GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3 Download (Grand Theft Auto V)

GTA V Android Game

What would you first presume while hearing the word Grand Theft Auto or simply GTA? Absolutely, you would make an excellent picture of the most beautiful open world in your mind, and it’s legit, coz the Rockstar games have created more than 20 open-world GTA games. These games offer you a serene journey, where you’re deemed to perform some of the bold missions and unlock the whole map of that open world.�

The Rockstar Games head started this with the Grand Theft Auto London 1969 in the year 1999. They designed this game for all the MS-DOS and Windows gamers, and soon they launched a treasure named GTA Vice City. However, the world is growing ahead daily, and today we’ve got access to our favorite GTA game, i.e., GTA 5, on our Android Smartphone.�

Grand Theft Auto 5 Mobile

Did you hear that? Yeah, it’s legit, as we’ve gone through the GTA 5 Mobile version employing a bunch of Android Smartphones, and the success rate is unusual. In simple words, the mobile version of GTA 5 is developed conveniently to run with every good configured Android Smartphone. Now, you don’t need to have any PlayStation or a gaming PC. All you need is in your hand, where you’re scrolling the screen and thinking of downloading GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK.� �

Features of GTA V game

Do you know that GTA V was the first game of the Rockstar Games series that sold more than 20 million copies in just a single year? And it’s all because of the plethora of features obtainable inside the GTA 5. Consequently, we’ve developed this mobile version of GTA 5 in the same way so that it contains almost all the same features as the GTA V PC version. Let’s now get winded towards the features offered within GTA 5 Mobile -�

Coolest graphics

We’ve had coveted every new year when Rockstar Games created a new Open World game for the realistic class graphics. Suppose the space where you can mix both GTA game and real-life and feel unable to find any differences. That’s what all the GTA aspirants desired for their entire life, and fortunately, we’ve got that most aspired feature this time on GTA 5 Mobile. Now is the time to relate with a virtual game being realistic!�

GTA V Gameplay

Giant map

The next feature we’re presenting here is the worthwhile open-world map. We used the word worthwhile, coz you won’t ever feel bored after downloading the GTA5 Mobile game on your Android smartphone.�


It contains a vast map covered in three different cities, enjoying realistic graphics and adventurous missions. Moreover, this map includes the same convenience as all the other GTA games. You can observe the apparel shop icon, burger shop icon, and many more icons to make the exploring convenient.

GTA V Online support

Now, if you’re an enthusiastic gamer and love streaming online gaming channels, like CarryMinati and Mortal, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard about the GTA V Online. Basically, GTA V Online is the new technology developed by the Rockstar games, where the gamers can interact with each other while playing the game and play it together at all.�

GTA 5 Online

Likewise, your favorite battle-royale game, GTA V Online, is designed consequently. Luckily, this online support is available free within the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3; download it right now from the below link!

Diversity of weapons

The next privilege we liked inside the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3 is the diversity of weapons. Again, Weapons are the most crucial stuff while talking about an open-world Rockstar Game. Subsequently, The Rockstar Games have always delivered the classic weapons of colossal styles inside each game.�

Grand Theft Auto Five Weapons

Getting this one more influential, the weapons offered inside GTA 5 Mobile are more astonishing, including your favorite Sniper, AK47, Micro-UZI, Desert Eagle, and many more. Just hit the below section button to download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK and make it all yours.

Open world interface

Open World Interface is defined as the gaming interface, including the entire worldly stuff and adventures. It’s the interface where you can enjoy the Avatar, like the realistic guy, and complete lots of missions naturally.�

GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK Gameplay and graphics

GTA 5 Mobile is designed as an entirely open world, where you can drive a car, walk on streets, enter clubs, drink wine, eat fast food and get taxis. Moreover, you can also get caught by cops while committing any crime and call an Ambulance for injuries. That’s what everyone loves inside GTA 5 and almost every Rockstar GTA game!

Surplus of adventurous missions

After showing you all the classic features of the GTA 5 Mobile game, it’s time to finally get on the significant reason to play this game,�MISSIONS! GTA games are nothing without missions, and in other words, the whole traffic getting attracted to GTA games is only because of these adventurous missions.�

Calling it a plus point, GTA 5 Mobile game offers you over 100 tasks, which you can enjoy directly on your Android Smartphone. Furthermore, it provides one rare privilege, where one can skip the missions if he cannot complete them in 3 or more tries. Sounds exceptional, right?

Astonishing supercars

Who can forget the supercars while pitching an open-world global game? Keeping that in mind, Rockstar Games worked damn hard on the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK and embedded almost all the supercars you know well, including Rapid GT, Schwartzer, Dominator, Coquette BlackFin, and Infernus. You can ride all these supercars and get access to most of them by employing the cheat codes. So why are you waiting? Elsewhere, download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3 instantly!

