5G, It’s human nature to be curious about what’s coming next, we are never satisfied with what we have in our hand.

About 6-7 years ago when 2G and 3G were the prominent way of accessing the internet, speeds like 100MBPS seemed so fast but now when we have 150MBPS + internet speeds in our palms the question arises, will it get any better.

5G Speeds
An image of a 5G speed test

4G or LTE( Long term evolution) technology has been pretty mainstream in the developed countries for some time and now developing countries have also joined the league with access to 4G in even rural areas. But if we are to talk about the future of Mobile internet, well we can just say that 3G or 4G networks were just a trailer and the Movie is about to begin.

If you think that 4G or LTE is very fast, 5G will blow off your Mind. With speeds reaching 1.5GBPS, 5G will be the fastest way to access the internet on your smartphones and the best part, 5G is going to be here sooner than you expected.

Here are some of the highlights of the 5G technology

  • Latency >5ms
  • 1GBPS+ speeds on the go
  • Will take online streaming and gaming to next level
  • Expected roll out-2018

Now let’s talk about  5G smartphones and smartphone companies and see who will be the first one to revolutionize the way we use the internet.


Samsung 5G smartphones

It looks like the Korean giant is going to be the first smartphone manufacturer to launch a 5G compatible device, and we think that it is going to be none other than the Samsung Galaxy S9.

There were rumors that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first 5G device from Samsung but it looks like that won’t be possible.

Samsung has reported groundbreaking mobile internet speeds reaching 1.3Gbps while using 5G internet on a train moving at 100 Km/h, you can read more about the test here.

So it seems very likely that Samsung will be one of the first brands to mainstream 5G in upcoming few years.

Expected 5G phones from Samsung are:


Apple 5G iPhone

Apple will be the company next in line to launch an iPhone supporting 5G connectivity, we have a guess that the next year iPhone might support 5G internet.

Apple also has had several tests in the pasts regarding 5G connectivity and has achieved some remarkable results as well. So we don’t think Apple would want to delay launching a 5G smartphone once the technology is stable enough for commercial use.

Expected 5G phones from Apple are


Nokia 5G mobiles

Nokia is the latest company to join in the race for launching the next generation of mobile internet, the company is supposedly working in a collaboration with KT to launch the world’s first 5G network in South Korea.

You can read more about the Nokia’s plans for launching 5G network here.

Nokia has had some sweet success after its return to the market with the Nokia 6, which the company managed to sold 1Million units in less than a minute.

So, it looks like the company has already had their targets set for the future and with the company’s jump in the race for launching the next gen network the other brands will have to up their game as well which is ultimately beneficial for the end user only.

We still don’t know which might phones from Nokia in future will support 5G but one thing is fully assured that Nokia will be one of the first smartphone companies to launch a 5G handset.


LG 5G smartphones

The company recently revealed the successor to the highly accredited LG G series, the LG G6 packs some nice features with the astonishing body to screen ratio which shows us that LG is trying to innovate and add new features to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

LG might also be one of the first smartphones company to launch a 5G device, the company has had some test regarding the fifth generation of the mobile network in the past and with company’s current flagship G series, the LG G8 might be the first 5G phone from LG to feature 5G network.

Expected 5G phones from LG are

  • LG G7
  • LG G8


Xiaomi 5G smartphone plans

Xiaomi has always been known as a future-oriented company and when it comes to the future of the mobile internet, Xiaomi won’t be holding back in launching a 5G compatible smartphone soon.

The company gave a glimpse of what the smartphones of future will look like by launching the Xiaomi Mi Mix which shows that company isn’t afraid to take risks when it comes to innovations.

Xiaomi might be the first company to launch a budget 5G device, thus bringing high-speed connectivity to a wider audience in the Asian subcontinent.

Expected 5G phones from Xiaomi are

  • Xiaomi Mi 7
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 3

5G Launch Date

There is currently a rat race going on between all the major service providers of the world as to who will be the first one to launch 5G service for the masses.

When it comes to country wise launch it is highly likely that the developed nations will get the technology first like the same way it happened with 4G, service providers such as Verizon and AT&T would be the first one to launch 5G network in the United States, both the carriers have had some progress when it comes to Advanced-LTE.

We can expect a release date or commercial availability of 5G internet in the year 2018 or in early 2019.

Earlier reports revealed a 2020 release date for the 5G network but that doesn’t seem to be the case as the service providers and smartphone companies are working day and night to launch the next generation of connectivity for the users as early as possible.

In developing countries such as India, service providers such as Jio and Airtel would be the first ones to launch 5G network in the country, the chairman of Jio, Mr.Mukesh Ambani have already said that their infrastructure is 5G compatible which means that this time Indians won’t have to wait for a long period time to experience the lightning fast speed of 5G.

Upcoming months would give us a good insight over the next generation of mobile network and this article will be updated with every new rumor and news related to the Fifth generation of the mobile network.



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