How to Change/Set custom ringtone on iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X (iOS 11)

Ringtones are a vital part as they alert us to so the most primary function of a phone that’s picking up calls, and nowadays most of us neglect them by just using the default ones and never change them, and most iPhone users keep the default ones and never change it. So, here’re five ways to change your ringtone or set a custom ringtone on your iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X.

The regular approach

Changing ringtone on iPhone 8
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  1. Open settings of your iPhone
  2. Now tap on Sound and Haptics
  3. Next, you see a field named Sound and Vibration patterns
  4. There select the Ringtone option
  5. And choose from the ones pre-loaded into your iPhone

Change via iTunes

iTunes on iPhone
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One of the greatest hub for music streaming and purchasing them.

  1. The steps are same as the regular method, just after when you reach
  2. Ringtone options, tap on it
  3. Select Tone Store, from the store section
  4. In there, tap on Tones
  5. You’ll be taken to iTunes store and just get any ringtone you want from there; it will be set.

Create one with Garageband

Garageband app on iOS 11
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If you don’t want to buy anything from Apple’s iTunes then why not compose one with this app called GarageBand.

  1. Open the app and tap on the Add icon, which is to your top left side
  2. Next, hit the create new song option
  3. Now, select Live Loops as its a better fit for a ringtone
  4. After that select a genre, you like
  5. And now start composing hits like RedOne
  6. After you’re done, select the song by long pressing on it
  7. And choose the share button, on the top left
  8. When the sharing menu appears, just select the RingTone option in it
  9. You’ll be asked to name your song, after doing so, select it as your ringtone

Download Garage Band from iTunes

Setting a Custom Ringtone Via third-party apps

Zedge app iOS
Image shows the Zedge app on iPhone, Image Courtesy: phonearena .com
  1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your Mac
  2. Download Zedge from the App Store, which is one of the best places to find a plethora of wallpapers and ringtones.
  3. Open the application, explore the burger menu on the top left, and go into the ringtones section.
  4. Download any ringtone you want from here, and then just hit the Save Ringtone button, and your work with this app is now fulfilled.
  5. Head over to iTunes on your MAC, and select the device you have connected to it, as it will appear on the top left corner of iTunes.
  6. Now a menu will pop-up consist of summary apps, movies, music, etc.., just select Apps from that list.
  7. Next it open ups a list of apps on your iPhone, in that select Zedge( because it contains the song you just downloaded and now you need it for your ringtone).
  8. Once, you select the Zedge app, in a side window all files in that app will show up, in this case, the song you downloaded via it, will be displayed.
  9. Now hit the Save to button from that window, and just remember the location where you’re saving it.
  10. Okay, now that it’s saved(and you know the location), we need to get this into the right spot.
  11. Head back to iTunes and open a menu from the top left corner, and select Add file to Library, when you choose this, a new window will open up.
  12. You need to select that saved file from this window and hit open.
  13. Next, again open your connected devices menu and hit Tones from it.
  14. On the right side, a window will pop-up, in that first select SYNC TONES, next choose Selected Tones, and browser your downloaded song in that.
  15. Once found, select it and hit the Apply button. (You’re almost there hopefully).
  16. Again grab your iPhone, and go to settings > sound & haptics > ringtone
  17. Here, you should see the Downloaded song from Zedge, and just select it, and you’re good to go.

These are some of the ways through which you can change a ringtone on your iPhone 8/8 Plus and the iPhone X.

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