Showbox APK 2020 5.30, 5.36 Download For Android, TV, FireStick & PC

Showbox APK is an entertainment app APK, loaded with all the latest Movies, TV shows which you can stream or you can also watch it LIVE. Showbox APK allows you to stream all content in HD as well as in SD quality and is unquestionably free to watch. The app is currently available for Android, Windows, and also on iOS. However, you won’t get the Showbox app APK on any app store neither on Google’s Play Store nor in AppStore, you have to Side-Load it, and we’ll persuade you just how you can get this remarkable app stuffed with all the latest boredom killer content on your smartphone.

Now, there are many sources where you can get this app, but some of them may contain malicious spyware baked within it, so here is the safest resource, from where you should count downloading the Showbox APK file. It has been examined thoroughly, and you get the legit APK file just like the Tutuapp, Emus4UGBWhatsapp, and AppValley. There are also some methods for Showbox online, but we will talk about them later.

Showbox APK Download For Android

Update: October 2020:

The Showbox app is down. At this present moment in time, there is no evidence to suggest it is returning any time soon. If and when it does, an announcement will be made here. If you don’t see an announcement to say it has returned then don’t ask if it has, your post will be removed as spam and you may be banned if you ask again.

There are no legitimate alternatives bearing the ‘ShowBox’ name. Any and all websites or apps purporting to be ShowBox are fakes, with some like actively trying to steal personal information and scam users. The twitter account @RealShowBoxApp is linked to the scammers at the aforementioned website.

As for now Cinehub is the best free alternative to Showbox and can be downloaded from here: Cinehub APK: Download.

Showbox APK

Installing the Showbox app APK on your Android device is not that tricky. It is the most straightforward process, and you can install Showbox on your Android phone within a few clicks. The official application of the Showbox is available for every Android OS device. It supports Android 4.2 and later releases. Follow the steps given below to install Showbox APK easily.

Step 1 – Download the latest version of the Showbox APK file from the link given above.

Note: Before installing the APK file on your Android phone, make sure that “Unknown Sources” is enabled on your Security settings.

Step 2 – Find the downloaded APK file in your File Explorer app or else you would get an automatic option to install the app.

Step 3 – Click on the Install option shown on the screen.

Click on the Install option shown on the screen

Step 4 – Now, the installation process will start automatically.

installation process will start automatically

Step 5 – Now you will find the Showbox APK installed on your Android Phone.

Step 6 – Open the app and enjoy thousands of movies and TV Shows.

enjoy thousands of movies and TV Shows

Showbox Download For iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch)

We know many websites are providing fake Showbox iOS apps and claiming that it can be installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Please, don’t download them as there is no official Showbox app for iOS is currently available. However, you can install the Moviebox app on iOS via following the linked tutorial.

Showbox App Features

►  Watch Movies and TV Shows in HD

Showbox App HD Content settings

Showbox app features all TV shows and latest Movies in HD, that’s either in FULL-HD while some may be limited to HD only; that’s 720p. Apart from that, SD(480p) resolutions are also available, if you have a slow internet connection like I do or if your device doesn’t support higher resolution. So, there’s quality available to facilitate every type of internet speeds and devices.

► Showbox App Built-in Video Downloader

Showbox built in Downloader
Image shows the Showbox’s built-in Downloader

This is one of Showbox’s greatest strengths as it provides total granular controls over all your downloads. From downloading in a variety of resolutions suitable for your needs. You can download Movies and TV Shows in either 360p, 480p, and as well as in 720p and also in 1080p quality if available.

► Various Servers to Watch Content from

Apart from this, you have different high-speed servers to select from, if one doesn’t work or is overloaded with a plethora of traffic. Then there’s also another comfortable option that’s Downloading via Torrents, and the Torrent downloading menu is super helpful, with all the essential insights displayed to you such as the size of Torrents of different resolutions.

► Showbox Download Insights

Showbox Download options
Image shows various resolution of a movie, available in the Showbox app

And on top of that ShowBoxapp also serves the seeds available for that particular torrent. Which gives you an idea of when to download and which one of them you should download.

