A Guide to Poker On GTA

The popular Grand Theft Auto series is one of the biggest franchises in the gaming industry and has recently been hitting the headlines once again with the news of a new release, GTA 6, due to be released more than 10 years after the arrival of GTA V.�

GTA V was released in 2013 by Rockstar Games. The game is set in the fictional area of Los Santos and presents three troubled characters, a retired bank robber, a young hustler, and a middle-aged psychopath.�

Their criminal entanglements see them participating in a series of heists and finding themselves mixed up in the city�s dangerous criminal underworld. To survive, these players (played in either first- or third-person mode) must be ruthless and trust no one.

Within GTA there is the opportunity to take a break away from the game�s main storyline lines and immerse yourself in some extracurricular activities. If you are someone who loves to play a game or two of poker, Los Santos� interactive casinos are an ideal destination for you to visit in the game.�

How do you play poker in GTA? We take an in-depth look at the poker mini-games on GTA and how you can play these, as well as some tips for success:

To start, let�s take a look at where you can play poker in GTA. On GTA Online there is the massive Diamond Casino & Resort that was opened for player access in 2019.�

There is lots of content to enjoy and take up your time within the casino, and unsurprisingly this type of venue requires a certain level of cash to enjoy its main benefits and features. To gain access to Diamond Casino, one option is to take out a basic membership at the cost of $500 in-game.�

This membership level gives you access to the basic casino games, and you also get to store one car in the casino�s parking garage. High-stakes players with cash to splash may want to go for the VIP membership for full access, this is automatically included when you buy a penthouse in the Diamond.


However, these penthouses start at $1,500,000, so they are not a cheap purchase! With VIP membership you can access missions given by the Diamond�s owner Tao Cheng – which you will need to be in co-op mode to play.�


The Diamond Casino Heist�

However, if you do not own a Diamond penthouse this does not rule you out of being able to join the Diamond Casino Heist. Instead, for this you need to own at least one of the six arcade properties in the game.�

Note that the arcade does need to be fully stocked before you can start planning your heist mission to break into the vault.�


How to play poker in the game

When you are inside the casino start by looking for the poker table with the chip on it, when you get close you will see the prompt to select the amount of cash you want to buy for a tournament.

You will then get your hole cards which are two cards placed face down. You will want to get the best five-card hand ranking using both these and the community cards.�

At the end of every round, you will decide whether you want to fold or continue to play. If you pay close attention to your opponent�s behavior at the table, this might give you some indication of the strength of their hand ranking and help inform your poker strategy.

Playing poker in GTA is much like playing poker anywhere else, it is important to manage your bankroll effectively and develop your skills with patience and practice.

There are other games in the casino too

Poker isn�t the only game at the Diamond Casino, there is also blackjack, roulette, slots, and inside track. You also have the opportunity to spin the Lucky Wheel daily, which gives you the chance to win some pretty big prizes such as cash, vehicles, or clothing.


The casino store

Once you�ve earned your chips from poker or other games, you can exchange these for items in the casino store. This could be an expansion to your penthouse, some new clothing options, or some decorations.

For penthouse owners, there are some cool add-ons, including a private dealer, a bar hub, a spa, an office, or a media room. You can also add a garage for storing additional vehicles.�

Casino playing content isn�t available in all countries due to gambling laws

Note that casino game content isn�t available in some locations, such as South Korea, Greece, and China, as well as others. This is due to the laws that exist in these countries; however, you can enjoy these games in both the United Kingdom and the United States.�


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