Lucky Patcher 7.5.0 Download Hits 1 Billion (APK Link)

The free mobile application Lucky Patcher, which was launched just a few months ago, has hit a billion Android downloads. Lucky Patcher is a license unlocking application that helps remove license verification permission of many Android games or application, which in turn results in a free download. �Apart from this, the app also helps block various kinds of advertisements and lets the user make in-app purchases free of cost. In this way, a user can enjoy all the amazing features of an app for free. Besides, ads are one of the most annoying things in a free app, which is where Lucky Patcher comes to the rescue. Users can now use their smartphone without dealing with the frustrating videos, pop-ups as well as links.

So, if you are an Android game lover or want to use apps without any interruptions, then Lucky Patcher is your go-to. You can save your hard-earned money by not paying for downloading the apps you love or want to try.

These are just some of the features and benefits of offered by Lucky Patcher. Apart from the license unlocking and ads blocking feature, this application can also:

  • Delete/uninstall pre-installed applications
  • Modify any application to system app
  • Manage the permissions of all the applications
  • Take a back-up of the installed applications
  • Conduct in-app purchases without actually notifying the App Store and Play Store
  • Move the applications to the micro SD card with just a simple click
  • Get free resources such as gems, coins, etc. for a handful of famous games
  • Can clone the app at any given time and much more!

Although some of the features of Lucky Patcher might be controversial, the application indeed is handy. Google detects the app as some virus but doesn�t worry as it�s not at all a malicious application. The app is safe to use on any device though it�s a hacking tool.

Lucky Patcher Version 7.5.0 APK Download:

  • New host for updates added;
  • Install original Google Play 12 The proxy;
  • The proxy server for Google Play fixed;
  • Translations updated.
  • Analytical service added (works only when wifi + charging is on);

It is effortless to download Lucky Patcher on your Android device. Go through the guide below to know how you can install the application on your device, Here’s the download link.

Note: You need to have an Android device which runs on Android version 2.3.3 or higher if you want to install the app. Lucky Patcher will not run on a lower Android version.

How to install Lucky Patcher?

If you�ve never installed third-party applications on your device, you need to enable the option of installation from unknown sources. To do this, you need to head over to Settings>Security and then click on Unknown Sources option. Next, tap and switch on the option.

As the app is a hacking tool, it isn�t available for download in the Play Store. You will have to download its Apk file to get the app installed. Tap on the installed Apk file and accept all the permissions to have the app installed.

Installing Lucky Patcher APK

You can use most of its features without rooting your device. However, to enjoy all of its amazing features, you will have to root.

How to root your Android device?

You can root your device in multiple ways, starting from flashing a custom ROM to having a simple one-click Apk installed to perform the work for you. Flashing a custom ROM is time-consuming. Moreover, if do not know about it, then it may result in your device getting bricked. As such, a bricked device is non-functional and of no use. Plus, as rooting the device is not permitted by most smartphone manufacturers, your warranty will not cover the damage.

So, be careful when you root your device. If you wish to use Lucky Patcher�s root features, then you need to install an application such as TowelRoot and Kingroot. When the rooting process gets over, follow the instructions on how to install the app mentioned above. You should then have Lucky Patcher installed in your smartphone.

This hacking or cracking application is often referred to as a must have for all the crazy Android game lovers or users out there. So, go and install the application today to enjoy its great features!

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