yet. Moto G Turbo marshmallow update is in its final phase means users will receive the Android 6.0 update soon.
Moto G (Gen 3) Starts Receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update in India. If you haven’t received it yet, then restart your Moto G3 and try again.
Update 22-01-2016: -Moto G2 And Moto G2 LTE will soon get their Android Marshmallow Operating System update.
Update: – Moto G3 is receiving Android 6.0 Marshmallow update in USA and Canada.

Update: – Moto X2 and Moto G 3rd Gen started receiving Official marshmallow OTA updates. Moto X 2nd Gen in India and Moto G3 in Brazil have got the update today. According to the reports, Moto G 2nd Gen will get the update soon Internationally.

Moto G3 Marshmallow Update

Motorola Devices which will get Android 6.0 marshmallow update

According to a Motorola representative, some users are already testing the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update for the Moto X Pure (Style). That means Motorola is in the late stages of preparing the update for a wider rollout, and hopefully, we’re hear something new soon.

  • Moto X 2015 Pure Edition (3rd gen)
  • Moto X Style 2015 (3rd gen)
  • Moto X Play 2015
  • Moto G 2015 (3rd gen) aka Moto G3
  • Moto X Pure Edition 2014 in the US (2nd gen)
  • Moto X 2014 in Latin America, Europe and Asia (2nd gen)
  • Moto G 2nd Gen and Moto G with 4G LTE (2nd gen)
  • Moto G Turbo Edition
  • DROID Turbo
  • Droid Turbo 2
  • Moto MAXX 2014
  • Moto Turbo 2014
  • Nexus 6



Motorola Moto X Style users in India already receiving Android Marshmallow update. Meanwhile, the Moto X Pure Edition (in the U.S.) will also start receiving the marshmallow update soon. Android Marshmallow is also rolling out to 2014 Moto X (2nd Gen) in Brazil.

Moto G 3rd gen aka Moto G3 has already got unofficial marshmallow update via CyanogenMod 13, but for that, you also need a rooted Moto G3 with a custom recovery installed. The official update will roll out soon, According to a source Moto G3 will get Android 6.0 Marshmallow update on 9 February 2016.

Moto X style will get marshmallow update within some weeks, the Moto X play will also get the marshmallow update before 2016 or maybe in January 2016.

Moto G Turbo Edition which is currently exclusive to India and Mexico will also get the marshmallow update, The rollout would start near the end of January.

The Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Employee Edition smartphone – which is basically a limited edition red Droid Turbo 2 exclusive to Verizon employees – has started receiving the Marshmallow update.

As of now Moto G 2nd gen is getting Android 5.1.1 update in India and some other countries. Moto G has already got the Android 5.1.1 update in some countries, so the marshmallow update will kick in early 2016 for both models.


Also on December 9, it was revealed that Motorola would update certain versions of the Moto E (2015). Specifically, the update will roll out to the Snapdragon 410 powered versions in Canada, Latin America, Europe, and Asia, excluding China. The US is not on the list where the update will be available.

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  1. Hi I am using moto e2 2nd gen 3g I have Android version 5.1 but i need Android version 6.0 and i am from india what can i do for that

    • Maybe the battery is the culprit behind the problem, We can’t tell you exactly what is happening. So please consider a visit to nearest service center.

  2. Please give met Android 6.0 for my XT1032 Moto G in the Netherlands. I have reset factory settings and now I keep getting the problem at installing “Google Play Services”stopped and I cannot enter a Google address.

  3. Hello I have the moto g 3rd gen in the USA and I haven’t gotten the marshmallow update yet I did the system up date and it says its updated already but I’m at 5.1.1. Please get in touch when you can I would love to update my phone

  4. I want to upgrade my Droid Turbo to Marshmallow . please guide me how can I do it?
    Detail is under as
    F14.MOTO. XT1254.0
    23.21.49.quark_Verizon. Verizon. en. US vzw

  5. Why are you answering other peoples questions bug ignoring mine?
    I will ask again: I have the Moto G3. I am in the Netherlands. It is on Android 5.1.1 and says it is up to date.
    When will I get the update for Android 6?
    It is a retail bought phone, not tied to a carrier.
    Hardware XT1541
    Kernel 3.10.49-g0a78f54
    System 23.46.4.osprey_reteu.reteu.en.EU reteu
    Build LP123.72-47.4

  6. I have the Moto G3. I am in the Netherlands. It is on Android 5.1.1 and says it is up to date.
    When will I get the update for Android 6?

    It is a retail bought phone, not tied to a carrier.

    Hardware XT1541
    Kernel 3.10.49-g0a78f54
    System 23.46.4.osprey_reteu.reteu.en.EU reteu
    Build LP123.72-47.4

  7. My phone model is MotoG, android version 5.1 , How to upgrade android on my phone. It says, no s/w update.
    Country India
    Build Number LPBS3.13-56-2
    Let me know if you need more details.

  8. I’ve been trying to get the Marshmallow update on my Motorola x 2nd Generation 2014, but it doesn’t work. I live in Kenya. How can I make this work please assist

  9. Hello
    UK based
    Moto X Force (Droid Turbo 2)
    Marshmallow 6.0
    System Version 24.11.8.kinsie_reteu_reteu.en.EU retgb

    1. Any news on 6.0.1 release
    2. Is this phone expected to get Nougat 7.0


  10. I have the Moto G (3rd gen) through Virgin Mobile (Sprint). When I check updates, it says system is up-to-date (but running Android 5.1.1). Virgin says it’s up to Motorola. How can I get Android 6?

  11. I Have a Moto g 3rd gen build number LP123.72-22 with the system version 23.31.22osprey_reteu.retue.en.EU vfit
    Everytime i try to update it says no updates available I have tried reseting the phone to no avail any ideas?

  12. when do we get patches like that: “”? My Moto G 2015 has status January, the update 6.0.1 was announced on “en” but not for Germany. Between a lot of bugs coming up. No reaction by Motorola. For a handy this is a little older than a year its not ok. Please update. Thanks

  13. Hi,i have droid turbo xt1254 it’s still not updated to marshmallow 6.0.i m littel bit worried about it.i m from Pakistan.

