Nvidia Shield and Shield K1 tablets get another bug fix update

Nvidia as promised earlier is still providing updates for its Shield Tablets, which were released back in 2014 and had already completed its two-year update cycle. However, Nvidia is still generous enough to provide them with latest security updates. The latest one pushed by Nvidia fixes a lot of bugs as well as two major security holes are also patched.

The bug fixes are related to the Zaggs Bluetooth keyboards, which had some connectivity issues previously mentioned by many users which are not fixed; along with that optimizations have been made to the overall system for better OS stability.

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Now coming towards the two big vulnerability fixes patched by Nvidia are the KRACK as well as the Broadpwn exploits.The KRACK as we have talked many times about it was discovered recently in mid-October, the exploit uses multiple reinstalls to crack down your WPA security by specialized encryption algorithms. To read in detail about the same you can visit here. Now, the newest one is the Broadpwn; this is related to Broadcom’s WiFi code which allows the intruders to execute any malicious code remotely on to your system.

So, it’s a good deal to update your Nvidia Shield to this latest firmware which comes with the version 5.3. Also, before you upgrade, make sure you have enough battery left on your tablet. About 60% is the min mark to proceed with for an update. However, if you haven’t received the update yet, keep checking it manually by heading over to Settings > About device > System Software Updates. The update might take some time to reach your region, till then read about these to KRACK and Boradpwn exploits.

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