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Rokkr App – A Media Browsing solution

Online Enjoying and Entertaining platforms are getting enhanced rapidly, even more powerfully than any other stream. There are hundreds of exceptional platforms out there that can help you stream the most awesome content on the Internet. And the most astonishing thing is that you can use all these platforms on almost every smart device, including the Android, iOS Smartphones, Smart TV, Play Station, PC, and X-BOX.�

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But still, If I’m right, You haven’t found anything reliable even after going through lots of platforms. You won’t need to worry here for a single second since today we’ve found one of the hidden gems on the Internet and trying to introduce it entirely to you. So the platform is named Rokkr and is one of the most brilliant young platforms developed to deliver you most of the premium content free of charge with the media URL combos.

It’s the platform that’ll offer you the OTT content from Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ within lots of movies, web series, and Live TV Shows like Disney and Warner Bros. In Simple words, Rokkr App is all you need for your binge-watching in between this boring era. According to all the developers, It’s named Rokkr only because it rocks everyone’s life by providing you the exclusive privileges of a media player and a browser simultaneously.

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So stop getting stuck inside those stingy platforms and paying for the premium subscriptions every month. Just get switched to Rokkr and use any media URL bundle like HUHU.TO or OHA.TO, and start streaming all your favorite stuff free of charge on the Rokkr app. Moreover, We’ve also listed all the features available inside Rokkr below to make you fully introduced to the app. Let’s take a broad look at there –

Rokkr App Features

Use numerous URL Bundles

URL Bundles are the primary stuff you need inside the Rokkr app to stream your favorite content. Fundamentally, It’s a browser-sided media player, and that’s why it only supports the URL Bundles to help you streaming effective content. If You’re a newbie, you can use the bundles like and stream all the Netflix content within the amazing Live TV shows freely. So what’re you waiting for? Click the below download button ASAP and download Rokkr APK.

Rokkr app premium install bundle

Rokkr Box Play & Connect

Apart from the Rokkr Android app, Rokkr Box has also toiled in various countries like Europe, where you can use this box costing approximately 100 Euros and stream your favorite content directly as a plug&play device. It’s a premium Box that offers you the 4K UHD content available within lots of futuristic privileges, like DHL-Express, Convenient Interface, and the easy-peasy connection. So If Your country is supporting Rokkr, you must once use this device, and you’ll fall in love with it!

Rokkr TV Box

Convenient App interface

Again as a premium app feature, the Rokkr app offers you the most convenient app interface, where you can go with hundreds of privileges and use them within full potential handily. There is no rocket science behind this app, as all you need here is to inscribe the media links to watch the premium content. It allows you to stream content from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime and have created the playlists in the most simplistic way to help you getting entertained without annoyance.�

Rokkr Movies

Choose one of the fluent servers.

Another premium feature developed by the Rokkr app is the availability of hundreds of superb servers. These servers will help you streaming content from any country damn fluently. Suppose that You’re living in the United States and wanna stream the Rokkr app content. In that case, European servers won’t work that much fluently for you, and similarly, you need a US server. Keeping that in mind, RokkrApp offers you all the accessible fluent servers, like US servers, UK servers, Netherland, and Germany servers.�

Share your favorite content.

After having all these fantastic features and a privileged app interface, literally no one inside the entire world who won’t feel loved to share this with all their friends, considering that Rokkr App also has installed the Share option on the streaming screen. In simple words, You can use this Share icon and share the web link to redirect your favorite content on the Rokkr app. You can send this link on any platform, like Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, to help others.


Start watching from where you ended.

This feature has lacked in most online streaming platforms, and it isn’t enjoyable if you can’t start streaming your favorite content from where you ended. Everyone wants to get redirected to stream their favorite movie or web series from where they ended yesterday night. And fortunately, Rokkr App allows you to do that! Yeah, You can use the Rokkr app and can start streaming any of the web series episodes, and it’ll show you the options of restarting and starting from where you ended.

Recommended and Similar content support

Who doesn’t want to watch the same niche and genre movie or web series after completing one? I remember once I streamed a Zombie movie and struggled to find lots of the same genre movies to stream the best. But it was only hard until I didn’t get the Rokkr App! So the Rokkr app is the one, which lists similar content for you of what you’re watching. Moreover, It also offers some of the AI-built recommendations as per your streaming history. I think it would be the most delightful feature here!

