Lawnchair V2 Alpha’s ‘At a Glance’ widget expands notification types, goes beyond Pixel’s limits

Google’s Pixel phones are the ones which provide the most excellent overall android experience. These smartphones don’t basically carry stock Android, but the experience is the best of its kind. The Pixel phones are handmade by Google and are packed with some Pixel exclusive features. These are minor tweaks done for pixel phones like the Top Shot feature, Pixel devices ran on Pixel Launchers and introduced some cool features like the Song ID. The coolest part of the pixel phones user experience is there “At a Glance” Widget. This widget sits at the top of the home screen o1f pixel devices and displays calendar events, traffic info, upcoming flight info, reminders, and intelligent tips. Many third-party launchers try to trace the clean design of the pixel launcher in their own way of tweaking the widget, but it looks like Lawnchair Launcher did it best.

The long-awaited v2 release still seems to be far away. But recent alpha releases have included expanded support of the events. Guess the Lawnchair just expanded the functionality of the widget in the right way. The widget can show extra content which is beyond the limitations of the Pixel’s “At a Glance” widget. It can show users information about currently playing tracks, charging state, and unread emails, which is an addition to the already available functionality of the widget. The screenshots say it all.

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Till Kottmann, developer and social media manager for Lawnchair stated that these new features of the At a Glance widget are recently added, and more are in the queue. Lawnchair basic functionality is also pretty close to the Pixel launcher, including the Google Feed on the left. Try Lawnchair and the widget and let us know if you’re enjoying it or not.

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