Moto G3 (3rd Gen) Review one of the best budget smartphone

The Moto G3 Review is based on price and performance ratio in all major things, like camera and battery. To get the best results we have only used stock apps to perform camera and�CPU test. We also Installed some apps and games to see how much Moto G3 can handle. During Moto G3 review we didn’t charge it again and the battery performance is totally based on a single charge.

The world know’s about Motorola’s Moto G very well because it was the first legend of budget smartphones, and it was the great success in Motorola’s history. Moto G3 is the latest version of Moto G series, the Moto G (3rd Gen) continues the same outstanding features and specs in a budget price.�Not only it is the 3rd variant�of Motorola�s most successful smartphone of all time, but it�s also not possible to ignore. This is a sub-$200 Android smartphone that outperforms many $400 and above phones in performance, battery life, features, and style. We have to post a Moto G3 review to clear the doubts of users.


This is our Moto G 3 review

Moto G3 Battery Life Review

Phones that have great battery life will always love by their owners. People loved Moto G smartphone because of it’s great battery life performance, And now you can add the Moto G (3rd gen) to the list. With its ultra battery efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 (quad-core) processor, 5-inch 720p IPS display, and 2470mAh Li-Pol battery, this phone just goes and goes and goes. We tested it in a lot of situations and got some amazing results, In one word we must say that this phone has full day battery backup even if you use 3G, 4G or WiFi it will last long throughout the day, there is no question about that.

moto g3 battery life

moto g3 review
See what Droid Life says about the battery life.

In fact, the standby time on this phone might be the craziest thing I�ve ever seen in a smartphone. I�m pretty sure that I turned this phone on for the first time after returning from NYC a couple of weeks back, charged it, connected to WiFi, and then didn�t touch it for 3 or 4 days, yet it still somehow had most of its battery left. Today, I woke up at around 5:45 AM, grabbed the Moto G (with WiFi on), caught up on news, then went for a 30-minute run (using GPS the whole time), and am now sitting here at 12:30 PM with almost 70% remaining (1.5 hours of screen on time). That�s insane! The Galaxy S6 would have asked me to recharge it at least once in that amount of time.

Moto G3Performance Review

When you buy a�mid-range smartphone that cost less than�$200, you don�t expect them to perform as good if not better than some high-end phones. The Moto G 3 is the exception for now. Even though it runs a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor which is a budget CPU, Moto G 3rd gen performs as good as some high-end smartphones, it does everything �as good as more expensive phones. Motorola has fine-tuned this experience on the back-end so nicely and optimized the Android 5.1 Lollipop according to the hardware so that you can get the 100% of Moto G 3rd gen hardware’s which is not so common in Android World. If you use Moto G 3rd Gen smartphone, then you would be-be shocked with its performance. Moto G 3rd Gen has 2 variants one of them has 2 GB of Ram and it can run almost 15 apps without freezing the phone. You can see Moto G 3rd Gen specs here.

The camera fires up instantly with Motorola�s twisting gesture, the phone�wakes immediately�when picked up through Moto Display, and it opens apps/settings/Google Now/etc. right, when you ask it to. If I didn�t know that this phone ran one of the lower-end Snapdragon processors, Droid-Life Quoted that.

Moto G3 Design and feel Review

For an affordable budget smartphone, the Moto G 3rd gen feels premium in looks�nice to hold, not cheap or slapped-together at all.

It’s the lines and curves of the Moto G3 that make it feel special. Yes, it’s a plastic design, but the way it all comes together feels satisfying. Sure the frame is plastic. But from a distance (and even in the hand), it feels nicer than older Moto G models. The Moto G 2015 has that feel.

Even though it has a 5-inch screen, this phone feels hand- and pocket-friendly. It’s a good medium-size phone by today’s gargantuan standards. The front edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass looks sharp, too. I did, however, already ding a plastic corner a bit.�CNet quoted that.

