How to replace the Kingroot with the SuperSU App (KingUser Guide)

There are some ways to root an Android device; some people go for how you require a PC while most of the users these days use applications like Framaroot, Kingroot, etc. to root their device. When a person uses Kingroot or any other app to root then instead of a SuperSU app, they get the KingUser app which is not comparable to the SuperSU regarding usability. So in this post, we will be telling you about how you can replace the KingUser with SuperSU.

SuperSU is a trusted app and while KingUser is not, the root app has the permission to access all your apps data without confirmation, and in this point, SuperSU is tested and trusted while KingUser is still in the developing stage. There are 2 or 3 methods to do the same, but we will be telling you the process which will work for most of the Android devices.

The Download links of the files have been provided below

Steps to replace KingUser with SuperSU:

  • ) Extract the �Replace_KingUser���� file in the internal storage.
  • ) Open the Terminal android app and type �SU, � and after that, you will be transferred to a deny/grant question, by click on the grant you can delete KingUser.
  • ) After granting the permission you have to type a command �sh /sdcard/mrw/�
  • ) Granting this permission will show you an error message, ignore the message and reboot your device.
  • ) After restarting the device, you will find the SuperSU is working fine.

This is how you can do this process. For more Tech updates stay tuned to us.

Download the

Download�Terminal app


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