World’s First 5G Wireless Network is Official, the 5G NR

2017 is about to end, and 2018 is knocking on the door, we have seen a lot of new smartphones, smartwatches, and other gadgets this year but when it comes to the internet connection, we still feel that it needs to be evolved.

At present, mostly all countries have the support to offer 4G connectivity which is blazing fast when compared to the old 2G/3G network, but today we�have good news for you, the first 5G network is official, so in today�s article, we will check out some cool information about it.

The image is showing the 5G logo.
Image courtesy: businessinsider .com

When 4G internet came to existence every 2nd�carrier made a hollow statement as the 4G network was expected to offer speeds up to 100Mbps when moving and 1Gbps when stable but this thing is not happening even in some regions 4G differs itself from 3G only by a small speed margin. In recent, the 3GPP wireless governance organization has revealed a new standard in the world of internet, and it is known as the 5G NR.

We expect that soon the carriers, as well as the smartphone brands, will adapt it though it looks like 5G connection will not require any other smartphone to work, for now, it seems like the current 4G handsets will be able to handle it.

The complete information about this new technology is yet to be�revealed, even�though what we know so far is that it will cover bands from 600Mhz bands to 50Ghz of the mm-wave signal. In 2018 we may expect some major brands to come up with this technology, but when it comes to India, we believe that it will not be going to happen that quickly as still, some places here are struggling to get even the 4G network.

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