Google Files Go Features Review (Files Go APK Download Link)

Google files go a new app from the multi-billion dollar search giant in its ever-growing�cleanly designed�apps arsenal. This new app is a file manager that has Google’s vision in it, just like how you have the Google Play Music, similar this is how Google wants you to manage your files on your Android device. And in this post, we will try to find out where is it any good? Or should you stick with your current file managers like the ES file explorer or the OEM one that came pre-installed on your device?

Files Go App on Google Play Store
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The app is very lightweight and comes in at a size of just 3.7 MB. It is still in beta though!

The Control Panel�

The dashboard of the Files Go app is minimalistic and has a very streamlined and clean look to it. You get material design feel and a similar behavior to that of the Google cards, as the formation is presented to you in a card, which you take action upon or just swipe left/right to dismiss it.

Now in case you just swiped away the card and now you’re wondering how to get it back? It’s simple just perform a pull-down gesture on your current cards screen, and it will refresh and again show you that dismissed card.

At the top-most area, you’ll see your Storage space remaining out of total space available on your device’s internal as well as on your SD-card and below that, you’ll get a variety of cards by the app itself which will show you how you can free up space on your device, such as:

  • Duplicate Files
  • Large Files
  • App cache
  • Downloaded files and much more

Other than the card mentioned above, there’s also one called Find Unused Apps, which lets you delete (Uninstall) those apps which you haven’t used for a long time. Apart from that, you also get two sections at the bottom labeled as Storage files and another one as Files. The one you’re currently exploring(card interface section) into is the Storage files, while the Files section is where you’ll find all your files sorted into each category folder-by-folder.

For instance, all your music files at one place, all your videos, apps, etc., are classified in a very readable manner and doesn’t overwhelm you with ten unknown root folders which you have nothing to do with unless you’re an advanced user.

Files section, Operations, and features

Moreover, other operations you can perform on media stored on your device�with Files is also basic, such as Rename, File-Info, share, select all and delete. Hiding files, changing their extensions and no such advanced options can be found here, only the essentials are seen here.

Moving further, when you open the apps section, you can see all your installed apps as well as there’s a section called non-installed which shows you all the APK files you have downloaded from other sources, so its a nice little handy section, to browse your APKs and installed them from that section. When you delete a file Google Files Go plays a neat little childish animation and also displays the amount of space you just saved by removing whatever items.

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You also get a transfer feature in here, in which you can send and receive files, you just have to tap on send and select the file to transfer, and the recipient party just has to tap receive. And it�looks like this feature works on Bluetooth maybe, and you don’t need internet to share files.

Whom it’s made for?�

Android Go
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And till now you should have got the idea that this app does very well in nailing down the basic but lacks in the advanced operations that you find in the other file explorer. This app was first limited to only Android One devices and comes from the family of Google’s Android Go initiative which brings light-weight apps like YouTube Go and such, which use less space and bandwidth.

On the other hand, Android One who is Google’s program to make affordable Android handsets for every person in developing countries, as people in such regions don’t tend to buy flagship devices more often. Thus the fact that this app gets you so far with day-to-day disk space free up and keep an eye on every MB However, it falls short when it comes to advance operations for rooted users and similar. Hope, now you know where Files Go stands in the crowded market of File managers and whom its made.

However, if you like to get the best�basic and smart file management experience(Alerts of duplicate files and more large files/apps which are no longer in use), then look no further than Google Files Go, at least you don’t get to see ads pop-up in here.

You can download the Google Files Go App from Play Store or Files Go APK from the link given below.

Download Google Files Go APK.

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