Is Microsoft gearing up to launch a new Xbox controller?

Recently We’ve been getting a lot of leaks and rumors about smartphones and tablets but this time we got a leak about a gaming controller and this is none other than Microsoft’s Xbox Gaming controller.

new XBox controller


It seems to be a minor change for most of us but It’s a complete game changer for those who own a Xbox controller. The most important change is the design of the primary thumbstick which will increase the timing and accuracy of moments. The overall grip of the controller seems to be improved as well.

Both the Index triggers will work much more swiftly and their pressure design will help gamers play games for much longer periods of time. This design is not a revolutionary change but is a big change considering that there is only so much one can change in a gaming controller.

In future we may see a whole different concept that may change the fundamental way of how we play games on consoles but for now we can only expect minor changes because even if there comes a totally new design which might be much better than what we have today, It’ll be quite hard for everyone to change the way they play games on consoles (especially for hardcore gamers).

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