The Best Mobile Apps for Following the NFL

The NFL is one of the biggest, most popular sporting organizations in the world. In February 2023, around 200 million people watched the Super Bowl LVII, in which the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.�

It�s not without good reason that the NFL is so popular. The parity on the field and in team values, a product of equal sharing of revenue and of the salary cap, has made the NFL more exciting for everyone. The organization also does a fantastic job of promoting itself, by creating masses of engaging content and maintaining a heavy presence online so that fans can find out more about the league and their favorite teams, and generally stay up to date with all things NFL. Then there�s the actual physicality and strategy involved in the game itself. It all makes the NFL highly engaging.�

Of course, the days of having to sit down with a newspaper or magazine or in front of the TV to find out what�s happening in the NFL are over. Today, you can follow the NFL from your mobile phone, which is especially handy for sports betting on the NFL. Below are some of the best apps for keeping track of what�s happening in the NFL if you want to lay a wager on the league.�


The NFL app is the best starting point for anyone who wants to follow the NFL for any purpose. It�s the league�s official app and gives you access to NFL app services such as Red Zone, which brings you every touchdown from every single game on Sunday evenings; and the NFL Network, which features football shows and provides coverage of live games, including pre-season games, and also from the draft right through to the Super Bowl. If you want your NFL content in one place, the NFL app is a great place for this and is highly customizable.

Draft Kings

Draft Kings offer several different apps for sports fans, including a sportsbook app that is superb for betting on the NFL on the go. The wide range of markets, such as the NFL player props betting market, makes a Draft Kings app ideal for anyone interested in laying down some money on a game, whether it�s overs and under betting on how many pass yards a quarterback will earn, on how many passes they�ll complete or on some other aspect of the game. If you�re a big fan of the NFL but haven�t had time to study the form before a game, you can also take part in live betting and place a bet while a game is ongoing.�

The Score


The Score is a user-friendly app that delivers all the latest news from the NFL to your mobile device. The app supplies scores, standings and schedules all in the same place, making it easy to follow the league, which is ideal if you�re into sports betting and want to analyze a team�s form. Just like the official NFL app, The Score app is customizable. Thanks to the favorites section, you can curate the content and keep all the stuff that interests you most in one place.�


ESPN is for die-hard sports fans in general and offers fans detailed content, which is excellent for sports bettors. The NFL coverage is excellent. Download the app and you can turn it in for pre-game predictions and analysis, real-time game action, and post-match breakdowns. That�s not all, as the app provides with game scores, podcasts, live play-by-play for each pass, breaking news, and much more. Subscribe to ESPN with a compatible cable company and you�ll also be able to enjoy live videos, highlight reels, and post-game stats. This is one app you should definitely have on your phone to access lots of different information necessary for sports betting.�

Pro Football Weekly

The Pro Football Weekly is a terrific app for staying up to date with the NFL so you can make smart sports betting decisions. The app doesn�t just give you news about what�s been happening on the grid but also features news of all the drama of it. News about trades, injuries, contract hold-offs, and, in general, the locker room drama is all there on the app. As well as news, you can read analysis and in-depth articles by expert NFL writers, and there is also advice on fantasy football.�

The existence of mobile devices and apps for them makes it easy to keep track of all the NFL news and action so you can take part in sports betting. Other apps you might wish to download include the Pro Football Live app, which offers play-by-play commentary, live scores, and news from the league, and the X app (formerly Twitter), which is generally good for following team and league news.�

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