Rokkr TV similar content feature

Multiple Device support

Rokkr App is an all-in-one Android application, which doesn’t lack any single feature. You can download it immediately on your Android or iOS Smartphone, and you can also use it on various other consoles. Rokkr supports lots of consoles, like Smart TV, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire Stick, MI Stick, Tablets, Laptops, Computers, and gaming consoles like PlayStation and X-BOX.�

Rokkr on FireTV

Over five languages

So the next brilliant feature offered by the Rokkr app is the availability of lots of languages on the app interface. No matter where you are from, You can make the Rokkr app work for you in the same way! It offers you the languages, like Espanol, Francais, Nederlands, Portugues, Turkce, Deutsch, and our global language, English. After choosing your desired language successfully, You can stream all your aspired content in your language. Sounds cool, right?

Countries with their flags as Icon

Already enabled Dark Mode.

Dark Mode is the most current aspiration of every Android app lover. It was launched 2-3 years ago, but we now only feel reliable on Android apps with the Dark Mode. That’s why the Rokkr App contains an already enabled dark mode. Basically, This platform offers the entire interface only within the black interface with a dark background and striking looks. Let’s install this app and get amazed with the premium content on our favorite looks.

Rokkr APK on Android with dark mode

Free in-built Media Player

What I loved most inside the Rokkr app is this feature – It’s an in-built Media Player. We’ve seen and even used almost all the unique applications offering the free premium content of Netflix and Hulu, but do you know any of them having their own media player. Nope, right? Rokkr is that unique Android application that offers you the 100% free Media Player, including all your favorite privileges, like the convenient Play, Pause and Stop Button, Subtitle settings, Player Engine Settings, and Favorite marking icon.�

Subtitle support

There are millions of hours of entertainment available on the Internet right now, and within them, there are hundreds of thousands of hours in non-reliable languages. No doubt, We’re born only to stream unique content without annoyance, and likewise, the Rokkr App offers you Subtitle Support for almost all the content available on the servers. Most of the range allows you to stream in the subtitle languages like English, Espanol, Francais, Hrvatski, Italiano, Nederlands, Urdu, and Hindi.�

subtitle support

Live TV add-on

Apart from the Movies, Web Series, and the successful content of the entire OTT Platforms, Rokkr App is also delivering Live TV Shows for you. You can stream all these TV Shows without any premium subscription or cable connection. You can download the app and inscribe the URL Bundle like HUHU.TO stream live TV Channels like 24 Kitchen HD, NOVA Action, Zee series, AL K Sports, Amol TV, B Gold, Baby TV, Cartoon Network HD English, and Comedy Central.�

Rokkr TV Live TV addon

TV Mode

Have you ever thought of transforming your Android smartphone into a smart television? Sounds impossible, right? But Rokkr APK has made it possible only with its in-built TV Mode. Basically, You can get this privilege listed on the Settings menu of the Rokkr App and enable it to change your Smartphone’s app experience into the TV Mode. It would be best to use this mode only on your TV, but you can also use it with your Smartphone for a landscape experience.�

Rokkr TV Premium Mode

Two different Player engines

If You have already used any other media application, then you must know about the Player Engines. These engines primarily offer you some additional streaming privileges, like enhanced volume, HD Volume quality, and zero nuisance. So similarly, You can also use this feature here inside the Rokkr app. It consists of two different player engines, Native and the MPV Engine. MPV would be the best for watching classic movies, and Native will only work in a few HD voice content.

Player Engines - 1. Native 2. MPV

Rokkr App Premium Plans

If You haven’t used the Rokkr app before, then let me tell you that it’s not as simple as it seems. Yeah, You heard right! If You’re the newbie to Rookr, then you’re about to get 100% interrupted with the online Banner and Video advertisements and a slowpoke kind of performance. So If You’re assuming of watching the exceptional content performatively, You need to subscribe to the below-acknowledged premium plan first -�

Rokkr Premium�– First of all, Rokkr Premium is a one-time payment, unlike the other sticky subscription plans where you’re required to pay every month for the subscription. Besides that, Rokkr Premium is developed only for binge streamers since it offers binge-worthy privileges like smooth watching, a reliable app interface, and an ad-free interface. It costs 19.95 EUR, which you need to pay a single time for a lifetime subscription.

Rokkr Premium Price

You can go through the official Rokkr website to subscribe to this qualified subscription plan and enjoy all your favorite movies without any disturbance. So Finally, It’s time to get towards downloading our favorite streaming platform, Rokkr APK -�

Rokkr APK Download for Android Latest Version

Rokkr Download

Are You ready to join the most entertaining platform, acquiring great content from all over the world? If Yes, then this glint needs just a simple application named�Rokkr APK�to enlighten the entire mind. Rokkr APK will allow you to use any of your favorite URL Bundles, and afterward, you can watch most of your favorite movies, web series, and live TV Shows.

