Spotify Vs Spotify Lite – Everything you need to know

Spotify, one of the most popular online music streaming app, is an undisputed champion in the online music streaming league. The app is available for both Android and iOS users and has millions of paid subscribers. The app has competitors like YouTube Music, but Spotify is the unchallenged leader. Spotify’s mission is quite simple and predictive. The company wants to deliver exceptional music streaming availability to everybody on their mobile platforms. Music is a fundamental right to everyone, and its availability shouldn’t have any kind of barrier to anybody. Spotify wants each phone to support its service regardless of weak or flagship-grade performances. And to accomplish their objective, Spotify has launched its Spotify Lite app for seamless music streaming experience for lower data consumption on less capable phones.

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Spotify Lite is available in 36 markets across Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. As the name suggests, Spotify Lite is a more accessible version of the main application. It consumes less data for streaming, drains less battery, and requires less power to run smoothly. The app has some really good special features to achieve the same.

Like every other Lite app available, (messenger lite, facebook lite, etc.) Spotify Lite consumes less space on your device. The app only consumes 9.8 MB whereas the regular Spotify app consumes up to 100 MB of space of your device respectively. The app is efficient and compatible with almost all the devices with different price tags and capabilities. But vast compatibility brings limitations too, so let’s figure out of despite the limitations if the new app is worth a shot or not.

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Let’s go through the key differences of the regular Spotify App and the Spotify Lite version.

Spotify Vs. Spotify Lite

Let’s find out both the advantages and limitations of the all-new Spotify Lite application.

Home Screen and App Interface

Spotify Lite
Spotify Lite

The major difference one is going to notice the absence of the Library. It is not even available with the premium subscription; instead, you get a Favourites Tab. Rest everything on the home screen, including playlists and recommendations, remain intact. So far, so good, it doesn’t feel like a lite version with this classic Spotify style home screen.

Library Vs. Favorites

Spotify's Library
Spotify’s Library
Spotify Lite's Favorites
Spotify Lite’s Favorites

The Spotify Lite allows you to create playlists like the regular version, but another major change here is the unavailability of Podcasts. Also, this is quite ominous, but the app doesn’t allow users to download and play the songs offline (even premium users too). It is really unfortunate as Spotify Lite is there to save the data, but lack of offline playback means the user has to stream the same audio file again and again which will require data consumption again and again for the song playback. We would love to see the offline downloads in the Spotify Lite soon.

Settings and Different Features

Spotify Lite

This is where most of the differences live. The Spotify Lite lacks many features but has some fair additions to it too. The Lite version allows the user to set the audio quality of the playback to save data consumption. You can set a specific monthly data consumption limit in the Lite version to conserve your data usage. After all, this is all the Lite versions of every app is all about.

Monthly Data Limit

The Spotify Lite is a nice lightweight music streaming app and is quite perfect for older or weaker devices. But in my opinion, we can’t miss out lots of cool features of the regular Spotify App. I am a music enthusiast, and I love to have those features. Also, offline playback is a big miss for a lot of users out there and me.

Let us know what do you think about this lite version of the Spotify App. Are you going to switch?

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