  14. Will MOTO E 2nd generation every get the update or is that one that will never get an update past lollipop? I have lollipop and it says no more updates and I’ve wanted to get the newest so I can get a few more apps but it seems like MOTE E is not going to be supported in this.

  15. Hi, model XT1072, Type M100B. I cannot move the apps to the SD-card (formatted to be intern memory) and when i try a hard reset the phone does not do anything (goes back to normal restart).
    Thanks for your help!

  16. Hi
    I have e the droid turbo and I still don’t have the marshmallow update and I was wondering when I will be getting it I have done factory reset and still no update have been waiting for it for a long time. I’m getting tired of my battery life not lasting long.

  17. Hi my device is XT1068 Motorola 2nd generation. It is dead slow even though I use to clear caches and unwanted files regularly.Many times hang for long period. How to make my device fast as I bought as new. Secondly i use to receive updating SMS. and updated regularly. But recent past there was no updating sms from admin. Hence i request you to send updating message whenever device upgrade version released for XT1068 moto g 2 nd generation.

  18. Hi

    So, original moto droid turbo (XT 1254) will get marshmallow update, but moto G turbo (XT 1556) from México will stay forever in lollipop?

    Each news brings me more deception from Motorola, each time I regret more buying this phone….

    So dissapointing.

  19. hi, issue with moto g turbo. Mobile functions not working home button is not functioning, when i reboot and kept charging it still appears in mode and not able to start or switch off the phone.
    For same incoming call is deactivate or may be .what is solution because phone reset is also disabled, not able to use even notifications and msg notification not displays…after reboot press key it still in same black mode and msg shows device is locked..

  20. Hello,

    I am from India, recently i have updated to MARSHMALLOW but after the update, i am not receiving call, i cannot pull notification bar downward, home screen button and recent app button is not working.

    Kindly help me with the solution.

    Salim Shah

  21. Is there any way to upgrade my Verizon DROID TURBO from kit kat to marshmallow easly without any bug after the upgrade process?

    • The best way to update a phone is, factory reset the phone and then update and then again factory reset it via recovery. After that, clear the caches via recovery menu.

  22. Hi Motorola

    No, it’s not rooted, nor have I unlocked the bootloader, it’s in fact the same since I unpacked it in january. Latin america customer help just answered finally, and told me (I’m quoting exactly as they told me): “for Moto G Turbo there’s still no android 6.0 marshmallow update, and we don’t have any date for it”… Seriously?

    All the information here state the update has been rolling out since march, and I have seen several moto G turbo in my country updated to marshmallow, no matter the carrier. I have cleared the cache partition, did a hard reset, raised more than 10 tickets with latam customer help, posted here, searched information everywhere in several pages and, yet, my device remains with no update to marshmallow and seems the OTA will never arrive to me.

    Is my device fauly? Have my device gone out of the update cycle? Maybe motorola forgot deliver the update to my device? I haven’t touched the bootlader, nor rooted the phone, it’s still the same OS it had from factory.

    Any clue on what to do now?

    Thanks in advance for your answer, customer help isn’t really helping…..

    • Users were facing some problems after Android Marshamllow update that’s why Motorola stopped rolling it out. Maybe, you will directly get the Android N update in future.

  23. Hi Motorola

    Just cleared the cache partition… 3 times (from recovery mode) and checked app by app, deleting cache: No update to marshmallow. I checked out with other users of Motorola and seems only my device is not updated to marshmallow, all others (moto G 2015 and some Moto X play users) have now 6.0….

    Maybe my device is faulty or went out of the update cycle? Is a Moto G Turbo Edition (XT1556) in México.

    Thanks for your help.

  24. Hi Motorola

    Any news for the marshmallow update for México? My model is XT1556 (Moto G Turbo) and system version shows as 23.1.215.merlin_retail.retail.en.WW ret mx.

    I’ve been waiting the update for 5 months now (since january) and latin customer help no longer answers my phone calls or email, they just ignore me. Please help me, motorola is just ignoring me now.

  25. Is there any news for marshmallow update for model XT1556 (Moto G Turbo) in México? My model is unlocked, not carrier and the update has been rolling out for 3 months now, but my phone seems won’t get it. Most other motorola devices in my city have gotten it but mine seems stuck with lollypop.

    Any help would be appreciated, motorola latin custormer help won’t even answer to me anymore in the phone or email….

    Deeply dissapointed by Motorola right now.

  26. I bought a used moto g 3rd gen 16gb xt1541 running android 5.1.1 23.31.22.osprey_reteu.reteu.en.EU retgb
    It was used but only for day couple of days he says. The phone is in perfect condition but it’s been a week now and no update. An its not rooted I checked. I am using a three sim but the phone is unlocked I have a good WiFi connection at home and work tried clearing cache resetting phone from recovery console anyone got any other ideas? Will putting a different networks sim in help or maybe someone has the correct file for me to manually update.

  27. I keep checking from time to time, but there hasn’t been a Marshmallow update for my Moto Turbo 2014. I am kind of disappointed because was a hell expensive phone. haha

    The phone has always been in the lists stating the models that will receive the update, but nothing yet.

    Any new information would be appreciated 🙂

  28. Iam using moto g2……there is an issue of incoming calls vth my cell,incoming calls are blocked and not able to receive any of the calls. Also iam not receiving any notifications on my status bar (home screen), can’t able to swipe the notification bar,only gets sound when there are messages. Please tell me how to resolve this problem??

  29. For those wondering if their phone is going to get marshmallows update, check:
    List is by phone model. Droid Turbo is on list for receiving Marshmallow updates. While All other updates seems minor, all updates are difficult to develop as every single thing and piece to data in the phone, system apps (from software partners, Google, ect), chips and hardware software, ect; has to be just right, or else problems and errors can occur. Just like a lollypop update last year that kepted automatically restarting Droid Turbos.
    So problems and error don’t occur and piss off everyone inpatient even more, Motorola, partners and carriers prefer to take their time to be sure is correct. Even then no complete guarantee that will work until phones receive the update and used.
    Example not of phones, but space missions is where a matters of 1’s or 0’s in data determines if a launch and mission is successful or a failure.
    Patience is true virtue with data updates…

  30. yes I did wipe the caches after the update to 6.0 and now again via recovery. Now it works again but of course I had to download the music files and so on again. But I lost around one month of the datas because the moto g could not make between any backup with my google account and I could also not manually start any backup or e.g. the reset via settings.