We’ve listed below the web link to download the latest version of Rokkr APK, i.e., Rokkr APK 1.7.1. You can click on this link, and you’ll automatically get redirected towards the official download page for Rokkr APK, including all the most current privileges and the natural content. So stop thinking anymore, and download Rokkr APK ASAP -�

Download Rokkr APK latest version from here – Download it now by clicking here

You can install the Rokkr.apk on Android phones, Android TV, Google TV, and even FireTVSticks.

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How to install Rokkr APK on Android smartphones

Rokkr APK will allow you to stream all your aspired content from now, without any restriction. It’s going to make your life more convenient with the below convenient installation process –

Step 1 ��Click the above download link and download Rokkr APK.

Step 2 ��As the downloading process got completed, Now Open the Settings app ASAP.

Step 3 ��Search for the Security tab inside Settings and Tap it!

Step 4 ��Inside the Security tab, You’ll find a toggle named Unknown Resources or Third Party Installation. Enable it!

Step 5�� Now, Open the File Manager app, either system or third-party!

Step 6 ��Search for the recently downloaded Rokkr APK, or open the appropriate download folder.

Step 7 ��Now Click the Rokkr APK, which will hastily mount a notification tab.

Step 8 ��Click the Install button and wait for 2-5 minutes until complete the process is.

Step 9 ��As the Installation is completed, Open the app and allow for the needed permissions like the Internet to stream without limits.

You’re all good now with the Rokkr APK, and now it’s the time to stream the infinite movies, web series, and Live TV Shows without those monthly payments.

How to install Rokkr APK on Amazon FireTVStick and Smart TV

Apart from the Android Smartphones, You can install Rokkr APK on your FireStick and enjoy the same Netflix and other premium platform content without paying a single dollar. Just Go through the below links and install Rokkr APK ASAP ��

Step 1 ��First of all, Turn On your FireStick TV and Tap the Settings Icon!

Step 2 ��Inside the Settings app, Tap the My FireTV Icon and navigate to the Developer Options.

Step 3 ��Open the Developer Options and Enable the prompt saying Unknown Sources to enable third-party installation inside your FireTV�

Step 4 ��Now, You’re good to go! Open the Homepage and Navigate to the Amazon App Store from there.

Step 5 ��Inside the Amazon App Store, You’re required to search Downloader term, which will list a Downloader app like the below picture!�

Step 6 ��Open the Downloader app page, Click Get Button, and Install the Downloader app on your FireStick.

Step 7 ��Open the Downloader app, and allow all the permissions like Storage and Internet for downloading Rokkr APK.

Step 8 ��Now inscribe the below link on the ‘Enter an URL’ section and type�“(”�and Click on Get!

Step 9 ��It’ll take a few minutes per your Internet Fluency, and you will download Rokkr APK for you!

Step 10 ��Click the Install button on the recently arisen tab for installing Rokkr APK on your FireStick.

Step 11 ��Wait for 2-5 minutes and Click on the Delete button to delete the app source file after the installation!

Ultimately, You’ve installed Rokkr APK on your FireStick TV and are ready to endure all the fantastic content without any hassle or multiple charges. Just Open the Home Page of FireTV and open the My Apps folder, where you’ll get Rokkr APK listed! Enjoy it!

How to Install Rokkr app on PC and Laptop Easily:

Rokkr TV For Windows: – Download

  1. Download the Rokkr TV Windows installer file (Rokkr.exe) from the above download link.
  2. Disable any Antivirus app you have installed to avoid installation problems.
  3. Open up the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
  4. Click on next and Continue and wait for it to Install.
  5. You are now ready to go.

Rokkr TV For macOS: – Download

  1. Download the Rokkr TV macOS installer (Rokkr.dmg) from the above download link
  2. Double click on it. It will open it in a viewfinder.
  3. Now, drag and drop the icon to the Applications Folder.
  4. Now Rokkr is installed, and you are good to go.

Rokkr TV For Linux: – Download

  1. Download the Rokkr Linux installer (Rokkr.appimage) from the above download link
  2. Double Tap on it to open it in the Softwares Windows
  3. Provide the administrator password and click on Install
  4. This will Install Rokkr on your PC


Ultimately, Now You can download Rokkr APK and get 100% rid of those monthly premium subscriptions of Netflix and Amazon Prime. It hurts a lot when we hardly earn money and spend them to stream OTT content. But After downloading Rokkr APK, It won’t seem that way. All You need to bear is the online advertisements, but you can also clear them all by paying the 19.95 EUR for a lifetime ad-free subscription. The choice is all yours!

Rokkr App FAQs


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