Google Chrome Beta 64 update can block the unwanted ads (APK Download)

If you are a user of Google Chrome Android browser, then you may have noticed that at times when we browse, some unknown pages open without granting permission of the user, sometimes they feel very annoying and a user has to close the browser to stop them. These issues still exist the browser but have you yet heard about the latest Google Chrome 64 Beta update if not then you are at the right place. In today�s article, we will discuss the new features that are available in the new Beta update.

Chrome 64 Beta
The image is showing the new feature of Google Chrome.

The primary issue exists the unwanted redirecting advertisements; you may have noticed that while browsing specific page opens automatically and shows some messages like �Your device is infected you need to install some XYZ app to cure it�.

These sites even have access to vibration control of our phone as suddenly phone starts vibrating when they appear, so these are the big threats to our devices. But in the new Chrome 64 Beta, these disgusting ads will not appear anymore as it blocks those redirects and pop-ups.

Which means now a third party website will not be able to take over on the existing website you are going through. When it blocks a site, it shows a warning message in the white bar. On the latest Android 8.1 Oreo, the navigation bar will appear white now, in case you didn�t notice, Google Photos, YouTube, etc. all show a white navigation bar on the latest Android OS. The official update is expected to be announced in January 2018, but if you want to try it early, then we have placed an active downloading link to the Beta version below.

Download Google Chrome Beta

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