Mozilla Firefox 58 to be available in 2018 and will offer PWA support

We all use different browsers to use the Internet on our phones but these days browsers are also becoming smart, let�s take the example of Google Chrome. Along with regular browsing, protection from spams it offers a functionality called PWA(Progressive Web Apps).

If you aren�t aware of these PWA�s then, in short, they are an extension and can be placed on a home screen, and the biggest thing is that they work as an independent application. The latest news is Mozilla has said that soon they�ll be releasing the Mozilla�Firefox�58 which will support these PWA�s as well, let�s check out more about this in detail.

Mozilla Browser
Image of the Mozilla Firefox browser logo.
Image courtesy: Mozilla .org

Currently, Google Chrome is the market leader regarding market share, but it looks like Mozilla is working hard to compete with it. Recently they have shared that soon they will release the new Mozilla Firefox browser with amazing features like Progressive Web Apps, Background Sync, Web Share API, Payment Request API, etc. It means that after this update, a user can do multiple tasks by using this single application.

After this update, a user will be able to use PWA and can also place the desired PWA on the home screen. It will work through extensions and plugins. As per the information shared by Mozilla, it will be available by next year I-e 2018 and specifically from January month.

If we talk about the current situation, then Mozilla Firefox appears to be an outdated browser as significant competitors like UC browser, Chrome, etc. have ruined its market. For further information stay tuned to us.

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