  31. For goodness sake don’t upgrade to 6 if you have a moto3 as it will cause all sorts of problems with SD cards and storage, your battery will drain quicker for no real gain. Motorola and android have really made a mess of this one.
    Back to windows for me, it’s not great but it doesn’t drive me round the bend.

  32. Recently i purchased a new moto x Play mobile ,It is 5.1.1 lollipop version(in USA). So, will it be updated to marshmallow , if yes in how many months its going to be updated. If i click on system updates its showing as your software is up to date.

  33. I update in February my Moto G3 to 6.0, it works but the quick settings and connections didnt work. After a factory reset it was working. Since few days after Google updates the same again. I cannot open the quick settings, the saftey look doesnt work, …. .
    When come the update to 6.0.1. It was announced since days and in India since weeks. What is here going on?

    • A complete firmware flash can solve the issue. However, we recommend you to backup all your important stuffs and then visit a service center for a complete firmware flash.

  34. My moto e2 4g is not working well after update to android 6.0. Not it show only 20 to 30 mb ram free and some time show 100% ram usage. I want to go back to lollipop.
    Because to use my phone i have to uninstall all the application. Plz suggest any solution because moto service center did not provide me any solution.

  35. I updated my Moto G3 at 16.02. to 6.0 and after factory reset it is working. After a new update of Google or whatever yesterday it is crazy again. I cannot open the quick settings, does not sync with google account, have to put in again passwords for the apps, … . This is not satisfying. When will we get the update 6.0.1 in Germany? Its out for weeks in India or? I will not make a new factory reset and my datas are gone.

  36. Christine, God bless you! I stopped receiving calls and notifications suddenly. I was frustrated, googling, chatting with customer support, could not do my routine for nearly 7 hours. Then I found your note, changed user to guest and then changed user again. It worked like a charm. I have been trying to do factory reset, luckily I could not get to that option. I wish customer support knew this solution. Thanks again

  37. I’m replying to a question on the model phone I have some Moto G 3rd generation it was purchased in February also wondering just for my knowledge on what is a bootstrap. I also have the question of where I live I live in Glencoe Minnesota and about hip down, but if you could duh respond to this I still haven’t received the update on the chair on the porch that you may be able to help me get that that’s so I think that’s for the phone number XXXXX XXXX. I sure like this talk-to-text I just started using it take me a month to type all this.

    • Please don’t ever share your phone number on the internet. It can cause you too many marketing calls. I just want to say you that Motorola has established various service centers for customers help, then why don’t you try their services.

  38. No I have not done that I’m kind of afraid I might lose all my stuff and I’m actually not really sure how to do it I just press the reset button factory reset button does it just go through all the stuff when I bought it. I’m 55 years old and I’m kind of illiterate when it comes to that. I guess I don’t know what else to say I can try to factory reset if you could maybe help me tell me how to do it I’m sorry to bother you. Thank you

    • Why you are taking the headache when you can simply go to a service center. Just go there and tell them the problem, they will solve this within hours and you would be able to use your phone again.

  39. Also sorry for all the post this is my first time in I think I press the button too many times so sorry about that you can’t don’t really know how to tell if my phone is locked or unlocked so I guess that’s another thing that confuses me I’m sorry I’m so dumb about this stuff.

  40. Message comes up on the screen it just flashes up there. There is no Rhyme or Reason to it it just flashes up then it goes away and then maybe 3 minutes later it’ll come up again could you explain to me what a bootstrap is and what it does. Thank you so much for your reply

  41. Could you please help me with my Motorola G 3rd generation. First of all I’m getting an error message that says bootstrap failed I do not understand what this means I don’t even know what a bootstrap is. I’m kind illiterate when it comes to electronics. Also have not received update from lollipop to marshmallow I’ve had the phone November December. I was told and have read that most of the updates should be done already. Can anybody help me with these problems I am so confused. Thank you

  42. I have Motorola G 3rd generation have not received my updates. From lollipop to marshmallow. I bought my phone in December. I heard the updates came out in January why have I not received my update yet. I have been waiting looking for how to do it myself. Is there some way to get this done. Also have an error message that says bootstrap failed I don’t understand this I am kind of illiterate when it comes to electronics. I don’t know what to do with this error message. Could you help me figure this out. Thank you

  43. I have a Motorola G 3 generation I got it in February from virgin Mobile. I have been waiting for the update but still have not received it. Is there anyway you can help me.

  44. So Moto X 2nd gen gets updates in Europe, Asia and Latin America but not North America huh. Motorola that’s crap. I’ve been faithful to the brand for years but this is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. I suppose I’ll look at HTC harder the next time I’m getting new hardware for me and my 2 kids.

  45. If you wish for to increase your know-how just keep visiting this site and be updated with the newest information posted here.

  46. Hello Motorola

    Sure, thanks for the help:
    Name model: Moto G Turbo Edition
    Number of model:XT1556
    Android: 5.1.1
    Carrier: Telcel (although it’s not a carrier model, it’s just the carrier I use)
    Country: México

  47. Hello Motorola
    I search for the OTA update everyday, in fact it’s the first thing I do when I wake up, 3 months without luck so far. I also have dropped over 20 mails to motorola latin customer help and they always tell me the same thing: wait, no other thing can be done.

    I asked them about the rom of marshmallow so I could do it myself, or send the device to their nearest technical center and they told me that the device cannot be updated through SD card or flashed, because that would void my warranty.

    I no longer know what to do, customer help through mail tells me to wait and that my device cannot be flashed, customer help over phone (free 800 number) tells me to wait, and here that I should send my device to their technical center, while customer help have denied me such option.

    What can I do? I have seen most friend’s motorola devices updated to android 6.0, only mine doesn’t get the update.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  48. Hi Motorola

    Again me, about marshmallow update. I wrote here that I haven’t got the update, and was told to ask my carrier. I did so last saturday, and they told me they no longer update Motorola mobile phones, since they broke relationships with the manufacturer since last year, they couldn’t help me because of it. They told me to to back with you, the manufacturer; in order to prove it, I asked for a chip of another carrier and my phone worked just fine, meaning this is not a carrier model, it’s free.

