Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, And S6 Edge+ might get Android Oreo Update

Its been almost 3 years since�Samsung has launched its Samsung Galaxy S6-series smartphones all over the world and at present, they have Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Galaxy Note 8 in the flagship lineup. We all are aware that the 2017 flagship devices will receive the Android Oreo update but recently some information suggests that the old Samsung Galaxy S6-series will also receive the Android Oreo update, let�s check out that is it a true piece of information or not.

The image was showing the Reddit chat of a user.

Recently a person has presented his data from the Reddit chat which shows that Galaxy S6 device may receive the update soon. As per the user, he has asked some questions to the Samsung representatives about the update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 devices, and the reply of the representative was positive which means that according to him the device will soon be receiving the Android 8.0 Oreo update.

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The image is showing the Reddit chat of a user.

It also indicates the fact that if this happens then, Samsung will become a brand which provides an update for even their 3-year-old devices, we have already seen the same strategy in the Google devices like Pixel and Nexus. Maybe the representative was lying as complete information from the brand is not provided to the representatives and there is a possibility that he may be blending his own opinions to answer the questions.

But if he is right on his side then it is good news for the Galaxy S6 users as the device is running the old version of Samsung�s TouchWiz UI which is pathetic regarding usage.

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