GTA 5 Cars

Variety of characters

Now, that’s the thing you haven’t seen before inside the Rockstar Games’ GTA series – Variety of Characters! Let’s get back to the GTA Vice City, where we got a single character named Tommy, and the GTA San Andreas, where we again got one and only Carl Johnson to play with.�

GTA V Characters

Blasting all these hurdles, GTA 5 Mobile offers you three different in-game characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. You can play all the different missions for these characters and enjoy the journey with enthusiastic adventures.

Customizable controls

Playing a PC or PlayStation game on Android Smartphone requires the gamer to customize the control menu, as there are tremendous types of gamers, including three-finger, four-claw, and five-claw. Being a GTA 5 Mobile gamer features you the privilege to play the game in any style, as you can enter the Settings menu anytime and change the control customizations damn simply. All it takes is a simple drag&drop knowledge, and that’s it!


GTA 5 Mobile Mod APK�

After knowing about the GTA 5 Android game, you must aspire to have additional features, such as infinite money and all that stuff, to make the gameplay handier. However, it’s a legit feeling, and after considering that, we’ve developed the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK.�

Fundamentally, the official GTA 5 Mobile game doesn’t come with GTA Online support and delivers a distinct way to purchase gaming dollars at a high charge. Except that, you can download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK from the link in the below download section and enjoy most premium privileges without paying a single cent.�

Features of GTA 5 Mobile Mod APK�

Yeah, all those were the entirely factual statements we pitched on the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK, as it genuinely contains an immense amount of additional privileges. Apart from the convenient gaming interface, you’ll also observe so many supplementary features within the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK, where we’ve mentioned a few of them below -�

No verification needed

First, people love GTA 5 game only because of its online version, which they developed to help gamers interact in the exact open world. Everyone loves doing that, and that’s why they aspire to play the battle royale games more than these open world and puzzle android games.��

Fortunately, GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK is designed with free access to GTA Online support. It means that you can now download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK from the below link and call all your friends to play the game together on the same open world with different avatars. Time to choose one Avatar and jump inside the exceptional world of GRAND THEFT AUTO!

Unlimited Money

After having complimentary access to open world GTA Online support, the next thing you would aspire desperately would be the money, in-game dollars. Dollars are essential to buy weapons, customize Avatars and employ in the shops of GTA V.

GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3 provides all the enthusiastic gamers with infinite dollars so that you can purchase all your favorite stuff and play the game with additional slushies of entertainment. Again, what you need is the same thing; download GTA 5 MOD APK from the below link and enjoy its goodness.�

Download GTA 5 Mobile Mod APK 1.3�

GTA 5 Mobile Apk is one of the best open-world games for all Android gamers, and if you’re thinking of having fun in the game with almost no annoyance, then you can try the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK! The modified version of this open-world game delivers you all the worthwhile features you desire within the official game.�

GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK is the most influential and latest version of GTA 5 Mobile modification. This modification will provide you with freely accessible GTA online support, and all the new stuff added recently within the game. Just hit the below download link and download GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK instantly to your Smartphone. Furthermore, you would also have to employ the below-sectioned installation process to install the app carefully.

Grand Theft Auto V Mobile MOD APK Download the latest version from here.

You can also download our best-in-class�Among US MOD APK, GTA San Andreas MOD APK, FreeFire, and PubG New State MOD APK.

How to install GTA 5 Mobile Mod APK on an Android phone

After successfully downloading the GTA 5 MOD APK from the above link, you would require to follow the below few steps for installing the GTA V MOD APK uninterruptedly on your Android Smartphone -�

Step 1 ��First of all, download both the APK and OBB files, as listed above.

Step 2 ��Next, Open the home screen and get to the Settings app on your device.

Step 3�� Search for the Security Settings by scrolling down the menu list.

Step 4�� Locate the toggle named Unknown Sources and click the toggle next to it.

Step 5 ��Click the Enable tab on the following notification prompt.

Step 6�� Finally, You’ve enabled the third-party installation and are now required to install the app.

Step 7 -�Now, open the folder where you’ve downloaded the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK and OBB file.�

Step 8�� Install the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK file on your Android phone. (Only install, don’t open it!)

Step 9 ��Open the Google Play Store and install a ZIP extractor for your Android Smartphone. Our recommendation will be for the�RAR!

Step 10 ��Open that RAR app or any extractor you’ve downloaded, and open the folder where you’ve downloaded the above files.

Step 11 ��Now, extract the GTA 5 Mobile OBB fileto the described location � /local/Android/obb/

Step 10 ��Finally, open the app drawer and launch the GTA 5 Mobile MOD game ASAP.


GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK 1.3 is the most recent modification of the GTA 5 Mobile game, developed with the most adorable features, including unlimited money and no requirement for verification. Moreover, You can enjoy all the exclusive weapon styles and a wide range of vehicles inside the GTA 5 Mobile MOD APK to enjoy enthusiastic gaming.�


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