    I’m in a point I no longer know what to do in order to get the marshmallow update. My mobile is a Moto G Turbo, I’m in México, my carrier is Telcel (although I can change it to other carrier no problem), please help me.

    • Try to search OTA update if it doesn’t help then you can flash Full Marshmallow Rom on your Turbo. I suggest you go the nearest service center for this, The process is risky and can break your whole phone so please backup all important things first and don’t do it at home.

  49. Hello Motorola

    I didn’t received an answer for my last comment, that my mobile hasn’t received marshmallow update. My carrier is Telcel, I’m in México and my phone is a Moto G Turbo. I read in the comments to “download the rom”, from where can I download the marshmallow update for moto G turbo? Since I think that would be much faster than waiting for the OTA update.

    Thanks in advance.

  50. Hello Motorola

    As April 19th 2016, I own a moto G turbo since January and I haven’t received marshmallow. I have contacted all Motorola support and they have got no clue about it.

    My carrier is Telcel and I’m in Mexico, are we users in Mexico are going to get the update or shall we give up as clients of Motorola?

  51. I have a Moto G3 from Virgin Mobile and have had my phone since September … its now April and still no update.

  52. I have a Motorola “DROID TURBO 2”, I received the Marshmallow 6 update (24.14.11.en.US) March 11, 2016.
    After this update my phone has begun to reboot itself randomly. It happens when I’m texting, or talking, or when it’s idle. I have no clue what’s going on with it. Any assistance would be very appreciated.

  53. How can I delete marshmallow? I need explicit instructions, please. This OS had rendered my phone useless as a phone. I cannot receive phone calls because my phone no longer rings. Calls go straight to voice mail. I cannot hear messages because the speaker stopped working with marshmallow, unless I plug in the earphones. But I still cannot answer calls because my phone doesn’t ring. I can’t make phone calls because people can’t hear me and I can’t hear anything from their end unless the earphones are plugged in before I start the call. But I have no idea if they can hear me, anyway. I am so frustrated by not have a usable phone! It is the Moto G ext. My carrier said to do a factory reset because they believed that would fix the problem. It did not. Plus I lost all my data and I don’t want to have to go through that again, either. Is there some way to save my data AND revert back to the previous OS?

    • Do a full factory reset from recovery menu, It will wipe all things so the first step is backup your important images and Data in a safe place. If it doesn’t help you then download the whole ROM and flash it via recovery and again do a factory reset and wipe caches. 99% of users problem has been solved via this method.

  54. I have a Moto G 2nd generation.I too, got the marshmallow upgrade but stopped getting incoming calls,no notifications or voicemails yet was able to make calls and get and receive texts.I was on phone for over two hours with my cell company..I FIXED IT!!! All I did was go to settings ..then click users.I chose guest instead of my name..then tested it.Sure enough ..I got an incoming call! Then I switched it from guest user to myself as the user and suddenly everything began working! It said i needed to activate gps and location.I did.I began getting my began synching my gmail accounts..everything started happening.I hope this helps someone..Who knows why..but this is a glitch for sure!!! My phone now gets incoming calls! And to think I was going to have to get a new phone because it would not even let Me do a factory reset!!!! It was nuts!

    • Do a full factory reset from recovery menu, It will wipe all things so the first step is backup your important images and Data in a safe place. If it doesn’t help you then download the whole ROM and flash it via recovery and again do a factory reset and wipe caches. 99% of users problem has been solved via this method.

  55. sir i have moto turbo purchased from flipkart in india (gujarat) at april 2015 so please let me know that whethter marshmellow is available or not for my phone??????????

  56. I am in South African. I got the marshmallow update 2weeks ago. Since it was installed my GPS stopped working . None of my GPS programmes that I use to measure distances and areas can get a satellite fix. When I put it in high acuracy mode, it wil only give 1approximate point and then it wil not update to the next location. I did a factory reset ,and it didn’t change anything.
    Is there any way that I can revert back to lollipop, because I am using my phones GPS daily

    • Do a full factory reset from recovery menu, It will wipe all things so the first step is backup your important images and Data in a safe place. If it doesn’t help you then download the whole ROM and flash it via recovery and again do a factory reset and wipe caches. 99% of users problem has been solved via this method.

  57. I did a full reset on my Verizon Droid turbo in US still have the same problems, going into drive mode while at home , it randomly sends texts to contacts saying “I’m driving and I’ll get back to you later”,I’m missing calls because phone thinks it’s in driving. Mode. Also after the full reset the phone won’t load widgets and at the top of the screen says error loading widgets, henceforth after reset it not only has the same problems now it has more …this is so frustrating

    • Do a full factory reset from recovery menu, It will wipe all things so the first step is backup your important images and Data in a safe place. If it doesn’t help you then download the whole ROM and flash it via recovery and again do a factory reset and wipe caches. 99% of users problem has been solved via this method.

  58. I have a Droid Turbo Verizon in the US. When will you release the marshmallow update cause my phone doesn’t work right at all?

  59. I own a Droid Turbo through Verizon when will you send out the marshmallow update , my phone randomly goes into driving mode while at home sometimes the phone sends auto texts to someone who calls me (at home) saying I’m driving will call you later ) . I been using Motorola phones for years if this update don’t come soon this frustration will force me to buy another phone and it won’t be Motorola.

  60. I have a moto e 2 generation. I keep getting the marshmallow update available notifications but I don’t want this upgrade. How do I prevent it feom upgrading and get rid of the notification ?

  61. Since I update me and my son`s MotoG 2014 2nd edition to Marshmallow, we are not able to get any of our gps programs to work. I am really disappointed because we are using it on the farm to do a lot of area and distance measurements

  62. Phone: Moto g2
    Kernel Version: Jan-6-2016
    Build: MPB24.65-34
    1. After Upgrading to Marshmallow.. There’s No Notification LED.. Even after “Pulse Notification light” is ON. Is it a bug?? Please let me know any fix../ firmware update..!?
    2. Battery Draining.. From 15% to 5% in 5mins..
    3. Won’t Connect to any PC. Even with a brand new Cable. (Yes USB config is MTP)
    Plus other bugs and crashes you’ve already knew by Now.
    Thanks in advance.. And Thanks for Making this Phone.. Love you Guys.
    .. Patiently waiting for bug fixes ..

