Fake Whatsapp on Google Play Store, brings Google quality control in question: Is earning revenue allowed under the name of big apps?

Whatsapp, home to a billion users, and the worlds most used messaging service and most of its users come from Google Android platform, you can download WhatsApp on the Google Play Store, or shall I say Whatsapps on the Play Store. Because there’s isn’t one single WhatsApp, but more than one has been spotted on the Google Play Store.

These WhatsApps on Google Play Store are pretending to be the real deal but are not. They are the fake clone versions of the original WhatsApp and are luring in many users on Play Store to install them. So, let’s see what to look for while downloading the real WhatsApp and how the fake ones can be spotted.

Starting with the Logo, WhatsApp logo is a pretty clean one, but what’s stopping them from uploading the same logo, but still, there’re differences in the colors in this case.

Moreover, here’re some four important key things to look for while Downloading facebook’s real WhatsApp messenger:

Fake Whatsapp on Play Store
Images showing Fake Whatsapp Apps on Play Store, the first one is genuine App Image Courtesy: theleaker .com
  • The Downloads count: The real WhatsApp on Google Play Store has more than 1 Billion downloads, while these new fake Whatsapps have not more than a thousand.
  • Check the developer’s field, even though these fake ones say, WhatsApp INC. However, if you dig in more into the additional information section you can see that, the original WhatsApp has complete info, it even has its office address, while the fake one doesn’t have any such thing.
  • Now the last thing here to check are the ratings, and here you can see that there are some, but not more than 4.0 or you can just read the reviews, in fact, do read the reviews, some people have mentioned that this is a fake version.
  • Real WhatsApp won’t show ads, as you know that WhatsApp doesn’t sell ads, while these rouge ones will pop, one ad in every few minutes, that’s one signal that you don’t have the real deal.
Multiple Whatsapp on Play Store
Image shows Multiple Whatsapp apps and the difference between them Image Courtesy: theleaker .com

Now what, all these things say? It’s all up on Google that, their quality control is not that great, these fake apps have easily fooled Google System, and have reached the so-called safe Play Store. Google’s Android apps team, should immediately look into this matter. We understand that there’re millions of apps in the play store, but here a world-famous App that almost every Android User will download, So, its a significant risk to keep clones of such apps, who pretend to be the most popular messaging service. These apps aren’t harmful they’re just polluting the play store to spread ads and earn revenue under the name of big apps.

We, hope this gets fixed soon, and we’ll update it as soon as any action is taken by Google over this issue, and the American tech-giant will improve their quality control mechanism in future.

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