Best ThopTV Alternatives: Top Apps Like ThopTV For Free Live TV

LiveTV Streaming has been gaining popularity over the internet, and there are loads and loads of LiveTV Streaming applications flooding the web. We have covered many such apps, including ThopTV,�Area51 IPTV, and more apps like ThopTv. These apps have gained huge popularity recently, and there has been public demand to cover such multiple apps on our website. Our team researched for such apps free of dangerous files, and here we stand before you present the best and feature-rich Top 20 Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android and PC. This article will guide you in choosing the best apps like ThopTV and answering all your questions. Also, read our in-depth guide on how you can download and install Spotify Premium APK�and�Airtel XStream for free on any device.

Top 20 Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android:

  • HunkTV MOD:

Hunk TV is a pretty Android OTT application, including content from over five different paid OTT platforms. Maybe You�ve got annoyed with having 10+ online streaming apps on your Smartphone and paying for the premium plans of all these programs, equivalently costing hundreds of dollars every month. But now, You can download a single application in place of all these streaming platforms, named Hunk TV APK!

Hunk TV is something we can call a futuristic solution for all our current and upcoming streaming obstacles. Moreover, It can also be called a mixture app, developed by mixing the OTT platform features and Live TV Streaming privileges.

Download Hunk TV MOD APK from here.

  • JioTV Mod:


Jio TV is a great application to watch a wide variety of TV channels live on your smartphone. It is widely popular as one can watch 600+ premium channels for free, including 100 HD channels. But the drawback of this is that it can only be accessed on smartphones. Jio TV Mod, on the other hand, lets the users enjoy the benefits of Jio TV across other android devices as well, including Smart TVs, android boxes, and even on the firestick. Besides, the Jio TV Mod app’s major factor is that unlike the Jio TV App, which works only with Jio sim, you can access all the Jio TV content even if you are a subscriber of any other network services provider like Vodafone Idea, Airtel and BSNL.

It is a great alternative to ThopTV as it has a similarly wide variety of premium content and is free to access.


  • Buffer-free streaming from any mobile network.
  • Catch-Up option for the last 7 days to access any missed show.
  • Access to a variety of content, including sports, entertainment, movies, news, etc.

You can read more about and download Jio Tv Mod here – JioTV MOD APK: Play Jio TV Channels without Jio Sim for free.

  • Oreo TV:

Oreo TV

Whether you love watching live TV on your smartphone or your Desktop, Oreo TV is a great Live TV App that can work on both platforms, making it a great alternative for ThopTV. It provides high-quality content, but it provides it for absolutely free. You can either watch your favorite show, program, or movie live, or you can download it on your computer and watch it later anytime you want. It provides an additional feature to stream the content in any quality you want, i.e., Full HD 1080p, 2K, and even 4K.�According to our testing, it is the best app like ThopTV and, in certain things, actually performs better than that.


  • A favorite list to add your loved shows and access them easily anytime.
  • Specialized menu to control brightness, volume, play, pause, forward, and backward within the player.
  • Dark Mode and Picture-in-Picture options.
  • Pure sound experience without any subscription.

Download Oreo TV

  • Tea TV:

Tea TV

Tea TV can be described as one of the best ThopTv alternatives as it provides a similarly amazing user interface that provides a fast and efficient experience to the users. You can watch lots of amazing shows and movies for free in 1080p HD quality on TV Tea. You can either watch the content live or download it and watch it later whenever you want. But besides this, you can also access trailers of the latest movies and shows, read their reviews, and get all the latest information about upcoming programs.


  • Multiple streaming sources such as Google, Vidzi, and Open Load can provide a smooth streaming experience.
  • TV Shows of various categories, including drama, crime, thriller, horror, adventure, animation, and many more.

Download the app here [original latest version], or you can also download the TeaTV MOD APK from here [Ad-free version]. The TeaTV MOD APK contains the following features.

  1. Ads Removed
  2. The sponsored banner layout was removed.
  3. Disabled / Removed unwanted Permissions + Receivers and Services
  4. All ads and service calls from Activity removed
  5. All ads banner layouts in tablet mode removed
  6. Choose Player popup disabled
  7. No forced update
  8. Analytics is disabled.
  • GoMax Live TV:

GoMax Live TV

GoMax Live Tv is a great ThopTV alternative. This is because it provides a large variety of Indian content and can be accessed from anywhere globally. You can watch various content live, including sports, movies, TV shows, serials, live events, news, and music channels on your smart devices by installing GoMax Live TV. You can access this content in multiple languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangla, Kannada, and English.

Highlights :

  • Free of cost and can be accessed from anywhere.
  • User-friendly interface to allow easy navigation
  • It works well and has no buffering, even on mobile data.
  • Support for multiple video players, including VLC Player as well as MX Player.