    You know my email. So please Mail me.

  63. Moto G 3 G is working find with 5.1 os but after updating MotoG 3 generation OS from 5.1 to 6.0 seems that the two- two app are shows for eg setting , playmusic shows two icon and the display also got lost

    Please help me this the 3 time I show this issue but did not have any knowledge how to resolve it.

    • Do a full factory reset from recovery menu, It will wipe all things so the first step is backup your important images and Data in a safe place. If it doesn’t help you then download the whole ROM and flash it via recovery and again do a factory reset and wipe caches. 99% of users problem has been solved via this method.

  64. Is Marshmallow update available for Moto Turbo XT1225 in India…?? If yes, pls guide how can i get update my phone with latest marshmallow..?

  65. Hiii .. I have a problem regarding to network when I update it lollipop to Marshmallow ..every thing is be alright except network . there is no network in my phone and when I put a sim card in my phone , there is no network coverage , and when I call someone else it’s says turn off your airplane mode off. I am very upset with that if anyone can help me please tell me..thanks a lot.

  66. I bought my phone on ebay. Last update was 1 march 2016 on Android 5.1, system version: 23.201.3.victara_att.att.en.US att

  67. Hi I have a moto x 2nd generation but I haven’t got the Marshmallow update yet every time I check for the update it says that the device is up to date is it not out for 2nd gen or am I doing something wrong

  68. After the marshmallow update in my moto g3. The wifi is draining battery even if wifi is not on because of this my battery is draining very fast.

  69. I updated my MOTO G turbo to marshmallow & got the mic not working properly .Sound is not clear while now i have to use headset connected everytime.can u pls help to rectify this.I tried factory reset also,but didnt rectify the is just one month old phone..

  70. Hello! I have an Moto E 2ndG 4G (XT1527) from Claro Chile (22.46.8.surnia_amxla.amxla.en.01.amxcl).
    It’s still in Android 5.0.2. There will be an update to android 5.1.1? Or for mashmallow?

  71. I’m not enjoying Marshmallow 6.0. Is there a way I can roll back to 5.1.1 Lollipop? And will I need to re-activate my phone with Verizon? Stuck in a 2-year contract…

  72. Guys is Marshmallow is good to update for Moto G3 now or still we have to wait for complete bug fixes, and possibly by what time they are going to fix the bugs???

  73. Hi , I’m using a Motorola Droid Turbo 2 employee limited edition in Canada, really nice phone just wandering if I will get marshmallow updated i as I heard most of these phones got the update a while back. Being factory unlocked and still a Verizon phone will I still get the update here in Canada I’m on the Bell network, Thanks Glenn

  74. I received 25-02-2016 the update to 6.0 for my Motorola E G2 and started immediately in several problems with the external SD-card.
    Problem is that many apps can not run anymore from the external SD. Now I am searching for some help information concerning the update.

  75. Hello sir
    My name is vivek. Recently I updated my moto 3g lollipop 5.1.1 version to marshmallow 6.0…and after some days I found out that my sound software is not working…. Rest all software starting from every app is working ….only sound isn’t working… Pls help

  76. I have moto g 3 and i have updated marshmallow since 1.5 months before and my phone hangs alot..please help me out for this…my phone works tooo slow and the phone heats too…

  77. Wow! Android 6 is amazing!? Can’t download stuff off of my phone anymore, can’t see usb settings in Storage & USB, can I do roll-back to Android 5?

  78. I have updated my Moto G3 to 6.0 and I am facing a problem to transfer files from my SD card to laptop. USB options as available with the new version, I chose the “transfer files(MTP)” option but in my laptop, the folders are not showing up except the folders containing images. I have many other folders which I need to browse over the laptop but I’m unable to browse it from my lappy. Please try to fix it. or give me solutions to fix it as soon as possible. It’s urgent.

  79. Today is 24 March 2016.I am using moto g 2nd gen 2014 edition in India.I have a update which is not of marshmallow.Its something other update of (8.4 MB) & after lot of my attempt to update this I am unable to update,& I am thinking that unless I wont update this software I will not get marshmallow update.Or Tell me when I will get marshmallow update in India for my device.
    Pls tell me what should I do.

  80. MY model is Moto x 2013. Whether they released marshmellow update for moto x. ? i didnt even get update to lollypop atleast. What to do ?

  81. Another fail for Marshmellow 6.0.
    I have a small range wireless adapter (OBD II reader) which worked perfectly with Lollpop. Received the update offer for Marshmellow and thought nothing of it. Well…how wrong can you be!
    Massive fail Google….OBD II reader will not connect. No matter what. Even Factory reset.
    I thought when you release an update its meant to improve the experience. Obviously not.

  82. Hi. Am in Scotland using a moto g3rd gen and got the update but it’s lure mest my phone right up or dropping calls and I no longer get notifications on my phone am pure discussed with what this download has done please somebody help !!my head can’t take it anymore my name is David Thomson ,e-mail [email protected]

  83. I have a moto g 2nd gen in india and i have not recieved 6.0 marshmallow even though my friend with the same phone living near me has gotten it!!

    Please help..

  84. Hi , I am facing lot of issues with android 6 (moto g 3rd gen). How you can release these kind of updates without proper testing. we are not expecting these kind of foolish updates from Motorola. I have already done the factory reset and still facing the same issues Please note that I have installed only few applications on it. Can you please tell me when you are going to release the bug fix patch for the same. request you to release the update soon. otherwise customer will loose the trust on Motorola brand.
    Main issues:
    1)Battery issue
    2)getting heated
    3)starting time is more
    4)after the call data is not getting enabled


  85. Moto g g2 with LTE UK, still waiting for the update….I still have android 5.0.2 and it seems to be up to date…. Is it normal??

  86. I have seem to have gotten the notification for 6.0 on my g2 today, ghough im very confused to update or not, i have heard that motorola rolled out after fixing bugs but im not sure. PLEASE HELP!

  87. You mentioned “Just don’t start the update or connect your phone with pc and remove the downloaded update from android folder”. Where exactly will I find the downloaded update? In which specific folder?