► Dedicated News Section

Showbox also offers the latest trending News section, where you can keep up with the most recent happening in the world of Hollywood. And it doesn’t take you to a browser to view that news content, as it can display the news on the app itself. Stays away from the hassle of switching between the app and web-browser back and forth.

How to download and install Showbox APK on PC

Showbox isn’t just available for Android smartphones; you can also access it on Windows but via an Android Emulator. So, in this section, we’ll talk about how to install the suitable Android Emulator on your Windows PC, be it on any version of Windows and run Showbox on it.

Install the popular Android Emulator BlueStacks to get started:

Showbox for PC
Image shows Showbox app running on Microsoft Windows 8

Download the latest BlueStacks setup file for Windows

  • Firstly you need to download the BlueStacks software.exe file, which is freeware for your computer.
    (What the BlueStacks application does is, emulates the Android OS right on your computer’s Windows OS. Providing you with all the things that you do on your Android smartphone.)
  • After you have downloaded the BlueStacks Android Emulator, just hit the Setup.exe, click next and select your installation folder & Install it.
  • Once, you’re done with the installation; you have to Complete the Signup/Sing-In process using your current Google Account, in the same way, you might do it on your Android phone.

When you are done installing the emulator, now all you have to do is download the Showbox APK from the links we have mentioned above on your PC. Next, right-click on the Showbox. APK file and select the Open with BlueStacks APK Installer.  This will install the app with BlueStacks, and you’re ready to stream whatever you want directly on your PC with the Showbox app. With this, you can easily install Showbox for PC.

How to Stream Showbox to Chromecast

Now to stream all your Showbox’s content on your big TV, you need Google Chromecast as well as a FREE app from the Google Play Store called Local Cast to get this to work.

  1. Firstly, Download the LocalCast app from the Play Store by visiting this link here.
  2. Install the LocalCast app, and you are ready to proceed
  3. Next, Open the Showbox app and select anything you want to watch on your TV. Also, you need to hook-up the Chromecast by this time
  4. Select the quality you wish to watch-in and within that same area at the left side tap on those three dots as shown in the reference image belowShowbox app Android
  5. The options menu should pop, now in that you have to Tap on the option above where it says => You can use your favorite player, as shown in the image “Showbox Android App
  6. You’ll see three or four options depending on the player you have installed, but we are interested in the Other Player option, Select it
  7. Once, it is done now Play the video by, tapping on WATCH NOW

    Showbox on ChromeCast
    Image shows a default app(LocalCast) selection to stream to Chromecast from Showbox app on an Android phone
  8. You will be asked to Open it with.., in that Select LocalCast as seen in the image below
  9. Now Select your Chromecast player to stream from the App.

How to Install and Use Showbox on FireStick TV

If you happen to have an Amazon Fire Stock Tv instead of Chromecast, then follow these steps given below so that you download and enjoy all the Showbox content in your living room.

First, you need to download the Showbox app on your Amazon Fire Stick Tv, to do so, just start performing the given instructions

The image shows the Settings panel on the Amazon Fire Stick TV

Step 1:  Open the Settings Section on your Fire Tv, then into > System > Developer Options > Now enable ADB Debugging

Step 2: You also need to enable the Apps from Unknown resources option which is found just below the ADB debugging

Showbox on FireStick
Image shows the Downloader App from the Amazon FireStick TV app store

Step 3: Next, you need to install an app, called Downloaderso search it in the search box and install the app

Step 4: Now, open launch the app and enter this URL –> ( and Hit the Download button

Step 5: Once, the Downloader downloads the file, install it, and you’re ready to use Showbox on your Amazon Fire Stick Tv.

Watch Showbox in Chrome on your MAC computer using ARCwelder

This is one of the easiest methods to get the Showbox app on your Apple MAC. All you need is the Google Chrome browser installed on your MAC OS and a small plugin known as ARC welder and the Showbox APK file, yes an APK file.

