Motorola Moto G Turbo Edition Review

It has been only a few months that Motorola launched Moto G third generation, the successor of Moto G second gen smartphone. Moto G smartphone series is one of the best-selling smartphone series of Motorola, because of the good specifications and that too at an affordable price. To hold its grip in the market, Motorola has launched the Moto G Turbo which is an upgrade to the Moto G 3rd generation android device. If you don’t know what’s new in this upgrade of Moto G 3rd generation, let’s have a look at the Moto G Turbo review. If you are planning to buy Moto G turbo then take a look at our giveaway, we are offering 10 free Moto G Turbo to the Flipkart buyers.

moto g turbo review

Moto G Turbo Review


The design of Moto G Turbo edition is quite much similar as of the Moto G 3rd gen smartphone. The rear of the device is made up of rubber panel which delivers solid grip while holding. The design of the Moto G Turbo edition is great and it is one of the best looking android smartphones which you can get in a 15K price range.
The rear panel of the Moto G Turbo is coated with the IP67 certification, same as the one which is present in Moto G 3rd gen which makes your device waterproof. The slot for Micro SIM and Micro SD card can be located by removing the battery panel. Not only have you got protection from water in the Moto G turbo edition, but dust protection also. The device is bit heavier as it weighs 155 grams. Moto G turbo edition comes with removable panels which you can change from time to time.

Moto G Turbo Specifications

Moto G turbo edition comes with a 5.0-inch display screen which delivers HD resolution of 720 X 1280 pixels. The coating of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ensures that your device doesn’t come in contact with scratches. Under the hood this android device you get a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset processor which is clocked at 1.5 Ghz. The Graphics of the device are managed by Adreno 405 GPU. 2 GB is the RAM which you will find in the device which will help you in using multiple apps and play all your favorite games.The device is available only in one storage option which is 16 GB. You can add extra memory to the device by adding a micro SD card. Moto G draws its power from the 2470 mAh battery. The battery is no issue with this device as turbocharging allows one to quickly charge the device. Moto G Turbo edition is dual sim device and both the sims are LTE compatible. For Complete specifications visit here.


Up to 1.5 GHz octa-core

(8x ARM® Cortex™ A53)


Qualcomm® Adreno™ 405 GPU

Up to OpenGL ES 3.1


2 GB LPDDR3 800MHz

Moto G Turbo Camera


The rear shooter of Moto G Turbo is a 13-megapixel one which comes with dual LED flash and is capable of recording the videos in 1080p HD. The front snapper is 5-megapixel one which delivers great picture quality when you want to capture selfies and use the device for video calling. Geo-tagging, touch focus, Panorama, HDR are some of the features which you will get in the camera app of the device. You can easily get more features by using third party camera applications which are available for the Moto G Turbo.


One of the best things about Motorola devices is the operating system. After Nexus devices, Motorola smartphones are the one which receives the latest operating system update. You get near to stock android experience on the Moto G turbo edition. The software in the device is quite similar to Nexus device and comes with very less bloatware. You will get Android Lollipop 5.1.1 out of the box however you will get an update for the android marshmallow in 2016 for the device. You get Moto display which is an active display which will show the notifications as soon as you pick the phone. The shortcut buttons allow you to reply to the conversations directly from the lock screen.

Quick Charging

Moto G Turbo Charges to about 28% in 15 minutes
Quick Charging is one of the attractions which you will find in this device. Using the Turbocharger adapter you will be able to charge the device for use of 6 hours with only 15 minutes of charging. This feature will work if your phone’s battery is drained off completely or is about to. The charger which you get with the Moto G turbo edition is big as compared to the normal 5v charger which will help you in turbocharging.


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Moto G turbo edition is a good smartphone but it is not a worthy upgrade to the Moto G 3rd gen. There are limited improvements in the device. If you want a device which can charge within minutes and comes with waterproof protection Moto G turbo edition is the one for you. The device is available for Rs 14,999 via Flipkart. If you check the official app of the website you can also exchange your old device with Moto G turbo edition.
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  1. Both the sims may be LTE compatible BUT they CANNOT be in LTE standby at the same time. One will be defaulted to 2G. Cannot use both SIMs on 3G or 3G/4G. The non-cellular data SIM with be defaulted to 2G. Absolutely useless feature.

  2. SD card contents are not showing.
    After I updated my MOTO G3 turbo to Marshmallow, the contents of my SD card disappears randomly. In order to access that content I have to restart the phone. This is really frustrating.
    Even after some time of restart content of SD card will again disappear.
    Even I have changed my SD card, but in vain problem remains.
    Please provide me solution for this problem.

  3. OK I found the réal reason for m’y problème. It is only when connected on wifi and chromecast key and playing Netflix that the locking screen doesnt want to wakeup. Wifi chromecast plus anyother soft works OK. I am gonna submit this to Netflix. Thank s for the answer. Thierry

  4. ok I’ve had th lotoG3 for 6 month. Great engine smooth . Worked so well. Bang I ‘ve applied the Kraaashhhmallow heu … Marshmallow ! big mistake ! I have a BUG. When on WIFI only , I have to press 2 or three times the on button to un lock the lockscreen. Really annoying. On 4G the BUG disappear ! HELP! that’s all folks!

  5. Moto g turbo is super fast and camera is mindblowing. And i want to clear a point moto g turbo is the best smartphone that one can get.

  6. When I try to foreword on an e-mail the rest of the e-mail below does not go with it. So no e-mail trail. So when I say to someone read below I send it and they say what below as its empty… this is after the new update. rubbish update… Also when I changed my password on my pc I had to change my password on the phone…. that did not work so I put in the old password and that know works this is such a weird phone…… help me please…..

  7. i have buyed moto g turbo edition 8 days before and it usually gets hot even while using wifi is there some thing problem regarding my piece and temperature reaches around 45c

  8. With lollypop moto g turbo was working awesome but after Marshmallow update I couldn’t even Scroll down or up…it randomly opens some app ….. Couldn’t use the mobile in single hand …….I bought this mobile 3weeks ago and now it’s working like this ……… I ve to do a factory reset to go back to previous version ……really frustrating to use this phone …… Not sure why Motorola have release such a worst update ever ……. give a reply to this moto…… End of the day ur acct balance is getting increased …….. Fuck off Motorola…… Will never ever recommend Motorola products ….

  9. After Marshmallow 6.0 update phone really sucks…….touch is not responding and phone is very slow ……. Don’t buy moto products and moreover we can’t get thee previous android version once Marshmallow is updated ……pls don’t update to Marshmallow its completely waste …..

  10. I BOUGHT one moto G3 only last month through flipkart… but recently when i tried to record a video the set got hangup after recording for 5 minutes…moreover the phones temperature shot up to 49.2c…getting sluggish… not at all satisfied with the perfomance….having spent nearly 15000 smartphone getting hanged up ….


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