Motorola Moto E5 Specs, Price, Features, And Release Date

Motorola’s budget segment now consists of not only the Moto E series but also a new line of smartphones which has been introduced called as the Moto C, which now takes the place of the E series, while the E series now gets a plus model & is promoted to the upper-entry-level budget devices. A couple of days ago a new render of a budget Motorola phone which is touted as the successor to the Moto E4 was just leaked along with the entire Motorola 2018 line-up. So without any further ado let’s take an in-depth look.

New design: But keeps the Moto Z look

Moto E5 renders
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This new render of the Moto E5 has a couple of new design clues, but it still follows the Flagship Moto Zs design elements such as the huge camera mounted in a circular shaped, with a slight bump. On the metallic rear panel, there are many things altered this time, starting with the most talked about design element here, is the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and this one is unique, and it goes along the same line, what fans eternally wanted since many years now, from the Moto X2 era.

The fingerprint scanner is now stated to be embedded into the Motorola dimple that is inside the BatWing logo. Apparently, this could also be a selling point for this device in spite of being a budget phone, the cool factor of the Motorola BatWing-logo dimple doubling as a fingerprint reader is notably high.

Moto E5 Plus fingerprint sensor rumors
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And also the return of the complete Motorola branding under the display on the front, instead of only Moto is also welcomed by many loyal Motorola Fans after waiting for more than four years.

Apart from that, you can also see the edges of the rear panel slightly curved adding to the overall ergonomic feeling of the device just like it’s predecessor like the Moto E2. Coming towards the front side, still, you don’t have an 18:9 display but the traditional display dimension, with a lot of bezels, but then again this is aimed at budget buyers where the spec sheet matters the most in the affordable price segment.

Moto E5 Specs

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This area from the last two generations has been quite controversial because, after the Lenovo�s entrance into Motorola�s life, we have seen the use of some not so well-known internals. But on the other hand, other internals have almost doubled, for instance, despite Motorola utilizing a MediaTek chip, the RAM has been increased. Similarly, the internal storage was also doubled and the battery offered was on just another level.

However, if you aren�t aware, Motorola only included the MediaTek chips in the Asian markets, while in the west, the American smartphone maker did continue its tradition of using Qualcomm�s Snapdragon processors. So, you should expect anything from the new MediaTek chips or a Snapdragon 430 or a Snapdragon 435 processor which is an Octa-Core CPU clocked at 1.4GHz based on super-efficient Cortex A53 cores. Now in the memory department, 2GB to 3GB RAM along with 16GB and 32GB of storage is expected.

Image Courtesy: Qualcomm. com

Talking about the display size, a 5-inch or a 5.2-inch IPS LCD HD or maybe a Full-HD display will dominate the front. And Motorola’s offerings, due to Lenovo�s involvement got the Moto E series a fingerprint reader as well.

Camera and Battery of the Moto E5

Moto E4
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Camera�s have never a priority in budget phones, but since the Moto G4 Plus days Motorola has stepped up its Camera game to stratospheric levels. In the leaked image you can see a Single camera sensor probably with f/2.0, and a 12 Megapixel sensor with LED flash is expected.

Also on the front, Motorola will also try to make this as a selfie-centric phone, so you will also find a front-facing flash. Which is confirmed by this leaked image, other than that expect a 5 or 8-megapixel wide-angle sensor as the selfie camera.

Battery capacity this is a very interesting department where the Moto E since the past two generation have excelled and has already super passed the highest possible battery capacity on a popular mainstream smartphone. That is a 5000mAh for the Plus model should be expected while the regular Moto E5 might get 3000mAh battery.

However, you�ll see enhancements in the fast charging territory, with a 15W Turbo Charger and Qualcomm�s Quick Charge which assures to keep temperatures in check. And remember Motorola made the battery on the regular moto e4 removable, so there�s a chance we can again see this in the Moto E5 standard version, making it the last of its kind in 2018.


Motorola will follow the pricing of the last year’s moto E4/E4 Plus with a slight bump of $20 more or maybe less. Moto E5 will come with a base price of $149 which translates into Rs.7,999/INR while the premium Moto E5 Plus will set you back Rs.8,999/- INR that is $189, which will get you more RAM, Storage, and a massive battery pack.

The Motorola Moto E series was born for, giving a stock Android experience, at an affordable price, however, two years ago a major update was also promised with it, but now it looks like Motorola is in no mood to update the Moto E series to latest Android versions. So, software updates are sacrificed, by giving you more RAM, storage a fingerprint reader and reigned unique look.

We will have to wait for a few more weeks to see what other surprises Motorola has in store for the upcoming Moto E5 smartphone.

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