Google uploads all the OTA updates and System images files for Pixel and Nexus devices

Google is kicking off the new year by releasing all the OTA update files which will include all the monthly security patches and performance upgrades for its Pixel as well as Nexus devices. Along with this, you get all system images of these devices which is great to see if you are into any boot loop or anything similar you just use these links from Google official and don’t have to hunt around forums looking for the right file links for your devices.

For Pixel devices sold in the UK, you have to look for the build where it says O2, as the these are Carrier based build for the O2 carrier present in the UK. Moreover, for other users, you can pick up any standard build as per the model of your Pixel devices. The OTA update files can be sideloaded and are available for users who don’t have an Unlock bootloader.

Image sensor: androidpolice. com

While the System images can be flashed directly, but you need to have an unlocked bootloader to perform the flashing processing of these system images and also wiping the data is present by default. However, many users have wished that there could be a specific app that just takes them to the right build present on the Google servers, as this will reduce the time required to search for the particular build for their specific models.

Lastly, HTC also has released a similar repository of OTA updates files and System images for its line up of devices; you can check that here if you have an HTC device and are looking for any update or system file.

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