The Moto G 3rd Gen has�IPX7 water resistance, a deal breaker�for those who are afraid of dropping their smartphone in the toilet. IPX7 means the phone can survive in one meter (three feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. That means that the Moto G3 is truly an all-weather phone

Moto G3�Camera Review

  • 13-megapixel rear camera
  • Dual LED CCT flash (rear camera)
  • 1080p video recording, 30fps
  • 5-megapixel front camera

The camera is one of the key selling factors of a smartphone, that’s why Motorola packs a 13-megapixel sensor, rather than the 8-megapixels senor. While this is a very generous amount for a budget phone, Motorola optimized the software and improved the native camera performance, Resulting an outstanding camera which is best in its category. Droid-Life, Cnet, Greenbot, and others quoted that Moto G3 has the best camera in the budget segment.

Every phone manufacturer is throwing more megapixels into its phone specs, but there are some added photo hardware improvements beyond that; most notably, a new dual-LED flash on the rear cam to color-correct for night shots. The front camera’s also been boosted to 5 megapixels over the previous 2, which is the kind of evolution you want to see out of this Moto G family, Cnet Quoted.

In our Moto G3 review, we found the camera very impressive, the camera produces great images with a good balance of colors and contrast. However it may very from user to user, we suggest you to use stock camera app for best Moto G3 camera performance.


After a huge demand, Motorola added the new Moto G (3rd gen) to their Moto Maker service, Which is an awesome feature you don’t see in any other smartphone. It means you can customize a Moto G3 at no extra cost and receive it within a few days. This isn�t the full Moto Maker treatment that accompanies the Moto X package, but you do get to choose a white or black front and from 10 different accent and back colors. You can even choose to engrave it or double the RAM and storage though the RAM and storage upgrade will cost you extra.

Moto G3�Price

$179 is the starting price of this phone. Without�contract. It just costs you $179 and you are free to use your desired network service. If you want to double the RAM and storage from 1GB to 2GB and 8GB to 16GB, it�ll cost you another $40, Which means a 2 GB Ram and 16 GB storage model will cost you around 219$, the price also depends on your country. Currently, the price of Moto G3 in India is 11999 and 12999 for 8 GB and 16 GB model.

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Moto G3 Review By Users:

Kunal Khanna

Best SmartPhone Under 13K budget

Got this phone on the Next day I ordered. Thanks to Flipkart First Subscription!

I will refrain myself from writing long stories and telling the things you can simply see in the product description. I will simply write down my thoughts on the parameters which matter most. Let’s come to Moto G3 review now:

1. Build Quality: 4.5/5 Back panel is scratch proof with a matte finish. Cutting 0.5 star because chrome is of Plastic, not metallic.
2. 2 GB of High-Frequency RAM and awesome RAM management: 5/5
3. Perfect Screen size. A Larger screen could have decreased battery backup. 5/5
4. Resolution is perfect for the price range and PPI makes it much better. 5/5
5. Battery life is too good. Even though it is having only 2470 mAH battery, with 100% charge, I downloaded about 40 apps on 4G, used WhatsApp, gaming of 1 Hour, used calling, SMS and other common features throughout the day (12 hours) and the battery was still 5%: 5/5
6. Camera quality is good (not awesome) in indoors and AWESOME in outdoors with sunlight. They gave Slow motion video feature as in iPhone that is more than awesome Eevee: 4/5
7. Headphones given are of above average quality but at least, they are giving it otherwise Zenphone 2 and Honor 4x don’t have headphones. 3/5
8. The phone comes up with dual speakers BUT only one speaker is functional at a time. The phone do not have convertible speakers like we have in Moto nexus 6. Top speaker is just for headset mode and the bottom speaker is for playing Media. But still, the sound quality is good & loud (very loud). It should have provided two normal speakers for media instead of one loudspeaker because multiple speakers create surround sound. 4/5
9. Water resistant phone, I splashed a glass of water but It is working..!!!! Just remember to close the back lid as mentioned in the sticker.
10. Original Flip Cover AVAILABLE!!! You cannot use duplicate flip cover (one that replaces original back lid) because your phone will no longer be waterproof.
11. You can connect 2 USB cables with charging adapter. It means you can charge two phones simultaneously. THATS AMAZING!!!! However, the adapter is of 1150 mAh, means it will take as least 2.5 hours for full charge. 4/5
12. Just like apple, Motorola has learned how to provide flawless performance with low-medium specs (Just like iPhones top model has 1GB RAM only). The phone do not have a super high-speed processor, but the processing management is so awesome that there are NO LAGS even with using multiple applications simultaneously. 5/5
13. Good screen to body ratio with minimum wastage. Like HTC phones waste too much space below and above the screen and make phones unnecessarily larger. This phone utilizes the maximum area and keeps phone pocket sized.

