WhatsApp Delete for Everyone feature is now available (Download)

Whatsapp’s most awaited feature that’s the Messages recall feature has been rumored for many months now, and we have seen little leaks on it recently, but now according to new reports, the feature has started rolling out and is working for some users.

Now let’s see what it does exactly, the recall feature in Whatsapp, will allow you to delete a message sent to any recipient, and then it won’t be available on your side as well on the other side. This is helpful in many ways when you send something you didn’t want, to a wrong contact by mistake; or just want to delete things, from a conversation, whatever may be the case. This is a pretty useful little feature, and now it’s finally out.

However, there’re some things to note before you try this feature.

Whatsapp Delete for me feature
Image Courtesy: androidpolice .com
  • This will only work on messages which are sent in the past 7minutes, after these 7 minutes you won’t be unable to delete them, so do whatever you want in this pitiful period.
  • You don’t get any confirmation, whether the messages have been successfully deleted on the other end or not, it’s somewhat annoying, that you’re deleting the message, but it took time to delete and still there’s no evidence about it.
  • Deleting the message doesn’t matter if it’s already been seen, and the recipient has taken a screenshot of the same.

Moreover, even though the rollout has begun, but it’s still not working on some phones, maybe the development team is still making changes on the back-end or so. Still, you can download the beta version and give it a shot, and let us know how was your experience.

Download Whatsapp Latest Version APK

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