How to install Samsung USB drivers on Windows PC

Samsung devices�are famous as the Android OEM preps out a new model almost every month be it in the budget segment, entry-level phones or upper mid-range models. Samsung has flooded the market with the most number of phones. With Samsung phones, you get the galaxy store which contains apps similar to what you find in the Google play store and also there are many services like Galaxy S-health, Galaxy music and so on. And there are times when users need to get something that they won’t find on either of the app/game markets.

Then they sideload APK, from their computer to their phone and sometimes the phone won’t show up on their PC and this isn’t the only case for this scenario as flashing new roms, using Odin or using ADB fast boot tools all these fore mention things requires the most basic essential thing to run and that’s the latest Samsung USB drivers, as these communicate via the PC to your Galaxy Android Phone. And in here well take a look at how to get the latest Samsung USB drivers on your PC and how to install them.

These drivers are most of the time the main reason things act broken, and you encounter an error. So, now if you’re on a PC running a version of Window, then you’re good to go, and you can proceed further.


A windows PC as these drivers here given only work with Microsoft Windows, be it any version, so all new windows version are compatible. Moving ahead, the process is pretty straightforward from here.

How to install Latest Samsung USB drivers on PC

Android drivers on Pc

Step 1: Download the latest version of Samsung USB drivers from the link given below.

Step 2: Extract the files from the downloaded Zip file, you might need a zip file extractor and here are a couple of popular zip file openers, 7 Zip, WinRar

Step 3: Now you will get a file with the .exe extension, which is the setup file and is the origin of all the Samsung USB driver files, Open it

Step 4: Once, you opened it by double-clicking the .exe file, a pop-up show up and you have to select Yes from the option in that pop-up

Step 5:�Now the driver installation window will be displayed where you will select language and after that� the path where you want to install these drivers

Step 6:�The installation process will begin, and after a few moments the installation will be completed and you then you have to restart the PC for these new changes to get in effect

This is how you can install the Samsung USB drivers on your PC, in a similar way you can install drivers of other OEM as well you need to find the latest download package file, which is readily available all over the Internet.

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