NOTE: The phone comes with free airtel 4G SIM but there are no instructions on Flipkart on how to use it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to rush to Airtel Store to use it. Simply type: SIM SPACE NEW_SIM_NUMBER from your airtel mobile number and send it to 121. The new SIM will be activated within 10 minutes. However, some of my friends got expired SIM. In such case, it shows that SIM number is incorrect. You can get SIM number from the back side of the sim. I inserted Airtel 4G SIM in slot 1 of this phone and got AMAZING speed of 28 Mbps 😀

ALSO, I bought original MOTO Flip cover worth Rs. 1799 with this phone and got Rs. 549 OFF. 😀 To verify if the offer still exists, Add this phone and original Moto Flip Cover to your cart. If your luck is good, you’ll see Rs. 549 off there.


Overall, I would rate it 4.5/5 stars. It is a great deal for this price range. If your budget is 13K, just order this phone without thinking much. Hit like button if you found my moto g3 review useful 😉

Pritam DasGupta

Moto G3 Review – My honest opinion

Hello everyone,
First of all, I would like to say that I don’t normally waste my time writing a review, in fact, this is technically not a review but my honest opinion about the phone. I am going to refrain from praising Flipkart (Oops!) in this, and I will simply write down my thoughts on the parameters which matter to me as follows (Pros or Cons you decide!):
1. The phone is a 5″, which is a perfect fit for my pocket (Always hated my HTC 826 for its size among other things.)
2. The phone has a hardy and rugged look and I feel it is a good companion for my daily use. Gorilla glass and waterproof coating are the icings on the cake.
3. I listen to a lot of music and read books/news and browse on my phone and often find my phone running out of juice easily. This phone despite having a 2470mAh battery, lasted my torments quite long and still it is at 55%. Now that’s one adamant little thing.
4. I don’t really miss the lack of notification LED, in fact, it’s better this way. I always found that flashing light annoying.Moto display is good enough for me.
5. Lack of bloatware and forced installed factory apps unlike Asus Zenfone, HTC (dammit ZOE!) makes it, even more, sexier. The phone’s UI feels smooth and fast due to stock Android.
6. Last but not the least, I need at least one 4G LTE connection for my data usage. The other one for calling. The purpose is served, so I am happy.
So this is my Moto G3 review based on my requirements. Hope someone will find it useful in making an informed decision.

If you have any questions about Moto G3 Review then you can use our forums for asking them feel free to ask about anything.

I am the chief editor of TheLeaker. I also maintain the backend stuff of the site. I’m a tech enthusiast and loves to do Python coding in my free time. I have worked at many giant publications like XDA Developers and NXTtech before starting TheLeaker.
You can get in touch with me at Garv[at]

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  1. After buying dis phn i m more sure why brands like samsung have a good name…as their product is consumer friendly nd worth d money u invested
    The phone proved to b great disaster for me…I will not suggest anyone to put their money on dis phone nd waste your 11000…
    Motherboard problem on d very first day I used d phone..
    Voice problems after the phone came from d service center
    Battery issues…plug in charger in every few minutes
    No voice recorder nd flashlight. I can’t download app from store for such basic specifications… I hope moto doesn’t comes out with any other phone like this!!


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