  88. My Motorola moto g 2014 hasn’t yet received the update here in Saudi Arabia, please rollout the update for Motorola users here.

  89. UK Moto G 2nd gen with 4G LTE currently running Android version 5.0.2.
    I was notified that Marshmallow was available and started download, but then received a ‘not enough space available to install’ error message.
    So I resolved that by uninstalling apps etc. but now no sign of Marshmallow and if I search for system updates I’m told my device is up to date.
    I’ve tried doing a factory reset but this makes no difference. Will Marshmallow come around again or is that my one shot? I really want to up upgrade as Marshmallow seems to make better use of available internal and external memory.

  90. I have Moto G 3rd gen in US. I kept getting update notifications for Marshmallows. Since I have read that many users have problems after update, I avoided the notifications. But somehow the update software has already downloaded on my phone today and is asking me to start the update. I dont want to update. How to stop it from updating my phone now?

  91. Do I get any firmware update after updating my moto g3 to 6 to gets bug’s resolved
    I have updated it this in the 1st weak of this month!

  92. I recently updated my Android to Marshmallow in my MotoG2(3G) and I regret doing it. How can I downgrade to previous version? Now my top speaker is not working. I can hear the incoming and outgoing calls only when it is kept on loudspeaker. The battery drains at super pace. I hate the changes in the Mobile data settings interface. Some problems with memory card and Gallery. Why troubling for buying your products?
    How to downgrade the OS? Any Help! #MOTO

  93. I have a droid turbo, and I’m looking for any info about when it will get Android 6.0, because I can’t find ANYTHING about it on Google/YouTube, only stuff about the droid turbo 2.

  94. my phome cant get any calls or texts after update to 6.0! i have seen people asking about it but i havent seen an answer. help please? i tried almost everything.

  95. Hello,I am a user of moto turbo phone and I haven’t received any information regarding any marshmallow update and I am currently on Android 5.0.2 what I don’t understand is that is it problem with my phone or is it the same position for all turbo users? Am from india.

  96. I have the Droid Turbo on Verizon in Massachusetts, and still no Marshmallow. When, if ever, am I going to get Marshmallow?

  97. Hi Author,
    I am using Motorola Droid Turbo XT1254. I lived in Pakistan and still not getting the updates of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Can you please help me that how can i get the Rom or Updates regarding Marshmallow for Droid Turbo. I’ll be very Thankful to you.

    Ali Khan

  98. I have a Droid Turbo 2. I got a notice that I had 2 system updates. The first (23.31.24) was to get my phone ready for Marshmallow. This update downloaded and installed. However, the second update (24.14.11) failed to download. So, I went to settings->System updates and tapped on “Check for system update”, but it tells me that my software is up to date. So, how do I get it to download the second update (which is the actually update to Marshmallow)?

  99. Hi motorola

    As a Moto G turbo owner, I’ve been waiting for two months in México for the android 6.0 update, and customer care tells me “please wait, someday or some year you will get it”, which seems to me now a lie.

    Is there someone I can contact to know why my device won’t get the android 6.0 update? A software manager or something? This has gotten out of hands.

    Thanks in advance.

  100. Im have not received any update till now and my moto e2nd gen 3g runs on 5.02 only atleast provide 5.1 mobile model no is XT1506

  101. I have moto g2 after upgrading to marshmallow I am unable to use my Vodafone’s mobile data can you please what can be done. Also when the bug will get fixed as without mobile data mobile becomes useless

  102. Hi,
    In mot g 3gen mobile after i updated marshmallow operating system my the battery power getting down quickly… Is there any solution for this issue..

  103. hello, my moto G2 was very fine with 5.1.1 lollipop and I received a notification to upgrade to 6.0 and I did it, I did restart the phone , OMG..!!!!!!! its just turned on by highlighting like “Android is startingand optimizing 145 apps of 145” after it reboots my phone is again starts to reboot, the process continued so i’m fed up of it. Get me the fixes ASAP…..
    Even I did noticed many similar kind of problems while upgrading the OS, so is there any option like downgrade the OS..?

  104. Hello, I have Moto G 2gen, Yesterday recieve update from system updates, I Updated the OS from 5.1.1 to 6.0 marshmallow, My device performance are totally dropped.display and device getting heated. i don’t know how to resolve the problem. Please reply me.

  105. Dear Sir/Madam
    after an official repair service due to problematic frame and the updates (android lollipop) my moto g 3’s earspieker became very low on call (clear cache, hard reset or safe mode methods had no result). Service centre replaced the earspieker and updated the device to android 6 but the problem still remains, can barely hear the other end on a call. Do you have any suggestion or should i demand for a replacement?thank you

  106. Hi, My Moto G3 takes very long to start up after I upgraded to marshmallow. It takes almost 15-20 minutes for the phone to startup and the screen shows a message saying ‘Android is starting: Optimizing app 1 of 1’ for this duration. Any idea how I can fix this?

  107. My Moto G2 XT1068 is updated with Android 6.0 & found battery drain issue
    At present battery is getting drained with in half day earlier it came for two days
    Also SD card shows empty is USB mode & unable to handle photos & files in SD Card
    System is found very slow also
    Need help to improve the scenario

  108. I am using moto g3.I hav updated to marshmallow recently.Iam facing a problem that while switching recent apps by the square button, it goes to home screen rapidly and then will need another click on squre botton to switch recent apps.its annoying.Pls help

  109. Hi,
    I am experiencing the best version of Android 6.0 marshmallow, my G2 2014 edition is working very fast compare to 5.1 lolipop.. But the only issue is my battery get drain very soon and heating issue, how to overcome from this issue or else tell me how to downgrade to previous version…

  110. I updated my moto G2 to Android 6.0 & since then my contacts r gone. All it shows is “contact list is being updated” what should I do? I cannot contact anybody bcoz of that.

  111. What’s up guys!!! Please help me with some information. I have Motorola moto x 2014 for one week. I bought it online. I only have android 5.1. Where is marshmallow? Will I still get the update? Thanks!!!!

