Create Your Own Samsung Galaxy Phone Theme Via This DIY App

ThemeDIY App
Image of an theme running on android device, Image Courtesy: jogos-para-android. com

Customizing and theming is at the core of Android and its one of its features that sets it apart from other mobile OS, however, sometimes individuals are not involved in the theme designing process with developers, while some might be unheard. So, considering this. An XDA member who goes by the name @satishtony is an Indian developer, who has brought a simplified theme making to normal users via his themeDIY app.

This do-it-yourself theme designing app he developed is now limited to all Samsung devices, which runs on Android Nougat and the old marshmallow as well. So, to begin with first, you need to do is the following:

How to start making your theme:

Image of various screens from the themeDIY app, Image courtesy: play.
  1. First, you need to select color( over 1000+ pre-defined colors are available) for system apps, be it an accent color or primary status bar color.
  2. Next, you should select the required overlays
  3. After, that you need to give a name for your theme and hit build, to start the creation process.
  4. Start installing the theme and make sure the theme store is enabled
  5. Once done installing, just disable the theme center and store, to keep it applied

Note that to disable┬áthe theme, just do it via the Theme controller app, which comes inbuilt with themeDIY. Moreover, you can also archive a theme’s source file for developers and designers, to work. To get in touch with the developer here’s the original post. There’s no word on when this app will be compatible with other smartphones; you unquestionably ask him in the forums about it.

And here’s the Download Link for themeDIY from Google Play store!


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