Root OnePlus 5T, Install TWRP Recovery and take EFS Backup (In Depth)

OnePlus has recently launched its OnePlus 5T�device which is the successor to the old OnePlus 5, though there is not a huge difference in the performance of the smartphones.The latest OnePlus 5T also runs on the Oxygen OS which is very close to the stock Android experience, but still, there are a lot of users who want to take customization to the next level by rooting their devices. So this article is all about how one can root his/her OnePlus 5T by unlocking its bootloader.

We all know that for installing any custom ROM we need to install a custom recovery like CWM or TWRP on our device but at present, there is no official support from TWRP for the OnePlus 5T but an Unofficial TWRP is available about which we will talk later in this article. Firstly note that we are not responsible for any bricked devices or other issues, please follow the below steps at your own risk. Before beginning, please ensure that your PC should have ADB drivers installed in it.

Rooting and Installing TWRP on OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5t and OnePlus 5
The image is showing a comparison between the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T.
Image courtesy: youtube .com

The files you need to download:

How to Unlock the bootloader of OnePlus 5T?

  • ) First of all, enable USB Debugging on your device and switch it off.
  • ) After that long press, the Vol up+Power button and it will boot into fastboot mode.
  • ) Now open the ADB files located in the C:\program files(x86)\minimal ADB and fastboot.
  • ) Before going ahead do note that this will delete each and everything on your device.
  • ) Connect your device to Desktop via USB cable and as it detects your device give the below-mentioned command to ADB:

Fastboot oem unlock � don�t include inverted commas in any of the commands.

  • ) Now your device will show a warning, to continue, press the Vol up button to select yes and press the power button for confirmation.
  • ) Now after the device reboots switch it off again and go to the recovery mode, from here wipe all user data and switch off the device.

Install TWRP recovery on your OnePlus 5T

  • ) Rename the TWRP file to recovery.img and move it to your Desktop in the C:\program files(x86)\minimal ADB and fastboot.
  • ) Connect your device to PC and again boot into fastboot mode.
  • ) Now open the ADB command window and type the below command to install the TWRP file:

fastboot flash recovery.img

  • ) As the flashing complete, don�t reboot your device through ADB simply disconnect it and boot into recovery mode manually and this time instead of the stock recovery TWRP recovery will appear.

How to Root OnePlus 5T?

Image showing the new OnePlus 5T.
Image courtesy: youtube .com
  • ) First, download the file from the below-provided link and transfer the file to your smartphone.
  • ) Now switch off the device and boot into recovery mode, from here click on the Install button locate the SuperSU file then swipe to install it.
  • ) As the device finishes installation click on the reboot option and you will find that the device has SuperSU installed and Root access is enabled.

How to take Nandroid backup?

  • ) Before going forward, you must know that for creating this backup you have to remove any lock(pattern, pin, password).
  • ) Now boot into the recovery mode(TWRP recovery) and from here click on the Backup option and select all partitions, this will backup all current things of your smartphone including apps, files and even the current wallpaper you are using.
  • ) Swipe to make a backup, it will take some time and once completed reboot the device, and you will find that the TWRP folder contains the following backup. Do not move the backup to any other folder otherwise TWRP recovery will not detect it.

How to restore the Nandroid backup?

  • ) Simply head to the recovery mode and from here click on the restore button.
  • ) As the new screen will appear you will find that a backup is available there.
  • ) From here select the backup and swipe to install it.
  • ) As the installation will finish, reboot the device and you will find that you have restored all your files.

How to take EFS Backup?

  • ) For taking the EFS backup a user has to install the Terminal Emulator app from the play store or any other third party source.
  • ) As you install the app, open it and type the below command:

su � doesn’t include the inverted commas.

  • ) After that it will gain the root access and now type the below mention commands:

dd if=/dev/block/sdf1 of=/sdcard/modemst1.bin bs=512

dd if=/dev/block/sdf1 of=/sdcard/modemst2.bin bs=512

Don�t include the inverted commas.

  • ) Now you will find two new files in your SD-card named as the modemst1.bin and modemst2.bin, these are the two backup files.
  • ) In case you don�t know EFS backup contains all information related to the cellular data, SIM cards, IMEI numbers, etc.

How to Restore EFS backup?

  • ) First, switch off your device and go into fastboot mode.
  • ) Now connect your device to the PC through USB cable.
  • ) Make sure your device is connected correctly and open the command prompt in the pc.
  • ) Enter the below command in the command window:

fastboot flash modemst1.bin

fastboot flash modemst2.bin

Don�t include the inverted commas.

5.) As it completes reboot your device and now you have successfully restored your files.

Do comment down below if you encounter any problem while performing the process.

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