YouTube Vanced 14.10.53 Adds Some New Feature [APK Download]

We everyone loves playing videos on youtube but are tired of ads that pop out every time when we play a video which makes our experience awful. While there are some adblockers available, they may charge us. Here comes Youtube Vanced which some amazing needed features which will improve our experience. Let’s talk about it in detail.

What is Youtube Vanced? What are its features?

Youtube Vanced was once known as iYTBP (Injected YouTube Background Playback)firstly developed by Master_T, a member of XDA forums after some time which he had discontinued and some other developers had has taken that project and renamed it to “Vanced” continuing it with official YouTube app updates.

Features of Youtube Vanced:

  • Ad-Blocker: It gives the users an option to block all ads which makes the experience immersive.
  • Play in Background: Allows the users to play videos in the background while using other apps
  • Force HDR: Allows the users to play videos in HDR resolution forcefully.
  • Pinch to Zoom: Allows the users to use the full-screen mode in youtube.
  • PiP Mode – Allows the Users to play the video in Picture in Picture Mode while using other apps.

What’s new in YouTube Vanced APK Version 14.10.53?

The latest YouTube Vanced APK updates the database version to be based on Youtube Beta v14.10.53. It fixes an issue where speeding crashed the app. Some users reported that the app had some issues with the Auto-Repeat feature, now this has been fixed. Also, some users complained that they weren’t able to watch videos on preferred quality; this also has been fixed. This app also updates translations for some languages such as Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, and Korean.

Even after the update, the company says we have an issue which is the preferred resolution won’t work as selected in the settings dialogs until it has been actually changed and set. While it will show up as selected in the resolution selection lists.

Download Link: This APK has been verified safe to install and can be sideloaded by downloading from this link

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