  112. My wife and I both bought MotoG a few weeks ago and loved it.. Now they are Marshmallow in the true sense of the word. Updating to v6.0 has made both our phones invisible to any device we connect to. As a result neither of us can save photos or access any files, drop music or podcasts onto it etc. and we have some once in a lifetime photos of our grandkids on them so we are stuffed! Tried factory reset etc, and don’t have service centres here (we bought from Currys) so any ideas how to proceed, or do we just bin both phones and buy something reliable?

  113. Sub: just reset your phone via recovery and also clean cache partitions.

    How to reset the phone via recovery mode. If I reset the factory reset mode, all my data will lost?.

    Please advise me.

  114. Dear Sir,

    I am using Moto G2.
    Yesterday I have updated the new version, after that contact list, recent calls and caller names not showing.

    Please let me now, how to recover the same.

    GRM Yadav

  115. The marshmallow update is not good. Many features such as trusted places for smart lock not working properly… WiFi range got decreased… On lollipop I get signal while I’m in my house’s backyard… But now not… Also it seems you can’t hide by swiping left or right the incoming call banner anymore… Some applications not working correctly (probably due to compatibility issues)… You no longer can paste text in Facebook messengers chat head… And much more… Stick to your lollipop… I wish I can… Its the best…. And the battery draining faster than Lollipop. I am using Moto G Turbo Edition.

    Can Admin Please Help Me. Can I downgrade to 5.1.1 without root?

  116. To Motorola
    When will my Motorola Moto G 2nd gen 4g LTE be getting the update in the UK as I am very excited about the adoptable storage option as my phone hasn’t got much storage space.

    Kind Regards
    Neil Varia

  117. I updated my moto G2 to marshmallow and now I am hating my phone . My phone is lot slow now and I can’t move apps to SD card n my phone hangs aft every 5 mins. I hate my phone so much nw dat I don’t even like to touch it.

    Tell me when can I get the stable marshmallow update

  118. I had updated my moto e2 4g variant to 6.0, but i am not satified with the ram usage by the system itself. In 6.0 system uses about 335mb of ram n i am always having only 50-70 mb of ram free . yes only 50-70 mb! I noticed carefully before updating to 6.0 that i was having well enough 300-400 mbs of ram free.. Thats why my phone lagging on 6.0, and i wanna go back to 5.1.1.. Anyone here please help me how can i downgrade from 6.0 to 5.1.1?

  119. After receiving an update of marshmallow I updated to it.From then onwards problem arised as it is not showing any contacts list and even call history as I mean to say contacts app is not working at all.Whenever I open it force closed by itself and sometimes showing contacts is not responding… And some of the apps were not even opening after the update.please solve this issue as early as possible…….motog2

  120. Hey Guys finally I updated my Moto g2 to Android 6.0, Firstly My phone runned Damn slow, Because all the compactable are downloading in Background. After updating all compactablities I restarted my Phone. Yes its running PRETTY COOL

  121. When will the moto g2 get 6.0 international? When I do should I wait or get it?, some people have been talking about bad problems that I’m scared will get me problems

  122. Hi Motorola

    Is there an expected schedule for marshmallow rollout for the American users of Moto G Turbo? It was posted before as end of january 2016, and we’re in the half of february.

    Indian users got the update more than a month ago, while us, American users can do nothing but wait. It feels like the company dropped us as second-rate customers.

    Is there someone we can forward mails to, in order to get a schedule or at least know if we’re going to get it?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Neither Indian users nor American users have got the marshmallow update till now. Most of the Moto devices are getting issues in marshmallow update that’s why Motorola currently stopped the update.

  123. It’s been a week since I bought my moto G turbo and I’m confused whether to update it to marshmallow or not after reading the reviews! Could you please help me out? I don’t wanna mess it up!

  124. Dear Motorola team ,
    I have moto e2 (lte) device.
    A few days ago I got an update of Android 6.0 on my phone.
    But, due to my mistake I press the cancel download and the update was cancelled.
    Now, I tried to update it through the settings but it shows that your phone is up to date.
    So, please help me to get that update back and hint me to do the steps for getting it back.

  125. After updating my moto g2 from lolipop to marshmallow I am unable to view contact list and incoming n outgoing calls plz help me also facing battery drain issue

  126. I updated my moto g3 to android 6. Now I am not getting any incoming calls. Says phone is busy. I am able to call. I can’t reset my phone to original factory settings. My phone is completely unusable since I am not getting incoming calls. Desperately looking for a solution for this. Please help me out to fix this problem ASAP.

  127. After update Android 6 My Phone Moto G3 not detect in my laptop. i have so many photos in SD card but phone via USB SD card not detect in laptop, showing folder empty. so can you tell me how to i copy my all photos form SD Card to Laptop?????

  128. Rally moto g3 is cool mobile with android 5.1.1 but yesterday I updated to marshmallow its very worst I can’t having it in my hand it’s getting heat while am I hate this phone I’ll return it. If there any solution for this pblm

  129. I updated my moto g3 to android 6. Now I am not getting any incoming calls. Says phone is busy. I am able to call. I can’t reset my phone to original factory settings. Button is not enabled. My phone is completely unusable since I am not getting incoming calls. Desperately looking for a solution for this.

  130. my phone Moto-G3 is updated to android-6. But now no incoming calls getting.No poblem for outgoing. If i use the same sim in another it is ok. means some bugs for android-6. can u update

  131. Thats a good news i guess,was waiting for this marshmallow update and after i got it its got issues, its depressing a bit cos i love the phone motog 3rd and with lollipop 5.1.1 its was operating ice cold no heating issues and battery drainage and suddenly with marshmallow Issues appear…Thanks though ,for the information.

  132. Wanted to know, when will Motorola release an update for the bug fixes of marshmallow update for motog 3rd gen?? Like there is lots of issues heating while charging,battery drainage with 2g 3g data and mainly the otg support, no data can be deleted from a usb device connected through usb and 3rd party file managers won’t detect any usb connected.only the file manager of marshmallow shows files of usb device.And the phone after a while of light usage heats up a bit.please fix it soon or should i downgrade if no update fix is coming? I am from india. Thanks

  133. When Moto g 2nd gen. 4G in India recieve marshmallow OS update. Please tell exact date . Will it be bug free. More than a year on 5.0.2 which have alot bugs .

