Best Oreo TV Alternatives: Top Apps Like Oreo TV For Free Live TV

The Online Streaming services or the OTT platforms have shown their dominant standing in the last few years of the pandemic, i.e., 2020 and 2021. Well, It was a legit shot since almost all the families were idle those days, as virtually all the businesses were down and our office workers were working from home. Moreover, there are millions of newborn streamers risen during this period who heard about the platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hotstar, and HBO Max first time in their life.

Best Oreo TV Alternatives

But do you know that statistically, more than 500 streaming platforms are working globally and serving millions of binge streamers daily? Yeah, It would astound you, but it’s one of the harsh truths of our streaming world. And the most pathetic thing here is that each of these streaming platforms is damn extravagant. In simple words, We can’t afford all of these streaming platforms every month.

Each gem contains its peculiarities, and similarly, each streaming platform offers the most unusual content that you can’t stream inside another one. That’s the space where we need the most advanced solution, named Oreo TV! If You haven’t used this app before, Oreo TV is a convenient Android app offering you massive bundles of OTT content, including the official content of Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu.

Oreo TV homepage

Moreover, This platform also allows you to binge-watch the Live TV shows that you aspire to stream all day. You can stream the live Indian, Pakistani, UK, and US TV Channels using the high-speed servers of Oreo TV and skip the costly cable payments. Additionally, After observing all your comments on our recent few posts, finally, we’re here with an article presenting the�Top

10 Best Oreo TV Alternatives

We’ve listed all these alternative recommendations below with their official download link and have encompassed numerous security checks on these Android apps to ensure you a 100% secure streaming interface. So let’s not waste a single moment and get sharply inside the Best Oreo TV Alternatives.� �

1. ThopTV

There are over 20 different Oreo TV Alternatives, and we’ve listed only 10 of them since we aspire you to employ advanced or futuristic services in place of those annoying ones. All the below recommendations are fantastic, but the reason behind listing�ThopTV on No. 1 is its featurefulness!

So ThopTV is designed with love for all the binge streamers who want to stream the free OTT content from numerous services. People are dressed for a realm where everything is possible with a single press on a button, and that’s why ThopTV offers you the handy user interface. You can get astounded with the content available inside this application, from over 20 different sources, including the subtitles and Favorite list option.


You can download the most recent version of ThopTV developed just a few months ago, embedded with all the newest features below. Just hit this link and enjoy binge streaming -�


  • Download your favorite content with the free offline download feature available inside THOP TV APK.
  • Enjoy the free HD TV channels linked with the legit Airtel, Jio, and other servers.
  • Ride the easiest app interface like all the branded online streaming platforms.

ThopTV Download

2. TeaTV

After the ThopTV,�TeaTV�is the next beast Android free OTT app, developed to compete with all such applications. Again, It’s also a handy Android application, where you can use the simplistic Search bar and the Voice search support to find your favorite content. It also includes the combo of OTT streaming web series, movies, and Live TV Channels forecast.

Additionally, You can also enjoy some of the supplementary features inside TeaTV that aren’t available inside any other version, like the separate HD Release section, Watchlist sync with an in-built account login option, and numerous streaming servers. So If You haven’t employed this 100% free OTT app before, then download it ASAP from the below link -�



  • 100% optimized app interface and the fastest server support for the smoothest streaming.
  • Free in-built Lite mode to use low data and stream the exceptional content.
  • Monthly updating app interface to fix glitches and offer you more futuristic privileges than the last versions.

Tea TV Download

3. Pikashow

Pikashow would be the next competitor for our Oreo TV! It’s one of the most attractive Android applications to stream free OTT content. If You’re the real black screen or dark mode aspirer, Pikashow will offer you a pre-installed dark mode inside the app that you can enjoy with full convenience. It contains the OTT web series and movies from your most favorite online streaming platform named Netflix too.�

Sadly, It won’t offer you any Live TV Channels for binge live streaming, but elsewhere, You can find all the recent episodes since Pikashow offers you the working servers of online web shows apps like Hotstar and Zee5. All You need is to search your favorite serial on the search bar, and afterward, you can stream them successfully.��



  • Providing you with a Favorite list to store all your loved and selected content.
  • Free genre collection list for all the binge streamers to find world-class watching recommendations
  • Enjoy the free offline download feature within the online streaming modes.

Pikashow Download

4. GHD Sports

GHD Sports is something you can call an Oreo TV for sports. Yeah, You heard right! It’s a well-designed Android OTT app developed mostly for sports binge streamers. Suppose that You’re a Football or cricket lover and ready to stream your aspired live match, and unfortunately, you’re out of electricity. In that case, GHD Sports will provide you with over 100 free live sports channels to stream any match conveniently.

Moreover, This application will also allow you to watch colossal other entertainment stuff, such as many Hindi, English, and Marathi serials. Even If You’re having low data available for the day, You can watch the cricket and football live scores inside the app and save the internet.�

GHD Sports


  • Hundreds of free live sports channels to stream any Sports match or tournament.
  • Includes more entertaining content apart from the Sports stuff.
  • Enriched with the free event details, including upcoming tournaments live scores and the Sportsman details.
  • Hundreds of servers to watch lag-free content.

GHD Sports Download

5. GoMax Live TV

Now, We have the�GoMax Live TV�Android app after acknowledging the above fabulous alternatives for Oreo TV. So GoMax Live TV APK works ditto similarly as all other applications and offers almost the same speedy servers but with lots of additional privileges. It’s a smart Android app delivering Live Entertainment TV Channels, Sports TV Channels, News TV Channels, and Kids TV Channels.