  • CKay TV:

Ckay TV

CKay TV was launched in 2016 and attained immediate success, just like ThopTV. It was voted as one of the top LiveTV applications in 2018 and is still a crowd favorite and a great alternate option for ThopTV. It is available for Android devices and provides content of a lot of variety. The third-party’s links are thoroughly checked to ensure the users get high-quality content without any lags.

Highlights :

  • A great library of content along with a TV Guide
  • In-app media player along with an attractive user interface.
  • A good number of TV channels and regular additions through updates.

You can download the Ckay Tv app from here – CkayTV APK Download Watch Online TV Free (Latest Version)

  • MobdroTV APK:

For Live Streaming applications other than ThopTV, our first choice will be the MobdroTV APK, which has some mind-blowing features that no other apps in this segment offer, such as downloading Live TV Shows, the ability to watch movies online, and more. The users can set sleep timers, cast the shows via Chromecast, watch Live TV Shows which a minute delay, and more.

The app is clean and straightforward to use, has the least number of ads, doesn�t cost even a penny, and has the best developer support from the backend; due to all these features and excellent stability, Mobodro has been ranked at No.1 in our list of the Best ThopTV Alternatives for Android.


  • Excellent UI
  • Ability to Download Live TV Streams
  • Well Categorized
  • Completely free to use
  • Excellent Backdoor
  • Compatible with Kodi, Windows, Android, Linux, and much more

Download MobdroTV APK for Android

  • TV Tap Pro

TV Tap Pro

TV Tap Pro app is clean and easy to use and has the least number of ads as you can always use an ad-free version of the app.


  • Categorization of Channels
  • A vast number of Channels
  • Content for Everyone
  • Inbuilt Media Player
  • Light and Intuitive
  • No Sign-Up/Membership

Download TV Tap Pro

  • LiveNet TV APK:

Used to be ranked at No.2 in our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives, it should have something special and unique. LiveNet TV APK is one of its kind, and it has some features which no other application offers currently, such as the ability to create a custom favorite channel list, which comes in handy in multiple ways, support for more than 800+ Live TV Channels over the globe, doesn�t require an account and more. A dedicated guide on the LiveNet TV APK is in progress and will be live soon.

It also has the usual features, which include, the ability to stream movies, play content in HD quality, low delay, and more; due to its unique functionalities and performance, we have ranked this No.2 in our list of Best ThopTV Alternatives.


  • Support for Media Players such as MX Player, VLC, and more
  • Well Updated
  • Play Content in HD Quality
  • Fewer Ads

Download LiveNet TV

  • RedBox TV APK:

RedBox TV is yet another free live streaming application that provides users with the ability to stream live TV Shows, games, sports, and multiple categories of channels in various definitions (qualities) entirely free. The main reason it is on our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives is its consistent performance upgrades. Backend developers support it doesn�t have any subscription-based plans nor ask for any money for registration.

Like any other app, it also comes with the usual basic features such as low streaming delay and streaming content in HD. These features make it rank at No.3 in our list of the best ThopTV Alternatives.


  • Completely free
  • Stream in HD and FHD
  • Good Developer Support

Download RedBox TV APK for Android

  • UkTVNow APK:

There isn�t much left to say about this app, as it also comes with all the features that the other apps on this list offer. This app is a good option as an alternative when some apps in the upper order are down for maintenance or any other issue; some unique features of this app include high-speed video buffering speeds, the ability to schedule videos to watch later, the ability to use any custom video player and more. Ranked at No.4 in our list of UkTVNow, APK is a good option when considering an alternative or if any other apps do not work on your device. This app is also available for download on Android, iOS, Kodi, and Linux.


  • Good Alternative
  • Fast Video Buffering Speeds
  • Custom Video Player Support

Download UKTvNow APK for Android

  • USTVNow APK:

One of the most popular and well-known streaming services in the USA, USTVNow offers a fantastic experience; in case you don�t live in the U.S. and wanna watch live TV Shows or podcasts from the country, USTVNow is the best option dated yet. A clean UI and user-friendly navigation system make the experience even better with the little touches. The application also has a premium version, which the users can purchase to enjoy several TV Shows.

Overall, USTVNow is also a good alternative to the other apps in this list, and ThopTV is the leading cause of why it is ranked No.5 in our list of the Best ThopTV Alternatives.


  • Best for U.S TV Shows
  • Premium Version is Available
  • Clean and Smooth UI.

USTVNow Website

Honorable Mentions: Apps like ThopTV

We hope you have found your perfect solution for the Best ThopTV Alternatives; if you think we have missed any other similar app like ThopTV that could have been on this list, please comment below. We will look into it. Would you please share this with our friends and family members and stay tuned to TheLeaker for such fantastic content?

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