The do’s and don’ts of online slots: Top tips

Video gaming has gone from being the entertainment equivalent of maths camp to being one of the most popular pastimes in the world over the last couple of decades. In the early days, only the most dedicated fans had the patience to sit through the endless loading screens, deal with constant crashing, and develop a tolerance for the shriek of early cassette tapes packed with blocky games.�


The combination of smartphones and increasingly connected internet access has changed everything about gaming except for the fundamental principles underlying any game – the fun. The technology that started in the super-simple days when everyone was playing Snake on their Nokias can now deliver an incredibly advanced gaming experience, so players have more choices than ever before when it comes to the variety of games available.


To make the most of the opportunity to play at your convenience, there are plenty of online slot providers out there, with thousands of different games on offer. Players who want to have the best time when they play slots online should consider a few simple tips to help them maximize their gaming fun.


Do your due diligence.


As with any other online transaction, playing on a new site means doing a few simple checks to ensure that everything is legitimate, and your details are secure. Consider the source of the site – whether it’s one you searched for or one that popped up in an advert, for example. All sites should show the details of their regulating body, and you can find out whether their registration is legitimate by cross-checking the registration details on the regulator’s site.


If you are searching for a site for playing slots at an online casino real money, a little online research will ensure that you find one that has a good reputation and positive reviews from players. You can also find specific sites that accept particular payment methods, offer beneficial bonuses, or have games that aren’t available elsewhere. Still, it’s important to prioritize security over a good deal and always make sure you’re on a legitimate site first.


Check out their customer service.


Even a genuine site can drive you wild with hard-to-reach customer service, circular chat-bots, or unexpected clauses in their terms and conditions. Players who have had bad experiences will often share online, so it’s worth googling specifically for reviews that mention the customer service experience to find out whether you could be letting yourself in for disappointment.�


Check out the range of games.


If you’re an experienced slot player, you may already have an idea of the kind of games that you prefer, but if you’re new to the world of online slots, it’s worth checking out a few different games to see which ones suit you. Everyone has a different playing style: some people are motivated by frequent wins and prefer to get smaller prizes more often; others enjoy building up the anticipation of a bigger jackpot and would rather win bigger prizes less frequently.�


This is known as the volatility or variance of a machine and if you find the level that suits you, you will enjoy the gaming experience much more than if you are playing against your natural instincts. However, there are other things to consider when picking a game, such as:


  • Minimum bet – it’s important to play to your budget, so prioritize affordability over other factors where you can be a little more flexible and still have fun.
  • Theme – if you choose a game with a familiar theme, you can use your knowledge to your advantage when it comes to making progress through bonus levels.
  • RTP – this is the ‘Return To Player‘ percentage which tells you how much of each bet the slot pays out on average. This is separate from the volatility, and players who enjoy risk-taking might choose a high RTP and high volatility game for maximum potential payout.


Have regular breaks.


Whatever your playing style, when you get into the groove with slots it can be a pretty intense experience, so it’s important to remember to have a break every so often. Slot games move quickly and can become very exciting, which is great fun but it can be overwhelming if you don’t give yourself a chance to relax in between games.


As with all things, moderation is key, so set reminders if you need some external timekeeping to help keep you on track and give yourself strict limits when it comes to budget and time spent playing.


Join the community.


Many online slot providers host their own online community pages, but there are groups for almost every site around, hosted on various social media sites. Players can share tips and hints for specific games, celebrate their wins together, and keep track of the promotions and special events to maximize their chances of winning.


Engaging with the online community can be a great way to stay ahead of the latest when it comes to the games you love, and there are plenty of opportunities to play alongside friends online for a sense of camaraderie wherever you are.


Make the most of promotions.


Most providers have a range of offers and discounts available to qualifying players, and savvy users can maximize their value if they shop around a little. Many sites offer free spins and bonuses to new players, so sometimes just signing up for an account is enough to unlock an array of discounts.


There are several other types of offers that players can seek out such as:


  • Deposit bonus – this is a sum that’s paid when a player deposits money in their account.
  • Loyalty bonus – a sum paid after using an account for a certain length of time.
  • Referral bonus – a sum paid to players that encourage their friends and family to sign up too.
  • Special occasion bonus – some providers offer discounts and bonuses on the anniversary of a player opening their account, their birthday, or other events throughout the year.
  • Payment method bonus – some sites offer players a bonus based on which payment method they use to load their accounts.
  • Seasonal offers – whenever there’s an opportunity to celebrate, sites will get in the seasonal spirit with discounts, free spins, and bonus rounds for those who want to make the most of the opportunity to have fun and win big.


Whether you are completely new to the world of online slots or want to find some new games to keep things interesting, these simple tips can help you stay safe and have fun.�

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