Again as the most unusual feature here,�GoMax Live TV�provides you the free Android applications and Wallpaper to download within watching the TV Channels. Yeah, You heard right! You can download the high-def wallpapers using the GoMax Live TV and use them on your Front Screen and the Lock Screen to enrich the look of your device.�

GoMax Live TV


  • Enjoy free TV serials within the HD Wallpapers and Android apps.
  • Enjoy numerous regional languages, like Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.
  • 100% free to use and contains no redirecting links.
  • Track daily schedules of all your favorite TV Channels on�GoMax Live TV.

GOMax Live TV Download

6. PLEX Free TV

PLEX Free TV is the next free online streaming service, ready to offer you Hollywood and Bollywood quality content without interruptions. It’s a mixture of Online Live TV and OTT content platform, where you can enjoy everything you want. You can mark Plex Free TV as the 360 solutions for your binge-watching.

This platform will deliver all the exceptional Live TV Channels that you can’t get inside any other platform, like Johny Charson TV, Wu-Tang, The Film Detective, US TV, Fashion Box HD, and Yahoo Finance. Additionally, You can also enjoy the multiple features inside the in-built video player of PLEX Free TV APK. And one of the most unusual privileges offered here is free access to Music Tracks, as well as premium podcasts!



  • 360 solution for enjoyment, including OTT Content, Live TV, Online Music Listening, and Podcast Radio.
  • Add your own media to Plex using its protocol and stream it professionally.
  • Track your daily activity with history and the top recommendations on watching.

7. LiveNet TV

We’ve seen streamers’ choices changing steadily, and that’s why listed 10 unusual recommendations for all the Oreo TV lovers. If You’re also one of them, You’ll love streaming the LiveNet TV!�LiveNET TV is the next competitor, embedded with almost the same app interface as our Oreo TV. Again, This platform is also developed to stream all kinds of stuff out there, including Live TV, Movies, Web Series as well as the oldest TV Shows.

Excepting that, There are lots of extra benefits also available inside the LiveNet TV that you can enjoy after downloading it, listed on the below highlights -�



  • You can request your favorite channel if it’s not listed on the�LiveNet TV�channel list.
  • Zero no need for subscription and account creation; Just download the app and start streaming!
  • Enjoy thousands of hours of entertainment within 800+ Live TV Channels can’t end till the entire year.
  • Enjoy the FullHD Streaming on all those TV Channels and your favorite OTT shows.

LiveNetTV Download

8. RedBox TV APK

RedBox TV APK sounds like the official application for a TV Box, right? However, It’s also one of those 100% free Android applications to stream Live TV from all over the world. Yeah, The�RedBox TV APK�is developed for all those binge streamers who wanna enjoy the global streaming content. Consequently, It offers a Live TV service directed through countries like India, Pakistan, the US, the UK, and several distinct genres, such as Kids, Science, Sports, and many more.��

Moreover, You can also watch the RedBox TV content on all your favorite or privileged video players, such as MX Player, VLC Medi Player, and PlayIT to enjoy your own convenience. It contains thousands of incredible TV channels directed from over 10 distinct regions out there in the world.�

RedBox TV


  • The entire RedBox TV content is well-mannered inside the 22 different genres to find your favorite one.�
  • You can create your favorite list and add all your favorite content at any moment inside that list.
  • RedBox TV is a small Android application that’ll only hold up to 20 megabytes of your storage and won’t interrupt you with in-app lags.

Redbox TV Download

9. JioTV MOD

JioTV MOD is the modified version of the official JioTV application. If You’re an Android binge streamer, you must have heard of this application before and have downloaded it once. But sadly, This app only works for the true Jio users who are using the Jio networks, which hurts all other Airtel and VI users. But You won’t need to worry about that after downloading JioTV MOD APK from the below link.

This online live TV app will allow you to watch all your favorite TV Channels without a single ad interruption, and you can also stream most of the old serials you skipped in the morning!



  • JioTV MOD APK delivers over 500 different TV channels, including numerous regional and global languages.
  • You can set reminders for your favorite programs so that, If You’re doing some work, JioTV MOD APK will ping you for that serial.
  • JioTV MOD APK is a 100% ad-free Android app, which won’t interrupt you with online ads.�

JIO Mod APK Download

10. TVZion

TVZion is again a free online streaming protocol, which allows you to watch the different TV programs, movies, and web series from lots of premium platforms like Netflix and Amazon free of charge. You can download the app version, named TVZion APK below! It can be seen as one of the most powerful alternatives for the OreoTV app, as the TVZion APK features lots of additional privileges after the simplistic ones.

Fundamentally, It presents the ZionClub paid subscription, which you can try for ad-free content, and support all the Android Televisions, Smart Televisions, and the Chromecast and Amazon FireStick. It means that now you can watch all your desired content directly on a giant screen without paying extra charges. Isn’t that incredible?



  • Watch the FullHD quality content, including Movies, Web Series, and TV Shows inside TVZion APK.
  • Get amazed with a privileged app interface, offering you fantastic features with extreme convenience.
  • TVZion APK supports all other external video player applications, like MX Player, VLC Media Player, and PlayIT.


Finally, We’ve completed all the top-notch alternatives that you can employ and enjoy in place of Oreo TV. These are all the fully privileged applications, offering you 100% free content, and we’re also assuring you 100% security while using these apps. You can download and use them all handily by clicking the link below each recommendation.

Note:-� Netflix access is blocked in several regions, which limited the users to specific locations to enjoy the content they wanted. But don’t worry, use a VPN and watch Netflix in your region. Now that the access is opened, enjoy all your favorites right away! Moreover, If You’re still facing any issue or having any query, You can comment it below, and we’ll feel damn delighted to reply to them.

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