    • Marshmallow update has some bugs you can see the comments about issues, that is why Motorola has stopped the update for a while. Wait for some time to get the best update experience.

  134. Hi, thanks for your support, in my previous comment you stated that the Moto E2 LTE would receive the update before February, i have not received it as of yet. Any updates?

    • Marshmallow update has some bugs you can see the comments about issues, that is why Motorola has stopped the update for a while. Wait for some time to get the best update experience.

  135. Hie
    I have got my moto g turbo edition today… And also recieved the Android 6.0 update..
    But the problem is that the phone is taking a lot time to do so… and even after trying on my friends wifi, I’m facing the same problem… But the apps from the play store are being downloaded fluently..
    Please Hetp!!

  136. I am using moto G3 and I received Marshmallow 6.0 update and I did update it. But after update all my contacts are gone and Im not able to add any contact as well. If I click on add contact phone gets hanged and getting a pop up saying “Contacts is not working properly. Close it now??”. Also battery is draining very fast and not even lasting for half a day. Phone is also getting heated when charging. Could you please help?

    • As we already mentioned that Marshmallow update have some bugs which is causing the issues. So please visit a nearest authorised service center to downgrade the firmware.

  137. Some of my friends who are located in bangalore , India have got OTA for MOTO G 2014 XT1068 model . But I’m also in the same city , and haven’t received it still….

  138. I bought the Moto G Turbo Edition recently and got it updated to Marshmallow. However, it doesn’t connect to the wifi network it used to download the update. I cleared the cache and performed a factory reset and I don’t know what else to do, but it doesn’t seem to work, Any ideas?

  139. Any news about the date for roll out for android 6.0 for Moto G Turbo edition users in Latin America? Seems only the India users have got it, but no news for México – Colombia – Brazil ….

  140. Can u say the release date of marshmallow for motog2. Can include call answering tone ( when connecting a call) and auto flip unlock option ( when flip open, screen active )and while calling in speaker mode, one speaker(ear piece ) didn’t working.

  141. I did the marshmallow update to my Moto G3, on Android 5.1.1, i faced no issues at all, after upgrading to Android 6.0.
    My phone is now use less, it keeps restarting on it’s own again and again.
    I did all the trouble shooting methods like hard reset, clear cache and every thing ran is safe mode also.
    The problem is still the same.

    Please help if you have any idea about this

  142. I have received a notification to update my Moto G3 to Android Marshmallow OTA , but I read all the comments above and most Moto G3 users have gotten bugs after updating. So should I wait for the bug fix to be released or are the bugs not on all users , if so let me know if I should give it a try.

  143. I used moto g2 LTE,two days back i recieved android 6.0 marshmallow update notification.i am downloding it upto 97%.after due to some network problems downlding will cancelled.i want to try update again but their is no update notification in my mobile.i see in softwear updates,restoring my deviece and reboot my device.what can i do for updating

  144. iam updating motog3 andriod marsh mallow then i facing lot problems
    1. deceted sd card
    2.automatic slient mode music is not working

  145. @Silver Wings
    I haven’t noticed a drastic battery drain. But I do feel it is draining a little faster than before updating to Marshmallow. I guess it is a minor issue.

  146. @Srinivas BP:

    Have you got any issue about battery draining with your update to marshmallow in Moto G Turbo? I got a G Turbo too and I don’t want any less battery time.

    Thanks in advance

  147. Hello,
    I updated Moto G turbo to Marshmallow today. Unfortunately I have a problem with wifi through proxy server. I reset my wifi settings. But it is not working. Wifi signal comes and goes off. Now I want to downgrade android to my previous version. Please help.

  148. According to some pages, Indian users of Moto G Turbo edition already got marshmallow update, and some users got an issue of battery draining, even in some Moto X models, can someone please confirm this?

    I’ve been waiting marshmallow update precisely of doze mode to extend battery time… I don’t want my battery to be drained any sooner.

  149. Mine is a pretty new Moto X play and I did a Marshmallow upgrade 4 days back. Now, I am not getting any incoming calls (it always conveys phone is busy), center access key is not working.

    I am able to do a out going call use whatsappetc. Please tell me whats the issue and how to fix it.

  150. When my phone Moto Turbo will get an latest update since some phones realised after my phone has already got it. Please let me know about it as I am very excited to see the update

  151. Thanks for the author to keep answering the same questions over and over, I come here every other day because of the same issue, got a Moto G Turbo edition (in love with it) in México and I’ve been waiting android 6.0 M anxiously.

    Now I know I just need to wait for maybe 1-2 weeks, please keep us updated if you know anything else about the roll out of android 6 for moto G Turbo users.


  152. Mine is a pretty new Moto G 3rd and I did a Marshmallow upgrade 2 days back. Now, I am not getting any incoming calls (it always conveys phone is busy), center access key is not working, torch is not working and not able to factory reset as well as that button is not enabled.

    I am able to do a call. Please tell me whats the issue and how to fix it. Tried clearing the cache, restart etc…

  153. Motog3. after upgrading the version to 6.0 Marshmallow. Also it’s draining the battery, over heating problem,Home screen is change applications displayed straight. please let me know what are the solutions on this?

  154. I own a moto g2 & as by seeing the above posts, Motorola is not answering whether the moto g2 will receive any updates or not as its stuck on 5.0.2 . Feeling cheated.

  155. My moto g3 is unexpectedly rebooting after upgrading the version to 6.0 Marshmallow. Also it’s draining the battery power very frequently in compared to lollipop 5.1 version. Please let me know what are the solutions on this?

  156. Moto g2 is the phone which is seen ever where in India and that’s the one which has yet to receive the update… Plz precisely tell me which is the next update to moto g2 (not LTE) plz make it soon it’ has become tough to use 5.0.2

  157. I received android 6.0 marshmallow update while updating it my device got reboot and then after its keep restarting by itself. I have no clue what’s going on and even I can’t use my phone.please help me to fix this issue.

  158. hello,
    Recently I got my moto g3. Its awesome device with lollipop 5.1. I installed NFS no limits game on it and played perfectly. Yesterday I received 6.0 marshmallow update notifications and I installed it. but now my NFS game not running properly, its not showing any graphic, only I can listen games music with dark black screen.

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