Step 1: Download and install Google Chrome on your MAC

Step 2: Go to the app store on your Google Chrome and search for ARC welder app

Step 3: Once found, install the plugin on your Google Chrome (ARC welder size around 4MB), along with the plugin also start downloading the Showbox APK file

Step 4: Now, open the ARC welder app from your Chrome browser and select the Choose option, present at the bottom.

Step 5: This is needed to store the app’s data, so choose any location on your MAC computer you want and click on save, once selected

ARC Welder
Image of the ARC welder app running on Google Chrome

Step 6: Now comes the main part, the ARC welder app will show you a screen which says Test Your APK and below that an Add icon is present to add your APK

Step 7: Click on the Add you APK and navigate to your downloaded Showbox APK file on your MAC and select it.

Showbox on Mac
Image shows ARC welder on Chrome testing the Showbox app

Step 8: It will now show you a screen to test the app, do not touch any of the settings as of now, just hit on the test app, and you’re good to go, this will now magically open the Showbox APK app on your MAC OS.

How to get Showbox on your MAC computer using Genymotion

Genymotion is an Android Emulator farm for your Mac; it can simulate over 1000+ emulators on your machine. So, with the help of Genymotion, you can use Android Apps on your MAC OS.

Showbox on MacBook
The image shows Showbox running on MAC using the Genymotion emulator

Step 1: Download Genymotion on your MAC OS, by visiting here and creating an account

Step 2: Once, you have Genymotion on your system, now you need to download Virtual Box and install it as well. Virtual Box is required for the smooth function of Genymotion on your MAC OS

Step 3: Next launch the Genymotion app, log in to your Genymotion Account

Step 4: Now click on the Add button within the app

Step 5: Next, you have to Select a Virtual device, anything above 720P or a one with 1080p resolution and it should have Android 4.4.4 or above only, as the app supports devices with only Android version 4.2 and up

Step 6: Once, this is set up click on Start to initialize the virtual Android device

Step 7: Now should see your Android device’s home screen in a pop-up window that means you’re ready to use Showbox

Image shows a Showbox apk being dragged into an Android virtual device from Genymotion app

Step 8: The only thing that is remaining is you need to download the Showbox app on your MAC OS and just Drag and Drop it within the Android virtual device’s pop-window.

How to Use/Stream Showbox app on a Tv connected with Xbox One

To get this work, it is required that your Xbox and your smartphone/tablet/iOS or Android device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network before you start the procedure given below.

Also, do change your Xbox’s name to something unique and easily identifiable furthermore, also Download the ALL Connect App as we’ll be using it to cast the content from Showbox to your Xbox. Lastly, it is assumed that you already have downloaded and installed the Showbox app on your smartphone.

Step 1: Connect your smartphone and Xbox to the same WiFi network and Open the All Connect App

Step 2: Once, the All Connect App opens up check if you can see the Xbox, on-Air that means you’re ready to proceed

Step 3: Now Open the Showbox app and select anything you want to watch

Step 4: Select the quality you want to watch-in and within that same area at the left side tap on those three dots as shown in the reference image below

Showbox on Xbox One

Step 5: The options menu should now be visible, now within that, you have to Tap on the option above where it says => You can use your favorite player, as shown in the image “

Step 6: Select the Other Player from options and close the menu

Step 7: Next, tap on Watch Now option which will result in a Menu to pop-up and in which you’ll find the All Connect App listed

Step 8: Select it, but Tap on Just Once, and not on Always as this might change your video player by default to All Connect which you don’t want to happen

Step 9: After that, All Connect will open up, and as we talked about in Step 2, about your Xbox being Shown in All Connect if you see it Tap on it and the video will start playing.

This will start playing/Streaming all your Showbox Content on your Tv which is connected to the Xbox, and that’s it you’re done.

Note: If you noticed that the video is playing on your Xbox connected Tv, but you can’t hear the sound, reconnect and the sound should be playing again. It is a common problem that the sound doesn’t play on the first attempt, so please do perform the method again, to listen to the audio.

This is what Showbox APK offers a complete All-in-one entertainment package for absolutely Free of charge unless it gets taken down.

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