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How to get Money in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption for Free

Garv Sharma




Struck in GTA Online or Red Dead Redemption Game as you don’t have money to proceed or buy the required weapon/house, here’s the best way to earn some money in the game of GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption. The Company Rockstar is offering a reward to all the users of these games who enable 2-factor-authorization in their accounts. By Completing the 2-factor-authorization users will receive free gold bars in Red Dead Online and free cash in GTA Online with some amazing future benefits.

What You Will Get?

  • Added Security
  • $5,00,000 in GTA Online Account
  • 10 Gold Bars in Red Dead Online Beta Account
  • Additional Future Benefits.

How to enable Two-Factor-Authorization:

Enabling two-factor authorization is very simple just follow these steps and enable it and get free cash in your gaming accounts.

Step 1: Just Download the Authenticator App named as Authy from Play Store/App Store/Chrome Store

Step 2: Login to your Rockstar Social Club Homepage (link) and move to settings

Step 3: Click on the 2-step-verification tab and click on set-up.

Step 4: Scan the QR code from the page using your authenticator app (Authy) [as in Step 1] or option in your browser. However, you can enter a Private Key into the authenticator app, allowing you to complete the two-step verification on your account manually.

Step 5: After Scanning the QR Code or entering the Secret Key, just enter your Social Club account password as set before in the field below the QR Code option and the verification code from the Authy app.

Step 6: Click Verify and you are good to go. You would get free money, Yayyyy!!

Benefits of Two-Factor-Verification:

The company is trying to get all the users protected by giving them greed of money, but the actual reason is protecting their account. Enabling a 2-Step verification to your Social Club account gets you an additional layer of security. This wouldn’t allow users with unauthorized access to play in your account. With 2-Step verification enabled, signing on to your account on a new device will require your Email and Password along with a  Verification Code generated by an Authenticator (Authy) on your tablet, phone, or a browser. Always a new Verification Code would be required while signing in from an unauthorized device or location.”

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    March 12, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    Ok, but how soon does the money end up on my online account?

    • Garv Sharma

      Garv Sharma

      March 12, 2019 at 11:35 pm

      It should arrive soon.

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